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James Bryron Love

Brisbane, QLD


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This group was started on April 10th, 2011 and currently has:


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About This Group

as the name suggests , your original art works done in oil paints. No Acrylic or photography

Rule 2
only 2 images a day

Featured Images

Corporate Art Task Force - Bull Rodeo 02

Bull Rodeo 02

Corporate Art Task Force

Cynthia Adams - Multitudes of Cascades 2
Terry  Chacon - Bougainvillea


Terry Chacon

Christopher Delni-Offord - Bridge at dusk

Bridge at dusk

Christopher Delni-Offord

Henryk Gorecki - Church Winter Sunset

Church Winter Sunset

Henryk Gorecki

Charlie Spear - Lowland Cottonwoods

Lowland Cottonwoods

Charlie Spear

Kendall Kessler - Path to the Cascades

Path to the Cascades

Kendall Kessler

Lee Piper - Grandpa

Grandpa's Barn

Lee Piper

Charlie Spear - Eel Abated

Eel Abated

Charlie Spear

Terry  Chacon - Garys Chickens

Garys Chickens

Terry Chacon

Cynthia Adams - Hades Afire

Hades Afire

Cynthia Adams

Lee Piper - Western River Canyon
AD Bedard - Solitude


AD Bedard

Cynthia Adams - No Crossing Over

No Crossing Over

Cynthia Adams

Corporate Art Task Force - Kathak dancer

Kathak dancer

Corporate Art Task Force

Charlie Spear - D N R Service Road...

D N R Service Road...

Charlie Spear

Charlie Spear - Sunny Side Up retouch

Sunny Side Up retouch

Charlie Spear

Corporate Art Task Force - Mystery


Corporate Art Task Force

Phyllis Beiser - Flamingo Portrait

Flamingo Portrait

Phyllis Beiser

Esther Newman-Cohen - Angry and Beautiful

Angry and Beautiful

Esther Newman-Cohen

AD Bedard - Portent


AD Bedard

AD Bedard - War


AD Bedard

Dominique Amendola - Visnu flying on the back...

Visnu flying on the back...

Dominique Amendola

Esther Newman-Cohen - Joshua Ben Nun

Joshua Ben Nun

Esther Newman-Cohen

Phyllis Beiser - Bienvenue


Phyllis Beiser

Terry  Chacon - Jacaranda
Talya Johnson - Bonnie Lake - Alaska...
Christian Carrette - Louis


Christian Carrette

Monica Blatton - Confessions


Monica Blatton

Xueling Zou - Venice Impression VIII
Hidemi Tada - study First Kiss after...
Marita McVeigh - Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Marita McVeigh

Evelina Popilian - Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

Evelina Popilian

Steven Lebron Langston - A View From Above

A View From Above

Steven Lebron Langston

Clotilde Espinosa - Transition


Clotilde Espinosa

Scott Kugler - Too Calm to Set Sail
Mike  Jeffries - Up express to Paddington
Terry  Chacon - Precious Ruby

Precious Ruby

Terry Chacon

Monica Blatton - Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

Monica Blatton

Amy Elizabeth  Quirk - Feathers Fell

Feathers Fell

Amy Elizabeth Quirk

Surina Nel - Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart

Surina Nel

Cynthia Adams - New day in Autumn Sold
Hidemi Tada - Sun Light

Sun Light

Hidemi Tada

Steven Lebron Langston - Walking with a Dream

Walking with a Dream

Steven Lebron Langston

Ann Moeller Steverson - Radiance Knecht

Radiance Knecht

Ann Moeller Steverson

Terry  Chacon - Moon Light

Moon Light

Terry Chacon

Mike  Jeffries - Old traction engine.

Old traction engine.

Mike Jeffries

Xueling Zou - African American 4

African American 4

Xueling Zou

Talya Johnson - Back in Town

Back in Town

Talya Johnson

Bonnie Goedecke - Violin Sonata

Violin Sonata

Bonnie Goedecke

Peggy Miller - Sunlight through the...
 ILONA ANITA TIGGES - GOETZE  ART and Photography  - Blue and Gold Macaw part2

Blue and Gold Macaw part2


Bonnie Goedecke - Morning Book

Morning Book

Bonnie Goedecke

Talya Johnson - Girls will be Girls

Girls will be Girls

Talya Johnson

AmaS Art - Autumn Dream _ My Little...
Elisabeth Dubois - Tassie


Elisabeth Dubois

Karien Deroo - Innocence


Karien Deroo

Monica Blatton - Flowers


Monica Blatton

Elisabeth Dubois - The Fullest Moon

The Fullest Moon

Elisabeth Dubois

Talya Johnson - Athena


Talya Johnson

Marie Green - The Next Turning

The Next Turning

Marie Green

Monica Blatton - Song Of The Duck At...

Song Of The Duck At...

Monica Blatton

Bonnie Goedecke - Best Friends

Best Friends

Bonnie Goedecke

Talya Johnson - Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere

Talya Johnson

Bonnie Goedecke - The Recital

The Recital

Bonnie Goedecke

Talya Johnson - Sammy in Blue - portrait...
Elisabeth Dubois - Fishing Bay at sunrise

Fishing Bay at sunrise

Elisabeth Dubois

Marie Green - Torrents of Springbrook
Talya Johnson - Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

Talya Johnson

Nicla Rossini - NGC 1365. Barred Spiral...
Nicla Rossini - Diagonal cut

Diagonal cut

Nicla Rossini

Clotilde Espinosa - Freedom by Submission

Freedom by Submission

Clotilde Espinosa

Clotilde Espinosa - Learning Winsdom

Learning Winsdom

Clotilde Espinosa

Nicla Rossini - The Perfect Woman Karma 2
Natalya  Bhasin  - Night VI

Night VI

Natalya Bhasin

Marie Green - Flooded Sunset

Flooded Sunset

Marie Green

Nicla Rossini - Karma 1

Karma 1

Nicla Rossini

Nicla Rossini - Hibiscus


Nicla Rossini

Anne Barberi - End Of Day

End Of Day

Anne Barberi

Monica Blatton - Homework


Monica Blatton

Caroline Street - Secret Forest Pool

Secret Forest Pool

Caroline Street

Jolante Hesse - Frosty Night at the River
Alan Daysh - Trees in the Early...
Pamela Humbargar - Circus Memories of a...

Circus Memories of a...

Pamela Humbargar

Terry  Chacon - Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields

Terry Chacon

Nicla Rossini - Bielefeld-Dawn


Nicla Rossini

Drinka Mercep - Landscape Road Grass...
Drinka Mercep - Nature Yellow Flowers...
Therese Alcorn - Empty Nesters

Empty Nesters

Therese Alcorn

Jolante Hesse - An Interesting Man -...
Therese Alcorn - Sea Hill Houses - SOLD

Sea Hill Houses - SOLD

Therese Alcorn

Caroline Street - Country Home

Country Home

Caroline Street

Jolante Hesse - Secrets of Africa -...
James Bryron Love - Mountain Bliss

Mountain Bliss

James Bryron Love

Jolante Hesse - Lancelot at the Table

Lancelot at the Table

Jolante Hesse

Caroline Street - Richtersveld


Caroline Street

AmaS Art - Freedom


AmaS Art

Brenda Brannon - Early Evening in Cortona
Hidemi  - Still Life 4

Still Life 4


Caroline Street - Reverie


Caroline Street

Hidemi  - on the saco after Albert...
Paula L - Tulips


Paula L

David Fitch - Under September Skies
Caroline Street - Shanty Town

Shanty Town

Caroline Street

Caroline Street - African Sunset

African Sunset

Caroline Street

Terry  Chacon - Horse Rider

Horse Rider

Terry Chacon

Paula L - Hibiscus


Paula L

Caroline Street - Dwelling Place of the...

Dwelling Place of the...

Caroline Street

Jolante Hesse - Winter Portrait Sophia
Hidemi  - Mother Teresa 4
Paula L - Iris


Paula L

Paula L - Light entrance
Cynthia Adams - Into the Light

Into the Light

Cynthia Adams

Jolante Hesse - Leon the Artist

Leon the Artist

Jolante Hesse

AmaS Art - Waterlily Pond
James Bryron Love - The Seasons

The Seasons

James Bryron Love

Therese Alcorn - My Backyard

My Backyard

Therese Alcorn

Hidemi Tada - Katia Guerreiro

Katia Guerreiro

Hidemi Tada

James Bryron Love - Spring Begins

Spring Begins

James Bryron Love

James Bryron Love - Fragile


James Bryron Love

Scott Kugler - Waterfront Village

Waterfront Village

Scott Kugler

Therese Alcorn - Petite Danseuse -...

Petite Danseuse -...

Therese Alcorn

Paula L - In the heart of a rose
Paula L - Fall colors

Fall colors

Paula L

Jolante Hesse - Elsie


Jolante Hesse

Caroline Street - Jewel.


Caroline Street

Caroline Street - Cypresses at Lydenburg

Cypresses at Lydenburg

Caroline Street

Dagmar Helbig - Celestine


Dagmar Helbig

Helene Fallstrom - Preparing


Helene Fallstrom

Dagmar Helbig - Folies Bergere Paris

Folies Bergere Paris

Dagmar Helbig

Julie Brugh Riffey - Southern Sunday II

Southern Sunday II

Julie Brugh Riffey

Julie Brugh Riffey - Fiery Sunset

Fiery Sunset

Julie Brugh Riffey

Ann Moeller Steverson - Kiss


Ann Moeller Steverson

John Clark - Coconuts


John Clark

Julie Brugh Riffey - Moms Garden II

Moms Garden II

Julie Brugh Riffey

John Clark -  Silver


John Clark

Therese Alcorn - Venice Reflections

Venice Reflections

Therese Alcorn

Caroline Street - Champagne Sunset.

Champagne Sunset.

Caroline Street

Carol Avants - Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Carol Avants

Caroline Street - Gemini


Caroline Street

Caroline Street - Queen of the African...

Queen of the African...

Caroline Street

Terry  Chacon - Icelandic Horse Trail...
Caroline Street - Blaze


Caroline Street

Caroline Street - African Eclectic

African Eclectic

Caroline Street

Caroline Street - Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike

Caroline Street

Carol Avants - Tranquil Dawn

Tranquil Dawn

Carol Avants

Jolante Hesse - The Family Head Petrus
Tom Jennerwein - Double Hammer Duck Hunt
Roena King - Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold

Roena King

Terry  Chacon - Crowd Pleaser

Crowd Pleaser

Terry Chacon

Susan A Becker - First Spring Grass

First Spring Grass

Susan A Becker

Susan A Becker - Cat Nap in the Office

Cat Nap in the Office

Susan A Becker

Caroline Street - Forest Reflections

Forest Reflections

Caroline Street

Carol Avants - Butterflies in the Iris
Colleen Daniel - An Old Lone African...

An Old Lone African...

Colleen Daniel

L Diane Johnson - Sunflower Dream

Sunflower Dream

L Diane Johnson

Tom Jennerwein - Dutch roemer with bread...
L Diane Johnson - Crown of Gold

Crown of Gold

L Diane Johnson

Susan A Becker - My Kerchief

My Kerchief

Susan A Becker

L Diane Johnson - Snow Glow

Snow Glow

L Diane Johnson

Susan A Becker - Oops I was Looking for...
L Diane Johnson - Surrounded


L Diane Johnson

Caroline Street - Giants Playground

Giants Playground

Caroline Street

Arline Wagner - Sitting On The Dock

Sitting On The Dock

Arline Wagner

Caroline Street - Country Garden

Country Garden

Caroline Street

Helena Bebirian - The Outdoor Gathering

The Outdoor Gathering

Helena Bebirian

Roena King - Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove

Roena King

Caroline Street - Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

Caroline Street

James Bryron Love - Settling in for Winter

Settling in for Winter

James Bryron Love

Roena King - Oil Painting - Majestic...
Caroline Street - Poetry of Roses

Poetry of Roses

Caroline Street

Sven Fischer - Monstrosity


Sven Fischer

Delia Birnhak - Miami

Miami's Water

Delia Birnhak

Delia Birnhak - The Teacher

The Teacher

Delia Birnhak

Nicole MARBAISE - Dentelle Et Porte...

Dentelle Et Porte...


Scott Kugler - Winter Thaw

Winter Thaw

Scott Kugler

Terry  Chacon - Distance


Terry Chacon

Pamela Powers - The present

The present

Pamela Powers

Janice Robertson - Blue Solitude

Blue Solitude

Janice Robertson

James Bryron Love - Balance


James Bryron Love

Janice Robertson - Mountain Wood Shed

Mountain Wood Shed

Janice Robertson

Helena Bebirian - Mr. Finch

Mr. Finch

Helena Bebirian

James Bryron Love - Morning


James Bryron Love

Janice Robertson - Seclusion On The River

Seclusion On The River

Janice Robertson

Janice Robertson - Mystical Alpine

Mystical Alpine

Janice Robertson

Terry  Chacon - Descanso Beach

Descanso Beach

Terry Chacon

James Bryron Love - Foothills trees

Foothills trees

James Bryron Love

Surina Nel - Contemplation


Surina Nel

Gigi  Cook - Lighthouse Fantasy
James Bryron Love - The Lake East of Banff

The Lake East of Banff

James Bryron Love

Terry  Chacon - Sassie


Terry Chacon

Gigi  Cook - Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset

Gigi Cook

Pamela Humbargar - I Saw the Light

I Saw the Light

Pamela Humbargar

Nicole MARBAISE - Galaxie



Georgie Greene - Fish Head

Fish Head

Georgie Greene

Nicole MARBAISE - Prelude



Nicole MARBAISE - Sweet Night

Sweet Night


Hidemi  - Itzhak Perlman
Nicole MARBAISE - Summertime



Terry  Chacon - Holiday

Holiday's Forever

Terry Chacon

Nicole MARBAISE - Le Parapluie

Le Parapluie


Janice Robertson - Solitude Inhanced

Solitude Inhanced

Janice Robertson