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Our World Gallery



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Lenore Senior

Pueblo, CO

United States

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This group was started on August 6th, 2011 and currently has:


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Our World Gallery

About This Group

Our World Gallery

The purpose of this group is to showcase the varieties of cultures, experiences, landscapes in our inner and outer worlds, to increase the awareness of people about other cultures, and to increase our appreciation for this gorgeous earth and other countries around the world. This gallery is about honoring diversity and differences while acknowledging our commonalities with one another.

This gallery accepts any type of artwork, i.e., paintings, drawings, photography, digital photographs, prints, sculpture, etc. All styles of artwork will be considered: impressionistic, abstract, expressionistic, realistic, etc.

The administrator will accept or reject images according to whether the artwork fits the guidelines above and her best judgment concerning the quality of the artwork.

Upload limit per day: 3 of your best works only.

We are looking for artwork from every country and all races and ethnicities. We are looking for artwork that displays the grandeur of this earth and its peoples throughout the world. We are looking for not just beauty, but also, truth in whatever face it may show. That sometimes includes squalor, human atrocities, social injustices, etc.

We welcome everyone of good spirit, kindness, and cooperation. Any member found to be bigoted, mean-spirited, or demeaning to other races, other genders, or others of a different sexual orientation will immediately be removed from the membership roles. All discussion forums and/or artwork displayed will be respectful and honoring to one another, without exception.

Peace and understanding be with you. We hope you will find this concept exciting, refreshing and over-flowing with glorious art!

Beginning in May, 2012, Our World Gallery will feature one Artist for a three-week period. Emphasis will be placed on artists from other countries or cultures whose work is deserving of more attention. It is our intention to promote the sales of our fine artists. All featured artists are honored in the group's DISCUSSION entitled PERMANENT GALLERY. Our artist feature for the next three weeks is KAH WAH TAN (Singapore): 11/23 - 12/14/14:

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Featured Images

 Fli Art - Hubert Sumlin

Hubert Sumlin

Fli Art

Alfonso Garcia - Viento


Alfonso Garcia

Gary Kirkpatrick - Zambian Hut

Zambian Hut

Gary Kirkpatrick

Gary Kirkpatrick - Woman Collect Sand

Woman Collect Sand

Gary Kirkpatrick

Carolyn Doe - Salmon Sunrise

Salmon Sunrise

Carolyn Doe

David Zimmerman - In the Cumberland Gap

In the Cumberland Gap

David Zimmerman

Francois Fournier - The Flowering Apple Trees

The Flowering Apple Trees

Francois Fournier

Dawn Senior-Trask - A Look Down the Street

A Look Down the Street

Dawn Senior-Trask

Phil Koch - Peace Of Mind

Peace Of Mind

Phil Koch

Alfonso Garcia - Desde el Parador

Desde el Parador

Alfonso Garcia

GabeZ Art - Spiez Charm

Spiez Charm

GabeZ Art

GabeZ Art - Guildhouses


GabeZ Art

Arterra Picture Library - 141020p213


Arterra Picture Library

Walter Mosley - The Three Wise Men - The...
Alexander Senin - Old Basmannaya Street

Old Basmannaya Street

Alexander Senin

Ivan Pili - Santa Barbara
David Zimmerman - Riding to the Ring

Riding to the Ring

David Zimmerman

Lenore Senior - Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Lenore Senior

Rose Wang - Bulldog


Rose Wang

Carolyn Doe - Flowers in a Storm

Flowers in a Storm

Carolyn Doe

 Tolere - Mexican Village Prayer...
Stephanie Moore - Knights


Stephanie Moore

Joan Edge - The Lake

The Lake

Joan Edge

Laila Awad  Jamaleldin -  Waiting transportation...

Waiting transportation...

Laila Awad Jamaleldin

Marietjie Henning - Children of Africa2

Children of Africa2

Marietjie Henning

Peggy Miller - Silent Night

Silent Night

Peggy Miller

Hanny Heim - The Artist

The Artist

Hanny Heim

Hanny Heim - El Supermercado

El Supermercado

Hanny Heim

Jo-Anne Gazo-McKim - Behind the Blue Door

Behind the Blue Door

Jo-Anne Gazo-McKim

Maria Karalyos - Octomber evening

Octomber evening

Maria Karalyos

Fei A - Dandelion B W
Arturo Garcia - Poe


Arturo Garcia

Arturo Garcia - Borges


Arturo Garcia

L Wright - Farmyard in Summer
L Wright - Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone

L Wright

Marlene Burns - Street Sights 19

Street Sights 19

Marlene Burns

Michael African Visions - Orange Implosion

Orange Implosion

Michael African Visions

Angel Ortiz - Organico XVlll

Organico XVlll

Angel Ortiz

Miriam Danar - Rush Hour - New York...
Dawn Senior-Trask - Wyoming Ranch Scene -...

Wyoming Ranch Scene -...

Dawn Senior-Trask

Daniel Furon - Water Stand Morocco

Water Stand Morocco

Daniel Furon

Jolly Van der Velden - canal in Gouda

canal in Gouda

Jolly Van der Velden

Alfonso Garcia - El Puente de Ayamonte

El Puente de Ayamonte

Alfonso Garcia

Maria Karalyos - Poppies blooming

Poppies blooming

Maria Karalyos