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Pacific Northwest Painters



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Dave Mazza

Portland, OR

United States

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This group was started on December 23rd, 2013 and currently has:


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Pacific Northwest Painters

About This Group

This group is for paintings reflecting the varied images of the Pacific Northwest. For the purposes of this group, the region is defined as Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. Paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouche, pastel and mixed media are acceptable. The goal of this group is to explore the region's rich variety: rugged coastlines, dense forests, volcanic mountain ranges, high deserts, wild rivers and cosmopolitan urban centers. I also hope it will be a place for Pacific Northwest painters to talk about what it means to create art in this region.

Featured Images

Dave Mazza - Delta Waterway

Delta Waterway

Dave Mazza

Gary McMann - Multnomah Falls - Oregon...
Tanya Filichkin - Smith Rock Canyon

Smith Rock Canyon

Tanya Filichkin

Lori  Morris - Selma Park Beach

Selma Park Beach

Lori Morris

Danya Ozmore - Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Danya Ozmore

Jackson Ordean - Redemption Ilwaco WA

Redemption Ilwaco WA

Jackson Ordean

Barbara St Jean - North Beach Haida Gwaii...
Heidi Searle - Harbor Masters

Harbor Masters

Heidi Searle

Jeannine Marx Fruci - PERGOLA Pioneer Square...

PERGOLA Pioneer Square...

Jeannine Marx Fruci

Joseph Hawkins - Blue Sunset Pastel

Blue Sunset Pastel

Joseph Hawkins

Lisa  Telquist - Living Free

Living Free

Lisa Telquist

Marti Green - Moored


Marti Green

Lori Pittenger - Ranch Bench in Winter

Ranch Bench in Winter

Lori Pittenger

Cassandra Dolen - A Cacophony of Strange...
Stanza Widen - October on the Bulkley
Cathy Long - B C Cedars

B C Cedars

Cathy Long

Karen Whitworth - Lady Lavender

Lady Lavender

Karen Whitworth

Conni  Reinecke - Winter Walk

Winter Walk

Conni Reinecke

Gail Heffron - Morning at Sparks Lake
Lou Magoncia - Harris Beach

Harris Beach

Lou Magoncia

Jenny Armitage - Spring Flood

Spring Flood

Jenny Armitage

Jan Roelofs - Depoe Bay Sunset

Depoe Bay Sunset

Jan Roelofs

Stanza Widen - Moonlight Wolves

Moonlight Wolves

Stanza Widen

Dorothy Jenson - South Sister Afternoon

South Sister Afternoon

Dorothy Jenson

Derrick Higgins - Rainforest Bear

Rainforest Bear

Derrick Higgins

Shasta Eone - Opening  Day

Opening Day

Shasta Eone

Jennifer Wu - Big Sable Lighthouse
Tom Joslin - Sunrise over Depoe Bay
Quin Sweetman - Sunny Morning in the...
Corey Habbas - Free Man Off Of Pirates...
Dorinda K Skains - Nestled


Dorinda K Skains