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Bill Cannon

Philadelphia, PA

United States

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This group was started on November 6th, 2011 and currently has:

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Photos that have been made to look like paintings via digital editing......

Featured Images

Vincent DiNovici - The Lovely Poppies TNM

The Lovely Poppies TNM

Vincent DiNovici

Joan Meyland - Starfish


Joan Meyland

Bill Cannon - Wissahickon Creek

Wissahickon Creek

Bill Cannon

Susan Savad - Lotus Pond

Lotus Pond

Susan Savad

Bill Cannon - Sunflower Power

Sunflower Power

Bill Cannon

Joan Meyland - Sunset on the River

Sunset on the River

Joan Meyland

Bill Cannon - Angels


Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - Still Thinking

Still Thinking

Bill Cannon

Elizabeth Eells - Palms in Hawaii

Palms in Hawaii

Elizabeth Eells

Kenny Francis - Into The Light

Into The Light

Kenny Francis

Bill Cannon - City Nights

City Nights

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - Cow Country

Cow Country

Bill Cannon

Joan Meyland - Colonel Mustard

Colonel Mustard

Joan Meyland

Joan Meyland - Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

Joan Meyland

Joan Meyland - Holiday Flotilla

Holiday Flotilla

Joan Meyland

Joan Meyland - Sandy Dunes

Sandy Dunes

Joan Meyland

Bill Cannon - Fields of joy

Fields of joy

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - Plymouth Farm

Plymouth Farm

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - A Bridge of Sighs

A Bridge of Sighs

Bill Cannon

Jane Schnetlage - Magenta Orchids

Magenta Orchids

Jane Schnetlage

Bill Cannon - Field of Flowers

Field of Flowers

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - Gettysburg Barn

Gettysburg Barn

Bill Cannon

Bonnie Willis - My dolly

My dolly

Bonnie Willis

David Coblitz - Dr. Gina Loudon

Dr. Gina Loudon

David Coblitz

Bill Cannon - Gettysburg Barn

Gettysburg Barn

Bill Cannon