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Ausra Paulauskaite

Silute, Silute


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This group was started on January 14th, 2012 and currently has:

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About This Group

This group is for images of PANDAS -
both giant pandas and brown pandas, baby ones and grown ups, real and toy pandas, souvenirs, pandas in the wild, zoo or on the shop shelf- anything goes. The only rule- there must be a PANDA in the picture.

Any media accepted.

PLEASE KEEP IT FAMILY AND ANIMAL FRIENDLY. Any kind of questionable or disturbing images will be rejected.

This and other 3 small themed groups are serving the purpose of helping people with certain interests to find artworks they are interested in. Very often general search brings non-related images that are labeled with keywords we type in. This will never happen if you visit any of the groups I host. Each of them has images of what the title says, and nothing else. Hope you like what you see here!

Artists, try to limit entries to 3 pictures a day.

When submitting more than 1 at a time please send me a message telling which one would you like to see featured on the homepage. You can do it either via e-mail or by submitting the link to preferred picture into discussions. If no message added I'll feature one image I myself like best.

Consider visiting Discussion Tab for other topics such as links to your external panda related pages as well (for example you can post a link to your shop with panda souvenirs there).

Here are the links to 3 other groups I host:


BEARS (all kinds of real bears, including koalas, which are not actually bears but have similar looks):

TEDDY BEARS (stuffed toy bears, not the real (live) ones):

Feel free to visit, join, be active in, and promote any of the above.
NOTE: all of these groups have a 3 images a day limit for submissions

Thank you,


Featured Images

Dwight Cook - Panda eating

Panda eating

Dwight Cook

Paul Pettingell - Contemplating Bamboo

Contemplating Bamboo

Paul Pettingell

Greg Nyquist - Red Panda Gossip

Red Panda Gossip

Greg Nyquist

Jeanie Southworth - Playful Panda

Playful Panda's

Jeanie Southworth

Margaret Saheed - Red Panda Exploring

Red Panda Exploring

Margaret Saheed

DejaVu Designs - Giant Panda Bear

Giant Panda Bear

DejaVu Designs

Dwight Cook - Red Panda sleeping

Red Panda sleeping

Dwight Cook

M E Wood - Sleepy Panda

Sleepy Panda

M E Wood

Dwight Cook - Panda with bamboo

Panda with bamboo

Dwight Cook

Bob Williams - Giant Panda

Giant Panda

Bob Williams

DejaVu Designs - Black and White Panda

Black and White Panda

DejaVu Designs

DejaVu Designs - Hungry Panda

Hungry Panda

DejaVu Designs

Ginny Barklow - Sorry I Scared You

Sorry I Scared You

Ginny Barklow

Ausra Paulauskaite - Pandas celebrating Easter

Pandas celebrating Easter

Ausra Paulauskaite

Joan Carroll - Atlanta Panda

Atlanta Panda

Joan Carroll

Chris Scroggins - Panda Bears in Snow

Panda Bears in Snow

Chris Scroggins

Keith Lovejoy - Na Na Na

Na Na Na

Keith Lovejoy

Margaret Saheed - Nepalese Red Panda

Nepalese Red Panda

Margaret Saheed

Lori Quarton - Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

Lori Quarton

Rosanna Maria - Let Panda Eat

Let Panda Eat

Rosanna Maria

Rosanna Maria - Heartbreaker


Rosanna Maria

Greg Nyquist - Mohu

Mohu's Farewell

Greg Nyquist

Dawn Gari - Panda


Dawn Gari

Ausra Paulauskaite - I Love You. You Love Me.

I Love You. You Love Me.

Ausra Paulauskaite

Oiyee  At Oystudio - Pandas Love Toronto

Pandas Love Toronto

Oiyee At Oystudio

Amanda Eberly-Kudamik - Panda


Amanda Eberly-Kudamik

Oiyee  At Oystudio - Innocent Love

Innocent Love

Oiyee At Oystudio

Sharon Bennett - Red Panda

Red Panda

Sharon Bennett

Ausra Paulauskaite - Bai Yun Mamma Bear Snacking

Bai Yun Mamma Bear Snacking

Ausra Paulauskaite

Tap  On Photo - Panda Mom

Panda Mom's Zoo Day

Tap On Photo

Laura Barbosa - Tree of Hearts

Tree of Hearts

Laura Barbosa

Tap  On Photo - Panda Hiding

Panda Hiding

Tap On Photo

Dwight Cook - Pandas


Dwight Cook

Dwight Cook - Panda


Dwight Cook

Oiyee  At Oystudio - At Ease

At Ease

Oiyee At Oystudio

J Ferwerda - Pondering Panda

Pondering Panda

J Ferwerda

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - Valley of the Red Panda

Valley of the Red Panda

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom

John Telfer - Baby Panda

Baby Panda

John Telfer

Carol Wisniewski - A Mothers Devotion

A Mothers Devotion

Carol Wisniewski

Carol Blackhurst - Panda Rising

Panda Rising

Carol Blackhurst

Heather White - Poke Your Eye Out

Poke Your Eye Out

Heather White

Ausra Paulauskaite - Let

Let's check my weight now

Ausra Paulauskaite

Darren Robinson - Red Panda

Red Panda

Darren Robinson

Ausra Paulauskaite - This helmet is so heavy Ugh

This helmet is so heavy Ugh

Ausra Paulauskaite

Justine Tiburzi - Panda


Justine Tiburzi

Ausra Paulauskaite - Pandas pandas everywhere

Pandas pandas everywhere

Ausra Paulauskaite

Nekoda  Singer - Shi-Yu dreaming

Shi-Yu dreaming

Nekoda Singer

Lori Quarton - I Love Oranges

I Love Oranges

Lori Quarton

Darren Robinson - Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Darren Robinson

Alex Hardie - Panda Resting

Panda Resting

Alex Hardie

Margaret Saheed - Panda Portrait

Panda Portrait

Margaret Saheed

Julie McDoniel - Color Scheme

Color Scheme

Julie McDoniel

Ausra Paulauskaite - Baby Pandas in a Saddle

Baby Pandas in a Saddle

Ausra Paulauskaite

Ausra Paulauskaite - Be My Valentine Panda Boy

Be My Valentine Panda Boy

Ausra Paulauskaite

Ausra Paulauskaite - Pandamonium 01

Pandamonium 01

Ausra Paulauskaite

Ausra Paulauskaite - Be My Valentine Panda Girl

Be My Valentine Panda Girl

Ausra Paulauskaite

Jo L - Panda


Jo L

Ausra Paulauskaite - Blue Panda With A Heart

Blue Panda With A Heart

Ausra Paulauskaite

Lori Quarton - Wanna Color

Wanna Color

Lori Quarton

Ausra Paulauskaite - Panda With A Big Heart 001

Panda With A Big Heart 001

Ausra Paulauskaite

Joan Carroll - Pandas in China

Pandas in China

Joan Carroll

Oiyee  At Oystudio - Will I Fit In

Will I Fit In

Oiyee At Oystudio

Joan Carroll - Pandamonium


Joan Carroll

Ausra Paulauskaite - 2 Pandas In Love

2 Pandas In Love

Ausra Paulauskaite

Ausra Paulauskaite - Nap time

Nap time

Ausra Paulauskaite

Oiyee  At Oystudio - Happiness Is Getting Along

Happiness Is Getting Along

Oiyee At Oystudio

Ausra Paulauskaite - Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers

Ausra Paulauskaite

Ausra Paulauskaite - Panda Mom With A Baby

Panda Mom With A Baby

Ausra Paulauskaite

Susan A Becker - Panda Date

Panda Date

Susan A Becker

Davandra Cribbie - Red Panda

Red Panda

Davandra Cribbie

Susan Turner - Playful Panda

Playful Panda

Susan Turner

Cori Solomon - Panda - Monium

Panda - Monium

Cori Solomon

Cori Solomon - White Cloud

White Cloud

Cori Solomon

Ausra Paulauskaite - Red Panda Feeding Time

Red Panda Feeding Time

Ausra Paulauskaite

Roy Foos - Sorry


Roy Foos

Greg Nyquist - Tasty


Greg Nyquist

Ausra Paulauskaite - Panda At San Diego Zoo #82

Panda At San Diego Zoo #82

Ausra Paulauskaite

Greg Nyquist - Fleas


Greg Nyquist

Karol  Livote - Red Panda

Red Panda

Karol Livote

Jenna Mackay - I Will Call Him Red

I Will Call Him Red

Jenna Mackay

Jenna Mackay - Panda Edit Art

Panda Edit Art

Jenna Mackay

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner - Small Panda

Small Panda

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

Ausra Paulauskaite - Meditation hour

Meditation hour

Ausra Paulauskaite

Margaret Saheed - Panda Paws

Panda Paws

Margaret Saheed

Pauline Ross - Panda Family

Panda Family

Pauline Ross

Roy Foos - Then She Says

Then She Says

Roy Foos

Greg Nyquist - Two is a Crowd

Two is a Crowd

Greg Nyquist

Greg Nyquist - Red Panda Disgust

Red Panda Disgust

Greg Nyquist

Ausra Paulauskaite - Lovely pink flower

Lovely pink flower

Ausra Paulauskaite

Carla Parris - Red Panda

Red Panda

Carla Parris

Greg Nyquist - Stealthy Red Panda

Stealthy Red Panda

Greg Nyquist

Paul Svensen - Panda


Paul Svensen

Ausra Paulauskaite - Superpanda and her gun

Superpanda and her gun

Ausra Paulauskaite

Greg Nyquist - Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act

Greg Nyquist

Paul Svensen - Funi


Paul Svensen

Ausra Paulauskaite - I love grapes A

I love grapes A

Ausra Paulauskaite

Eva Kaufman - Panda


Eva Kaufman

Ausra Paulauskaite - On the waterlily

On the waterlily

Ausra Paulauskaite

John  Greaves - Yum


John Greaves

Margaret Saheed - Nepalese Forest Dweller

Nepalese Forest Dweller

Margaret Saheed

John  Greaves - Posing Panda

Posing Panda

John Greaves

Beverly Fuqua - Red Pandas

Red Pandas

Beverly Fuqua

Ethan  Foxx  - Perpetual Panda

Perpetual Panda

Ethan Foxx

Greg Nyquist - Red Panda Anxiety

Red Panda Anxiety

Greg Nyquist

Ausra Paulauskaite - Happy Panda O.O.

Happy Panda O.O.

Ausra Paulauskaite

John Telfer - Mother Panda

Mother Panda

John Telfer

Ausra Paulauskaite - It

It's a BIG sunflower

Ausra Paulauskaite

Ausra Paulauskaite - Looking for a lucky clover

Looking for a lucky clover

Ausra Paulauskaite

Ausra Paulauskaite - Just hanging in there

Just hanging in there

Ausra Paulauskaite

Keith Lovejoy - Great Panda IV

Great Panda IV

Keith Lovejoy

Keith Lovejoy - Panda Out of Frame

Panda Out of Frame

Keith Lovejoy

Julie McDoniel - Party crasher

Party crasher

Julie McDoniel

Ausra Paulauskaite - My soft green bed

My soft green bed

Ausra Paulauskaite

Pauline Ross - Pandas on glass

Pandas on glass

Pauline Ross

Patricia Novack - Panda On Ice

Panda On Ice

Patricia Novack

Carol  Bradley - Panda Baby

Panda Baby

Carol Bradley

Arline Wagner - Having A Snack

Having A Snack

Arline Wagner

Matthew Moore - Panda Family

Panda Family

Matthew Moore

Carla Parris - Chengdu Panda

Chengdu Panda

Carla Parris

Ausra Paulauskaite - Hang on- You got a friend

Hang on- You got a friend

Ausra Paulauskaite

Oiyee  At Oystudio - Good Things Come In Pairs

Good Things Come In Pairs

Oiyee At Oystudio

Ausra Paulauskaite - Holidays in Pandaland

Holidays in Pandaland

Ausra Paulauskaite

Ausra Paulauskaite - I love grapes B

I love grapes B

Ausra Paulauskaite

Ausra Paulauskaite - The King Kitty and Panda 01

The King Kitty and Panda 01

Ausra Paulauskaite

Ausra Paulauskaite - Hiding


Ausra Paulauskaite