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Pathways or Scenic Roads Photography



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Joan Minchak

Brooklyn, NY

United States

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This group was started on June 15th, 2011 and currently has:

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Pathways or Scenic Roads Photography

About This Group

A group dedicated to scenic roads and parkways where you can beautifully photograph scenic scenes. Bridge roads also welcome, Photography or artwork welcome! Pictures are available for sale or for sale as greeting cards.

FAA members only,

Please post no more than 1 picture a day per artist. More than 1 post will be removed. Your best work only please!

Featured Images

Rene Triay Photography - Approach and Landing in Paradise

Approach and Landing in Paradise

Rene Triay Photography

Kendall Kessler - Path Near Pandapas

Path Near Pandapas

Kendall Kessler

Nancy Harrison - Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk

Nancy Harrison

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Beachwalk


Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Trevor Kersley - Daffodil Spring

Daffodil Spring

Trevor Kersley

Pamela Phelps - Forever Free Road

Forever Free Road

Pamela Phelps

Stanley Funk - Snicket Fog

Snicket Fog

Stanley Funk

Laurie Search - Nothing More Grand

Nothing More Grand

Laurie Search

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - Yosemite Falls Trail

Yosemite Falls Trail

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Oak Grove in Black and White

Oak Grove in Black and White

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Nancy Harrison - Walk Through the Woods

Walk Through the Woods

Nancy Harrison

Saija  Lehtonen - Sitting By the Creek

Sitting By the Creek

Saija Lehtonen

Pamela Phelps - Loving Life at 91

Loving Life at 91

Pamela Phelps

Laurie Search - Welcoming


Laurie Search

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Coastal Trail

Coastal Trail

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Joan  Minchak - Key West Steps

Key West Steps

Joan Minchak

Joan  Minchak - Amish Country Ride

Amish Country Ride

Joan Minchak

Joan  Minchak - Chenonceau Pathway

Chenonceau Pathway

Joan Minchak