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People All Over The World



Group Administrator

Christy Gendalia

Rye Brook, NY

United States

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This group was started on April 9th, 2014 and currently has:


28 Members


304 Images


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People All Over The World

About This Group

Photographs, digital images, paintings and sketches of people in their natural, everyday lives.

Featured Images

Thomas Woolworth - Chicago After The Rain...

Chicago After The Rain...

Thomas Woolworth

John Telfer - Ole


John Telfer

Christy Gendalia - Posing in the Park

Posing in the Park

Christy Gendalia

Imran Ahmed - Pretzel seller with...
John Telfer - 51st Street Subway...
Jim Fitzpatrick - A woman in a Conical Hat...
Eva Kato - Dreaming of Grandeur
John Telfer - Street Musician

Street Musician

John Telfer

Imran Ahmed - Chinese street side...
Imran Ahmed - Chinese girl child plays...
Eva Kato - Brasov Fountain
John Telfer - Chinese Checkers...
Toni Abdnour - Lady By The Lake

Lady By The Lake

Toni Abdnour

Timothy Bischoff - RUSH - Alex Lifeson-48

RUSH - Alex Lifeson-48

Timothy Bischoff

Eva Kato - Fishermen on Beach
Amanda Stadther - Fireman


Amanda Stadther

Christy Gendalia - Through a Local Artist
Christy Gendalia - A Portrait

A Portrait

Christy Gendalia

Dona Dugay - Meditation


Dona Dugay

Timothy Bischoff - Bono 051

Bono 051

Timothy Bischoff

Christy Gendalia - Killing Time at The...

Killing Time at The...

Christy Gendalia

Thomas Woolworth - Chicago Bears Training...

Chicago Bears Training...

Thomas Woolworth

Christy Gendalia - Where

Where's the Fire?

Christy Gendalia

Dyle   Warren -  Alaskan and His Dog
Toni Abdnour - Forever Watchful

Forever Watchful

Toni Abdnour

Christy Gendalia - Mexican Coffee

Mexican Coffee

Christy Gendalia

Dawn Currie - Palm Sunday in El Cobre
Christy Gendalia - Costa Rican Children

Costa Rican Children

Christy Gendalia

Amanda Stadther - Sewing Class in India

Sewing Class in India

Amanda Stadther

Dawn Currie - Sitting in the Shade
Eva Kato - Mexican Market
Mike Savad - Americana - 1942 - USO...
Amanda Stadther - Man With Walking Stick

Man With Walking Stick

Amanda Stadther

Dyle   Warren - An Amish Family

An Amish Family

Dyle Warren

Bryan Hanson - No Clowning Around 2
Dawn Currie - Heading to Church

Heading to Church

Dawn Currie

Dawn Currie - Manos Cubanas

Manos Cubanas

Dawn Currie

Dawn Currie - Cubano Taxi

Cubano Taxi

Dawn Currie

Dawn Currie - Bus Repairs

Bus Repairs

Dawn Currie

Dawn Currie - Hamel Street

Hamel Street

Dawn Currie

Mike Savad - City - Chattanooga TN -...
Christy Gendalia - James Taylor and Carole...
Dawn Currie - Just String Another Wire
Christy Gendalia - The Beach in Black and...

The Beach in Black and...

Christy Gendalia

Thomas Woolworth - Cloud Gate West...

Cloud Gate West...

Thomas Woolworth

Dawn Currie - Halcones de la Noche
Christy Gendalia - Loving Life

Loving Life

Christy Gendalia

Dawn Currie - Walking the Dogs

Walking the Dogs

Dawn Currie

Dawn Currie - A Slower Pace

A Slower Pace

Dawn Currie

Dawn Currie - Moving Day in Trinidad
Mike Savad - Store Front - Alexandria...
Thomas Woolworth - Bridge Tender Tower BW

Bridge Tender Tower BW

Thomas Woolworth

Thomas Woolworth - North Bound Michigan Ave...
Dawn Currie - Three Man Power

Three Man Power

Dawn Currie

Mike Savad - Animal - Dog - A man and...
Eva Kato - San Cristobal Steet
Dawn Currie - Weight on His Shoulders
Dawn Currie - Bananas for Sale

Bananas for Sale

Dawn Currie

Rose Wang - Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl

Rose Wang

Timothy Bischoff - Paul McCartney - Magical...
Eva Kato - Carriers


Eva Kato

Dawn Currie - Walking to School

Walking to School

Dawn Currie

Steven Bateson - Guitar Man

Guitar Man

Steven Bateson

Timothy Bischoff - Eddie Van Halen-15

Eddie Van Halen-15

Timothy Bischoff

Timothy Bischoff - Billy Joel-33

Billy Joel-33

Timothy Bischoff

Mike Savad - Bazaar - We sell tomato...
Mike Savad - Cafe - Hoboken NJ -...
Rose Wang - Face Study

Face Study

Rose Wang

Rose Wang - Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Rose Wang

Amanda Stadther - Kenyan Child

Kenyan Child

Amanda Stadther

Mike Savad - Potter - Raised in the...
Thomas Woolworth - Medic WW II US Army

Medic WW II US Army

Thomas Woolworth

Amanda Stadther - Girl With Family At Taj...
Mike Savad - City - Canandaigua NY -...
Bryan Hanson - Girl - Giving peace

Girl - Giving peace

Bryan Hanson

Christy Gendalia - Let Me Think About This

Let Me Think About This

Christy Gendalia

Bryan Hanson - Little Feet

Little Feet

Bryan Hanson

Steven Bateson - Waters Gate

Waters Gate

Steven Bateson

Patricio Lazen - Latin Combo

Latin Combo

Patricio Lazen

Loriental Photography - Chinese Chess Players

Chinese Chess Players

Loriental Photography