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Photo Critique One on One



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Rich Franco

Maitland, FL

United States

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This group was started on September 27th, 2012 and currently has:

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Photo Critique One on One

About This Group

The purpose and reason for this group is to help artists with questions about the basics and also advanced methods to improve your digital images. I'll be the only person giving those suggestions, hence the Name: One on One. At times I may ask other artist to join and help with suggestions.

1. When you submit an image, please state the question(s) you have about the image.
2. Describe to your best ability where you are in your art,i.e. beginner, hobbyist,advanced amateur, working artist, or Professional Artist( 5+years experience.)
3. Email me a 1-2 mb file for me to look at and and work from and edit, if needed.
4. At the end of the editing, please post the before and after images, for others to see.
5. My suggestions and opinions are based on 30+ years as a professional photographer, both as a Commercial, Architectural,Travel Photographer and Art Exhibitor. I have been teaching Photography for 20+ years.
6. Must become a member to post images and seek advice.

I will try and keep things on track, but if you ask a question, whether it's about gear or such, I'll try to answer the question, to the best of my ability.

You may or may not accept or value my suggestions and that's fine too. But I will give honest and straight forward advice.

I am not here to 'do things' for you, but to advise and show you how I might edit an image like yours.

As an Artist, I do not 'over-edit' my images, so I am limited to what I can do myself, but will be able to point you in the right direction, when needed.

So, before we begin, here's what would help me when you get ready to upload the image:

a. camera model-image capture size**
b. Image info: shutter speed,aperture,etc. if important to the critique
c. Software program you are using, or for that matter, not using!

OK! Let's begin! Rich Franco

** If you don't know that info, when you email me the image, I will see that camera information, as long as it's from the original file.

Featured Images

Frank Bright - Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower

Frank Bright

Maja Sokolowska - Study of blue nr 1

Study of blue nr 1

Maja Sokolowska

Frank Bright - Egret In Blue 2

Egret In Blue 2

Frank Bright

Maja Sokolowska - Spirited away  painting

Spirited away painting

Maja Sokolowska

Maja Sokolowska - Poplars


Maja Sokolowska

Maja Sokolowska - Colorful zebras painting

Colorful zebras painting

Maja Sokolowska

Evie Carrier - Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Evie Carrier

Frank Bright - Bird Profile

Bird Profile

Frank Bright

Maja Sokolowska - Changes


Maja Sokolowska

Maja Sokolowska - Study of a mans face

Study of a mans face

Maja Sokolowska

Frank Bright - California Poppy

California Poppy

Frank Bright

Maja Sokolowska - Syria


Maja Sokolowska

Frank Bright - Tree Leaves

Tree Leaves

Frank Bright

Evie Carrier - Saint Germain Paris

Saint Germain Paris

Evie Carrier

Anita Braconnier - Sunlit


Anita Braconnier

Peta Thames - Valley Glimpse

Valley Glimpse

Peta Thames

Roxie Crouch - Glacier Lagoon

Glacier Lagoon

Roxie Crouch

Ryan Ladbrook - Wreck at Riverside

Wreck at Riverside

Ryan Ladbrook

Maja Sokolowska - Cityscape oil painting

Cityscape oil painting

Maja Sokolowska

Richard Steinberger - Freedom


Richard Steinberger

Don Powers - Flora23


Don Powers

Petros Yiannakas - The Premature Burial

The Premature Burial

Petros Yiannakas

Ellen Heaverlo - Standing Watch

Standing Watch

Ellen Heaverlo

Valentino Visentini - Iced Sky

Iced Sky

Valentino Visentini

Roxie Crouch - Kolob Sunset

Kolob Sunset

Roxie Crouch

Frank Bright - Country Path

Country Path

Frank Bright

Valentino Visentini - Leave the Cup Behind

Leave the Cup Behind

Valentino Visentini

Frank Bright - Bridge By Vic

Bridge By Vic's

Frank Bright

Ellen Heaverlo - Frozen November Day

Frozen November Day

Ellen Heaverlo

Frank Bright - Art of the Egret

Art of the Egret

Frank Bright

Kristie  Bonnewell - This Ol

This Ol' Chevy

Kristie Bonnewell

Valentino Visentini - Stroller Parking in Red

Stroller Parking in Red

Valentino Visentini

Shaun Maclellan - Beauty is Hidden

Beauty is Hidden

Shaun Maclellan

See My  Photos - Botanical Building

Botanical Building

See My Photos

Kristie  Bonnewell - Unlock Thy Inner Self

Unlock Thy Inner Self

Kristie Bonnewell

Ellen Heaverlo - Rocky Mountain Majesty

Rocky Mountain Majesty

Ellen Heaverlo

Katie Black - Hectic


Katie Black

Sylvia Thornton - Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken

Sylvia Thornton

Ellen Heaverlo - Crystal Mill

Crystal Mill

Ellen Heaverlo

Valentino Visentini - Foggy Yangtze River

Foggy Yangtze River

Valentino Visentini

Sotiris Filippou - Whispers II

Whispers II

Sotiris Filippou

Arlene Carmel - Smooth As Glass

Smooth As Glass

Arlene Carmel

See My  Photos - Doing the Dunes

Doing the Dunes

See My Photos

Antony McAulay - Chania alley

Chania alley

Antony McAulay

Tony Reddington - Fishing as sunset

Fishing as sunset

Tony Reddington

Frank Bright - Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Frank Bright

Arlene Carmel - Central Beauty Two

Central Beauty Two

Arlene Carmel

Petros Yiannakas - The Ultimate Boon

The Ultimate Boon

Petros Yiannakas

Ismeta Gruenwald - Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot

Ismeta Gruenwald

Arlene Carmel - So Bright

So Bright

Arlene Carmel

Arlene Carmel - Whisper Of Spring

Whisper Of Spring

Arlene Carmel

Valentino Visentini - Rush in Blue

Rush in Blue

Valentino Visentini

Petros Yiannakas - Eucalyptus Night Tree

Eucalyptus Night Tree

Petros Yiannakas

Ellen Heaverlo - Mississippi Sunset

Mississippi Sunset

Ellen Heaverlo

Arlene Carmel - Pear


Arlene Carmel

Ellen Heaverlo - Prairie Rainbow

Prairie Rainbow

Ellen Heaverlo

Liz  Alderdice - Little Visitor

Little Visitor

Liz Alderdice

Petros Yiannakas - Cosmic Love

Cosmic Love

Petros Yiannakas

Minnie Lippiatt - Blue Tree

Blue Tree

Minnie Lippiatt

Ellen Heaverlo - Locomotion


Ellen Heaverlo

Ellen Heaverlo - Shades Of Winter

Shades Of Winter

Ellen Heaverlo

Timothy J Berndt - Country Store

Country Store

Timothy J Berndt

Kelly Kitchens - Open Gate

Open Gate

Kelly Kitchens

Cynthia Adams - Winter Blues For Sale

Winter Blues For Sale

Cynthia Adams

Maria  Disley - Lunartext Love

Lunartext Love

Maria Disley

Petros Yiannakas - Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Petros Yiannakas

Wendell Ducharme Jr - Bakersfield Falls VT

Bakersfield Falls VT

Wendell Ducharme Jr

Frank Bright - Under The Pier

Under The Pier

Frank Bright

Ellen Heaverlo - Good vs Evil

Good vs Evil

Ellen Heaverlo

Frank Bright - Gliding


Frank Bright

Tony Reddington - Bath and Blue sky

Bath and Blue sky

Tony Reddington

Frank Bright - Lamp Light

Lamp Light

Frank Bright

Arlene Carmel - Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Arlene Carmel

Leslie Cruz - The Lions Pride

The Lions Pride

Leslie Cruz

Debi Dmytryshyn - Animato con Mezzo Arco

Animato con Mezzo Arco

Debi Dmytryshyn

Ellen Heaverlo - Bahia Honda

Bahia Honda

Ellen Heaverlo

Dana Moyer - Twilight Beauty

Twilight Beauty

Dana Moyer

Petros Yiannakas - Tartaros


Petros Yiannakas

Arlene Carmel - Perennial Grass

Perennial Grass

Arlene Carmel

Minnie Lippiatt - Seeing Beyond The Rocks

Seeing Beyond The Rocks

Minnie Lippiatt

Sebastian Musial - Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Sebastian Musial

Joe Jake Pratt - Rembrandants Closet

Rembrandants Closet

Joe Jake Pratt

Sebastian Musial - Almost Home

Almost Home

Sebastian Musial

Erica Horsley - Golden Afternoon

Golden Afternoon

Erica Horsley

Maria  Disley - Unexpected 2

Unexpected 2

Maria Disley

Donna Van Vlack - Sedona Arizona

Sedona Arizona

Donna Van Vlack

Joe Jake Pratt - Lets All Do The Hop

Lets All Do The Hop

Joe Jake Pratt

Xueling Zou - Abstract 13

Abstract 13

Xueling Zou

Robert Woodward - Ravine Falls

Ravine Falls

Robert Woodward

Xueling Zou - Abstract 5

Abstract 5

Xueling Zou