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Photographic Painting



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Levin Rodriguez

Markham, ON


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This group was started on August 16th, 2012 and currently has:

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Photographic Painting

About This Group

During the Renaissance, masters like Brunelleschi and Caravaggio developed perspective, chiaroscuro and other techniques that allow paintings to be more like todays photographs. The Masters of the Dutch Golden Age developed an oil painting technique that to took the representation of details, texture and perspective to a level very close to what we know today as photographs.

Today, photographic cameras take care of the detail in images, so modern artists don't have to worry about painting them, however, if you are like me, I still feel nostalgia for that level of artistry. It is why I I call myself a 'Photographic Painter', which I defined as art of producing painting-like images using photographic techniques.

If you are one of those beings that see the camera as a painting toolkit of brushes, colors, pigments and canvas to realize your visual ideas, then, this group is for you.

Images that fit this concept will be welcomed in this group.

I have used some of my own images in the homepage to illustrate what I am looking for.

***** 1 Images limit per day *****

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