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Pit Bulls and Bully Breeds -- Dogs



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Dawn's Good Nature

Penn Valley, CA

United States

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This group was started on February 26th, 2014 and currently has:

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Pit Bulls and Bully Breeds -- Dogs

About This Group

Dedicated to showcase the beauty, FUN and sweetness of the Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Mastiffs, Bull Terriers, Bull Dogs and all versions of the Bully Breeds. <3

Featured Images

Barbara Keith - Sparkle and Buster

Sparkle and Buster

Barbara Keith

Nicholas Ilchena - Daydream


Nicholas Ilchena

Joe Bledsoe - Tennis Anyone

Tennis Anyone

Joe Bledsoe

Barbara Keith - Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Barbara Keith

Chris  Arnold - A dogs life

A dogs life

Chris Arnold

Nick Barkworth - To be a Boston

To be a Boston

Nick Barkworth

Sharon Attaway - Pit Bull Elegance

Pit Bull Elegance

Sharon Attaway

Sharon Attaway - Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Sharon Attaway

Chad   Mayo - Beastro


Chad Mayo

Joe Bledsoe - Eyes of Innocence

Eyes of Innocence

Joe Bledsoe

Nicole  Mackenzie  - Pitbulls Are Sweet

Pitbulls Are Sweet

Nicole Mackenzie

Lynn Schmidt - Kennadi in Flowers

Kennadi in Flowers

Lynn Schmidt

Mary Deal - Pit Bull - 1

Pit Bull - 1

Mary Deal

Adele Pfenninger - Rudy


Adele Pfenninger

Adele Pfenninger - Peanut


Adele Pfenninger


You Have a Cookie

Dawn's Good Nature

Barbara Chichester - Color Me Frenchie

Color Me Frenchie

Barbara Chichester

Catherine Garneau - Buster


Catherine Garneau

Carol Blackhurst - Happy bulldog

Happy bulldog

Carol Blackhurst

Lisa Hufnagel - Sophie Flying

Sophie Flying

Lisa Hufnagel

Carol Blackhurst - Jack and Tank

Jack and Tank

Carol Blackhurst


Who me?

Dawn's Good Nature

Leslie Manley - Lugnut


Leslie Manley


Sophe searching the horizon

Dawn's Good Nature



Dawn's Good Nature

Alan Wilkinson - Jade 2

Jade 2

Alan Wilkinson

Sharon Cummings - Pit Bull Dog - Pure Love

Pit Bull Dog - Pure Love

Sharon Cummings


Axel on guard

Dawn's Good Nature