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Pittsburgh photography Group



Group Administrator

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Aliquippa, PA

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on November 27th, 2011 and currently has:


44 Members


168 Images


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Pittsburgh photography Group

About This Group

I'm trying to create a nice photography group from around Pittsburgh Pa
This way we can share ideas,places,and any other info around this area

Featured Images

Robert Fawcett - Steel City

Steel City

Robert Fawcett

Mian Bilal Alam - Pittsburgh


Mian Bilal Alam

 Rich  Wise - Pittsburgh at Night
Rachel Cohen - Dreamy Cucumber Falls
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Pnc Park

Pnc Park

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Pittsburgh at Dusk

Pittsburgh at Dusk

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Cyril Furlan - Formal Gardens Phipps...
Mark Milar - Being Different01
Mark Milar - Pittsburgh from the 9th...
Mark Milar - Pittsburgh


Mark Milar

Emmanuel Panagiotakis - Pittsburgh Winter 2014

Pittsburgh Winter 2014

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Emmanuel Panagiotakis - Pittsburgh Winter 2

Pittsburgh Winter 2

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Inkspot - Pittsburgh



Inkspot - Pittsburgh



Cyril Furlan - Fort Pitt Bridge...

Fort Pitt Bridge...

Cyril Furlan

Andrea Rea - Primanti Brothers...
Emmanuel Panagiotakis - Pittsburgh Reflections

Pittsburgh Reflections

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Steven Richman - Pittsburgh Architecture 2
Jay Nodianos - Roberto Clemente Bridge
Joyce  Wasser - Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh

Joyce Wasser

Joyce  Wasser - Heinz Hall

Heinz Hall

Joyce Wasser

Jay Nodianos - A Yellow Duck In...

A Yellow Duck In...

Jay Nodianos

Jay Nodianos - Pittsburgh Autumn Night 2
Cyril Furlan - Pittsburgh At Night

Pittsburgh At Night

Cyril Furlan

Rich McPeek - Reflections


Rich McPeek

Rich McPeek - Jazz Club

Jazz Club

Rich McPeek

Emmanuel Panagiotakis - Pittsburgh lighting the...

Pittsburgh lighting the...

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Emmanuel Panagiotakis - Pittsburgh New 2

Pittsburgh New 2

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Emmanuel Panagiotakis - Pittsburgh the 4th

Pittsburgh the 4th

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Rachel Cohen - Petite Vertigo mono

Petite Vertigo mono

Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen - Duquesne Incline 3

Duquesne Incline 3

Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen - Bridges to Pittsburgh  2
Emmanuel Panagiotakis - New Pittsburgh

New Pittsburgh

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Emmanuel Panagiotakis - Point of View

Point of View

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Digital Photographic Arts - Towboat and Barge on the...

Towboat and Barge on the...

Digital Photographic Arts

Emmanuel Panagiotakis - Pittsburgh North Sore

Pittsburgh North Sore

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Jay Nodianos - Pittsburgh Science

Pittsburgh Science

Jay Nodianos

Jay Nodianos - River Reflections

River Reflections

Jay Nodianos

S Patrick McKain - The Igloo

The Igloo

S Patrick McKain

Kevin Albright - Car Driving in Oakland

Car Driving in Oakland

Kevin Albright

S Patrick McKain - Pittsburgh Americana

Pittsburgh Americana

S Patrick McKain

Renata De Almeida - Dialogue?


Renata De Almeida

S Patrick McKain - River Party

River Party

S Patrick McKain

Andrew Chapman - Cathedral of Learning

Cathedral of Learning

Andrew Chapman

Emmanuel Panagiotakis - Sunrise in Pittsburgh Pa

Sunrise in Pittsburgh Pa

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

 Rich  Wise - PPG Standing Tall
 Rich  Wise - Pittsburgh All Lit Up
Kim Stewart - Polish Hill

Polish Hill

Kim Stewart

James Guentner - Heinz Field

Heinz Field

James Guentner

William Rockwell - Highmark Building

Highmark Building

William Rockwell

Spencer McKain - Cathedral of Learning

Cathedral of Learning

Spencer McKain

Emmanuel Panagiotakis - City of Champions in...

City of Champions in...

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Spencer McKain - Pre-game at PNC Park

Pre-game at PNC Park

Spencer McKain