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Anna Lisa Yoder

Quakertown, PA

United States

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This group was started on January 29th, 2013 and currently has:

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I'd like to welcome photos and all media depicting parts of the Ocean State. Introduce people to the abundant scenery AND fascinating details of this tiniest of USA states! I don't live in Rhode Island, but it was my destination not long ago, and I was often transfixed with the rugged beauty of the coast and serenity of the inland.

I'll be glad to see scenic beauty here including seascapes, landscapes, or panoramas. But I also welcome quirky depictions of Rhode Island living or tourism, including closeups or even macros. Just please make sure there's something in the keywords, description, or title that lets us know what spot in RI your artwork is depicting. Cities, villages, inland or coastal-- all are welcome.

Please stick with ONE or TWO images per day for now. If we end up with a huge number of pages, I'll limit contributions a bit more, but I think this number will work out fine. I'll try to rotate featured images now and then, but can't promise constant attention. I couldn't find another Rhode Island group here on FAA, so I hope this group will fill that void! The state is too fascinating to be missing from the site.

Thanks, everyone--- Enjoy! P.S. I'm from Pennsylvania, and am only a couple hrs. from the Jersey shore. I'm crazy about the ocean, so that's what mainly drew me to Rhode Island.

Featured Images

Joshua McDonough - Lonely Tree

Lonely Tree

Joshua McDonough

Tammie Miller - This Old Mill

This Old Mill

Tammie Miller

Rick Lloyd - Storm Lights

Storm Lights

Rick Lloyd

Tammie Miller - Newport Sail

Newport Sail

Tammie Miller

Karol  Livote - The North Casemates

The North Casemates

Karol Livote

Marianne Campolongo - Red Sails Newport RI

Red Sails Newport RI

Marianne Campolongo

Julia Springer - Newport Cliff Walk

Newport Cliff Walk

Julia Springer

Michael McGrath - Newport fishing shacks

Newport fishing shacks

Michael McGrath