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Rivers Streams and Waterfalls



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Joe Bledsoe

Eldorado, AR

United States

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This group was started on December 8th, 2012 and currently has:


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Rivers Streams and Waterfalls

About This Group

Any photo of Rivers, Waterfalls, or Streams.

This is a great place to showcase your artwork, and discuss the beauty of nature. Will also run contests from time to time. Submit your artwork and get it featured here. Welcome all.

CHECK OUT THE 'PROMOTE YOUR WORK' DISCUSSION - for ways to get your work viewed!

Featured Images

Torrey McNeal - Sequoia Lodgepole

Sequoia Lodgepole

Torrey McNeal

William Norton - Running Water

Running Water

William Norton

William Norton - Water Slide

Water Slide

William Norton

William Norton - Stony Brook

Stony Brook

William Norton

Deborah Scannell - Dry Falls Autumn Splendor

Dry Falls Autumn Splendor

Deborah Scannell

Deborah Scannell -  Autumn At Looking Glass...
Linsey Williams - Dusk On Derwent

Dusk On Derwent

Linsey Williams

Elvis Vaughn - Beauty of Lake Lugano
Philippe Boite - Fortier river

Fortier river

Philippe Boite

Matt Plyler - Cullasaja Falls in...
Catherine Gagne - Train Tracks over the...

Train Tracks over the...

Catherine Gagne

Deborah Klubertanz - Red Tail

Red Tail

Deborah Klubertanz

Loree Johnson - Magical Rainbow...

Magical Rainbow...

Loree Johnson

Myrna Bradshaw - Lower Falls at...

Lower Falls at...

Myrna Bradshaw

Jeff  Swan - That place in the heart
Andrea Buonocore - Just relax

Just relax

Andrea Buonocore

William Norton - Sunny Day

Sunny Day

William Norton

William Norton - Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

William Norton

Dale Kincaid - Fall By The Falls

Fall By The Falls

Dale Kincaid

Dale Kincaid - Designed By Nature

Designed By Nature

Dale Kincaid

Dale Kincaid - Carved By Nature

Carved By Nature

Dale Kincaid

Ian Mcadie - Autumn Calm

Autumn Calm

Ian Mcadie

Kim Andelkovic - Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Kim Andelkovic

Betsy Zimmerli - Dam Lip

Dam Lip

Betsy Zimmerli

Betsy Zimmerli - The Bridge

The Bridge

Betsy Zimmerli

Betsy Zimmerli - After the Storm

After the Storm

Betsy Zimmerli

Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos - 102014-28


Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos

Tim Moore - Upper Bridge Creek Falls
Matt Plyler - Upper Catawba Falls  Old...
Matt Plyler - Turtleback Falls in...
Matt Plyler - Crabtree Falls- Blue...
Neal Jorgensen - And The Stream springs...
Deborah Klubertanz - End of the Day

End of the Day

Deborah Klubertanz

Roddy Atkinson - Kel Burn Waterfall

Kel Burn Waterfall

Roddy Atkinson

Saija  Lehtonen - Wild Mustang on the...

Wild Mustang on the...

Saija Lehtonen

Cassidream Photography - Albion Falls Closeup

Albion Falls Closeup

Cassidream Photography

Bill  Wakeley - West Cornwall Covered...
Chuck  Hicks - A Long Way Up

A Long Way Up

Chuck Hicks

Calazones Flics - Garden View -Late Fall

Garden View -Late Fall

Calazones Flics

Cassidream Photography - Fly Fishing Elora Grand...

Fly Fishing Elora Grand...

Cassidream Photography

Elvis Vaughn - The Matter Vispa and the...
Mark Myhaver - Maine Rocky Coast No28
Gary Smith - Cabin On Waters Edge
Carolyn Derstine - Stream in the Smokies

Stream in the Smokies

Carolyn Derstine

Deborah Scannell - Autumn Bliss

Autumn Bliss

Deborah Scannell

 Nadine Johnston - Painting Portland...

Painting Portland...

Nadine Johnston

Gary Smith - Reflected Up

Reflected Up

Gary Smith

Betsy Zimmerli - Dusk


Betsy Zimmerli

Kathy Barney - Beaver Pond in Mt....
Bob Christopher - Sweet Creek Oregon 4

Sweet Creek Oregon 4

Bob Christopher

Betty Depee - North and Middle Fork of...
Joseph Schofield - Clark

Clark's Fork

Joseph Schofield

Joseph Schofield - Line Up

Line Up

Joseph Schofield

Cynthia Guinn - Brunswick Lake

Brunswick Lake

Cynthia Guinn

Steven Richman - Amico Island Park

Amico Island Park

Steven Richman

Ian Mcadie - Emerald Lake Calm
Reid Callaway - Early Morning Departure...
Alana Ranney - Waterfall


Alana Ranney

Elvis Vaughn - Waterfall in the Mountain
Bob Christopher - Sweet Creek Oregon 6

Sweet Creek Oregon 6

Bob Christopher

Greg Patzer - Fishing Spot 4

Fishing Spot 4

Greg Patzer

Sergei Dikler - Mountain Brook

Mountain Brook

Sergei Dikler

Randall Branham - Siskiyou Lake and Mt...

Siskiyou Lake and Mt...

Randall Branham

Chris Smith - Holywell bay spectacular...
Roddy Atkinson - Bonnington Linn

Bonnington Linn

Roddy Atkinson

Reid Callaway - Ducks After Sunrise

Ducks After Sunrise

Reid Callaway

Bill  Wakeley - Winter Morning

Winter Morning

Bill Wakeley

Andrew Soundarajan - The Watchman at Autumn

The Watchman at Autumn

Andrew Soundarajan

Saija  Lehtonen - Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls

Saija Lehtonen

Saija  Lehtonen - As The Water Flows

As The Water Flows

Saija Lehtonen

Ian Mcadie - Mountain Christmas
Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos - 102214-39


Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos

Calazones Flics - Emma Falls

Emma Falls

Calazones Flics

William Bentley - Linville Falls

Linville Falls

William Bentley

Scott Thorp - Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor

Scott Thorp

Ian Mcadie - Pitt River Crossing
Chuck  Hicks - Falling Twins

Falling Twins

Chuck Hicks

Elvis Vaughn - Bridge in Giverny

Bridge in Giverny

Elvis Vaughn

Pedro Blazquez Gutierrez - Dreams


Pedro Blazquez Gutierrez

Pedro Blazquez Gutierrez - Rocas al amanecer

Rocas al amanecer

Pedro Blazquez Gutierrez

Pedro Blazquez Gutierrez - Playa dorada

Playa dorada

Pedro Blazquez Gutierrez

Cassidream Photography - Waterloo Park Autumn

Waterloo Park Autumn

Cassidream Photography

Roddy Atkinson - Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools

Roddy Atkinson

Susan Candelario - Cascading Swirls

Cascading Swirls

Susan Candelario

Susan Candelario - Autumns Stream

Autumns Stream

Susan Candelario

Susan Candelario - Waterfalls and Swirl

Waterfalls and Swirl

Susan Candelario

David Freuthal - Moss Glen Falls

Moss Glen Falls

David Freuthal

Shelby  Young - Moss in the Shadows

Moss in the Shadows

Shelby Young

Calazones Flics - Soft Strength

Soft Strength

Calazones Flics

Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos - 102114-108


Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos

Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos - 102114-155


Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos

Benjamin Reed - A Golden Wonderland

A Golden Wonderland

Benjamin Reed

Benjamin Reed - Serenity


Benjamin Reed

Catherine Gagne - Winnipesaukee River

Winnipesaukee River

Catherine Gagne

Dwight Cook - Railroad bridge with...
Betsy Zimmerli - November snow

November snow

Betsy Zimmerli

Betsy Zimmerli - Riverside


Betsy Zimmerli

Christina Rollo - Cascading Falls

Cascading Falls

Christina Rollo

Christina Rollo - Taughannock Falls State...
Christina Rollo - Fall Creek Waterfall

Fall Creek Waterfall

Christina Rollo

Roddy Atkinson - Hengifoss


Roddy Atkinson

Svetlana Sewell - Riverside


Svetlana Sewell

Ian Mcadie - Winter Waterside

Winter Waterside

Ian Mcadie

Bob Christopher - Sweet Creek Oregon 1

Sweet Creek Oregon 1

Bob Christopher

Svetlana Sewell - Cambridge River

Cambridge River

Svetlana Sewell

Reid Callaway - Sunrise at Bull River...
Andrew Soundarajan - Stream at Autumn

Stream at Autumn

Andrew Soundarajan

Chad Dutson - Classic Zion

Classic Zion

Chad Dutson

Marcia Colelli - Kitchen Creek Ricketts...
Cassidream Photography - Abraham Erb

Abraham Erb's Grist Mill

Cassidream Photography

Kim Andelkovic - River View

River View

Kim Andelkovic

Christina Rollo - Chenango River Clinton...
Alana Ranney - Winter in Kingfield

Winter in Kingfield

Alana Ranney

Photos By Jeff - Fall at Valley Forge

Fall at Valley Forge

Photos By Jeff

Steven Parker - Five Fishing

Five Fishing

Steven Parker

Kim Andelkovic - Back to Nature

Back to Nature

Kim Andelkovic

Ian Mcadie - Waterton Lakes Morning
Bob Christopher - Place Of Awe Lower Lewis...
Marcia Colelli - Oneida Waterfall Autumn...
Katarzyna Bartnikiewicz - Borghetto - Italy

Borghetto - Italy

Katarzyna Bartnikiewicz

Loree Johnson - Postcard from Oregon

Postcard from Oregon

Loree Johnson

Al Bourassa - BEING IN The Movie

BEING IN The Movie

Al Bourassa

Judd Connor - Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point

Judd Connor

Mark Papke - Colorful Reflection
Shelby  Young - Long Exposure of the...
Patricio Lazen - Sunset on The Missouri

Sunset on The Missouri

Patricio Lazen

Roddy Atkinson - Vatnajokull


Roddy Atkinson

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - End of the trail Yosemite

End of the trail Yosemite

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom

Mark Papke - High Falls Rochester
Ian Mcadie - Moraine Lake Viewpoint
Loree Johnson - Latourell Through the...
Bob Christopher - Elowah Falls Columbia...

Elowah Falls Columbia...

Bob Christopher

Chris Smith - Reflections


Chris Smith

Loree Johnson - Latourell Falls Autumn
Bill  Wakeley - Enders Falls

Enders Falls

Bill Wakeley

Saija  Lehtonen - West Fork Reflections

West Fork Reflections

Saija Lehtonen

Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos - 101414-8


Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos

James Peterson - Autumn Temperance River
Elvis Vaughn - Chiavenna and Mera River
Marcia Colelli - Ricketts Glen Rapids

Ricketts Glen Rapids

Marcia Colelli

Robert Bales - Sunrift Gorge  Falls

Sunrift Gorge Falls

Robert Bales

Johnny Adolphson - November Burner in Heber...
Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos - 101214-197


Mike Davis - Micks Pix Photos

Rachel Cohen - Munising Falls in October
Cassidream Photography - Rainbow Falls Watkins...

Rainbow Falls Watkins...

Cassidream Photography

Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Blues

Colorado Blues

Janice Rae Pariza

Tim Moore - Coast Range Gem

Coast Range Gem

Tim Moore

Chris Smith - Sunset At Holywell Bay
Saija  Lehtonen - Autumn Creekside

Autumn Creekside

Saija Lehtonen

Mike Berenson - Cloud Trails And Star...
Naomi Burgess - Late


Naomi Burgess

Paul Ward - Autumn Waterfalls
Randall Branham - Rare  Falls in High...

Rare Falls in High...

Randall Branham

Christina Rollo - Taughannock Falls Upper...
Aaron Campbell - Below Oneida Falls

Below Oneida Falls

Aaron Campbell

Christopher Whiton - The Deep Plunge at...

The Deep Plunge at...

Christopher Whiton

Christopher Whiton - Summer Streams at Mossy...

Summer Streams at Mossy...

Christopher Whiton

Reid Callaway - Perfect Reflection at...
Reid Callaway - Sunrise Fog at Sugar...
Reid Callaway - Memphis TN M Bridge or...
Aaron Campbell - Oneida Falls

Oneida Falls

Aaron Campbell

Paul Riedinger - Oneida Falls

Oneida Falls

Paul Riedinger

Loree Johnson - Autumn at Lower Falls

Autumn at Lower Falls

Loree Johnson

Gene Walls - Fall Leaves Meet Waters...
Christina Rollo - Fall Creek

Fall Creek

Christina Rollo

Blackwater Studio - Little Pigeon

Little Pigeon

Blackwater Studio

Joseph Schofield - Bridge Over The Falls

Bridge Over The Falls

Joseph Schofield

Susan Candelario - Onondaga Falls

Onondaga Falls

Susan Candelario

Susan Candelario - Shawnee Falls

Shawnee Falls

Susan Candelario

Dan Myers - Above Murray Reynolds
Chris Smith - Love steps

Love steps

Chris Smith

James Baron - Great Falls of Tinkers...
Doug McPherson - Reflections of Fall

Reflections of Fall

Doug McPherson

James Baron - Springfield Falls

Springfield Falls

James Baron

Dennis Reagan - Serenity


Dennis Reagan

Betsy Zimmerli - Pond Reflections

Pond Reflections

Betsy Zimmerli

Steven Barrows - Sandstone Chute Sedona

Sandstone Chute Sedona

Steven Barrows

Dan Myers - Boat House Row In...
Bill  Wakeley - Near And Far

Near And Far

Bill Wakeley

Mike Griffiths - Autumn Mill

Autumn Mill

Mike Griffiths

Kristina Plaas - Meigs Falls

Meigs Falls

Kristina Plaas

Kristina Plaas - Bronzed Boulders

Bronzed Boulders

Kristina Plaas

Doug McPherson - Autumn Waterfall

Autumn Waterfall

Doug McPherson

Britt Runyon - Autumn Stance

Autumn Stance

Britt Runyon

William Norton - Letchworth High Falls

Letchworth High Falls

William Norton

William Norton - Middle Falls

Middle Falls

William Norton

Sean Griffin - Lower South Falls

Lower South Falls

Sean Griffin

William McCann - Water

Water's Edge

William McCann

Debra Jeter - Fall at the falls

Fall at the falls

Debra Jeter

Saija  Lehtonen - Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

Saija Lehtonen

Guy Whiteley - Wiscoy Falls 7K03007
Deborah Klubertanz - Afterglow


Deborah Klubertanz

Guy Whiteley - Wiscoy Falls 7K03020
Jim Sauchyn - Glorious Autumn

Glorious Autumn

Jim Sauchyn

Steven Parker - Morning river Fog in BW
Bill  Wakeley - Upstream Fog

Upstream Fog

Bill Wakeley

Alan Cammack - Ice Canyon

Ice Canyon

Alan Cammack

Gene Walls - Gazing Up At Ozone Falls...
Gene Walls - It Feels Like Fall At...
Gary Smith - Reflections On Lake...
Juergen Roth - My New England

My New England

Juergen Roth

Alan Cammack - Havasu Canyon

Havasu Canyon

Alan Cammack

Ian Mcadie - Autumn Returns

Autumn Returns

Ian Mcadie

Catherine Gagne - Falls coming to New...

Falls coming to New...

Catherine Gagne

Christina Rollo - Peaceful Sunrise...

Peaceful Sunrise...

Christina Rollo

Steven Barrows - Nevada Fall In Late...

Nevada Fall In Late...

Steven Barrows

William Norton - Erie Canal at Shoen Place
Jan Schuler - Epupa Falls Namibia
Jan Schuler - Sailing through the storm
Christina Rollo - Otselic River Fall...

Otselic River Fall...

Christina Rollo

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Colorful Chicago ...

Colorful Chicago ...

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Catherine Gagne - Winnipesaukee River

Winnipesaukee River

Catherine Gagne

Al Bourassa - Rio Tomebamba - Puente...
Kathy Barney - Sliding Rock Pisgha...
Randall Branham - Grand Tetons Early...

Grand Tetons Early...

Randall Branham

Randall Branham - Supermoon August 14...

Supermoon August 14...

Randall Branham

Randall Branham - Supermoon Snake River...

Supermoon Snake River...

Randall Branham

Rachel Cohen - Tahquamenon Falls Autumn
Janice Rae Pariza - Dolores River Valley

Dolores River Valley

Janice Rae Pariza

Lori Deiter - Low
Randall Branham - Yellowstone Falls

Yellowstone Falls

Randall Branham

Catherine Gagne - Trees Reflection on...

Trees Reflection on...

Catherine Gagne

Randall Branham - Waterfalls at Yellowstone
 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Dan Myers - Fall In Western...
Bill  Wakeley - West Cornwall Covered...
Dale Kincaid - Blue Hen Falls In Autumn
Dale Kincaid - Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls

Dale Kincaid

Bruce Bley - Autumn Reflections
Carolyn Derstine - Sunwapta Falls

Sunwapta Falls

Carolyn Derstine

Scott Thorp - May I Have This Dance
Juergen Roth - Pemigewasset River...
Juergen Roth - The Basin in the New...
Bob Phillips - Rocks and Water in the...