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Shot On Film



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Howard Tenke

Clarksburg, WV

United States

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This group was started on May 8th, 2014 and currently has:

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Shot On Film

About This Group

This group is for those of us in the world of photography that have tenaciously hung on to using film in our cameras be it 35mm, medium or large formats.

The primary goal of this group is to share information on things like outsource processing, enlarging and darkroom equipment and other old school stuff we still use.

Please keep your image submissions to those captured on film ONLY. Digital enhancement is OK as long as the source image was shot on film. Please indicate either in the description or the keywords it is a film image (such as 35mm, 120, or 8x10 plate).

Congratulations to the winners of our first contest!

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Featured Images

Daniel Thompson - The Works

The Works

Daniel Thompson

John Leung - Waiting


John Leung

HW Kateley - Country Church

Country Church

HW Kateley

Guy Pettingell - Pork Pie Van

Pork Pie Van

Guy Pettingell

Patricia Greer - Westcliff Colorado

Westcliff Colorado

Patricia Greer

Jennifer Ann Henry - Manhattan Beach Pier

Manhattan Beach Pier

Jennifer Ann Henry

Patricia Greer - Old Gray Mare

Old Gray Mare

Patricia Greer

Jennifer Ann Henry - Happy Truck

Happy Truck

Jennifer Ann Henry

Jennifer Ann Henry - Siamese


Jennifer Ann Henry

Jennifer Ann Henry - Ariel Lift Bridge

Ariel Lift Bridge

Jennifer Ann Henry

Daniel Thompson - US 2 Barn

US 2 Barn

Daniel Thompson

Bob Christopher - Keet Seel 6

Keet Seel 6

Bob Christopher

Steven Ralser - NZ alps

NZ alps

Steven Ralser

Eva Kato - Duvet Airing

Duvet Airing

Eva Kato

Daniel Thompson - Unknown UP Waterfall 2

Unknown UP Waterfall 2

Daniel Thompson

HW Kateley - Lines and Blocks

Lines and Blocks

HW Kateley

Daniel Thompson - Miner

Miner's Falls

Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson - Detroit at Sunset

Detroit at Sunset

Daniel Thompson

Patricia Greer - Drinking Water Only

Drinking Water Only

Patricia Greer

Patricia Greer - Flowers in a Teapot

Flowers in a Teapot

Patricia Greer

Daniel Thompson - Maple Ridge Rd farm

Maple Ridge Rd farm

Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson - Clouds


Daniel Thompson

Bob Christopher - Timeless Death Valley

Timeless Death Valley

Bob Christopher

Kae Cheatham - Old Stage Coach

Old Stage Coach

Kae Cheatham

Marty Saccone - Casca and Whitehorse

Casca and Whitehorse

Marty Saccone

HW Kateley - Nagel Vollenda

Nagel Vollenda

HW Kateley

HW Kateley - America Theater

America Theater

HW Kateley

Kae Cheatham - Ghost Tree

Ghost Tree

Kae Cheatham