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South America



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Nigel Fletcher-Jones

New York, NY

United States

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This group was started on October 1st, 2010 and currently has:


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South America

About This Group

A group for all lovers of South America and South American culture - ancient and modern. All media accepted as long as the artwork reflect South American people, culture, geography, history, cuisine or art.

Featured Images

Rudi Prott - Alpamayo Peru

Alpamayo Peru

Rudi Prott

Dan Hartford - Llama herder...

Llama herder...

Dan Hartford

Dan Hartford - Kids are Kids even in...
Dan Hartford - Old woman and Alpaca
Alessandro Pinto - Purple light  in...

Purple light in...

Alessandro Pinto

Ellen Dreibelbis - Dressing for the Festival

Dressing for the Festival

Ellen Dreibelbis

Al Bourassa - Andes Mountains Panorama
Julia Springer - Cotacachi Morning

Cotacachi Morning

Julia Springer

Al Bourassa - The Cajas Range Of The...
Nelieta Mishchenko - Black clouds rising

Black clouds rising

Nelieta Mishchenko

Roger Burkart - 3 Inca Trail...

3 Inca Trail...

Roger Burkart

Roger Burkart - Machu Picchu Guardhouse
Al Bourassa - Cuenca Kids 321

Cuenca Kids 321

Al Bourassa

Al Bourassa - Cuenca Kids 325

Cuenca Kids 325

Al Bourassa

Greg Mason Burns - Flota de Coquimbo

Flota de Coquimbo

Greg Mason Burns

Gerry Mann - Lima Street Sweeper
Thomas D McManus - Old man in Plaza

Old man in Plaza

Thomas D McManus

Bruce Bain - Machu Picchu Sepia
Thomas D McManus - Golden Sunset on the...

Golden Sunset on the...

Thomas D McManus

Thomas D McManus - The University Of...

The University Of...

Thomas D McManus

Thomas D McManus - Unloading Mussels In...

Unloading Mussels In...

Thomas D McManus

Bruce Bain - Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley

Bruce Bain

Bruce Bain - Cusco II

Cusco II

Bruce Bain

Thomas D McManus -  Setting Sun In Lota

Setting Sun In Lota

Thomas D McManus

Thomas D McManus - Sunset in the Pacific on...
Bruce Bain - Work III

Work III

Bruce Bain

Tap  On Photo - Andes


Tap On Photo

Nelieta Mishchenko - The other side

The other side

Nelieta Mishchenko

Nelieta Mishchenko - Smokey Mountains

Smokey Mountains

Nelieta Mishchenko

Laurel Talabere - Hanging by a Talon

Hanging by a Talon

Laurel Talabere

James Brunker - Fruit Seller

Fruit Seller

James Brunker

Laurel Talabere - Osorno Volcano Ringed by...
Nelieta Mishchenko - El Chalten

El Chalten

Nelieta Mishchenko

Laurel Talabere - Carrying Bread in Quito

Carrying Bread in Quito

Laurel Talabere

Trude Janssen - Reminiscing in Bolivia
Tap  On Photo - Frozen - Torres Del...
Tap  On Photo - Bridge Crossing -...
Tap  On Photo - Uruguay Gaucho Shearing...
Tap  On Photo - Volcano Glacier - Chile...
Dany  Lison - Antelope Canyon 2
Dany  Lison - The Blue Shore

The Blue Shore

Dany Lison

Laurel Talabere - Wide-eyed Child

Wide-eyed Child

Laurel Talabere

Laurel Talabere - San Rafael Glacier

San Rafael Glacier

Laurel Talabere

James Brunker - Sajama Volcano and...

Sajama Volcano and...

James Brunker

James Brunker - Ponchos for sale

Ponchos for sale

James Brunker

James Brunker - Textile Textures

Textile Textures

James Brunker

James Brunker - Patagonian Blue

Patagonian Blue

James Brunker

James Brunker - Urban Cross 2

Urban Cross 2

James Brunker

James Brunker - Compania de Jesus Church...
James Brunker - Winay Wayna Inca Trail...
James Brunker - Horse in Quebrada de...
James Brunker - Lake Chiarkota and Mt...
Fernando  Lopez Alborta - Illimani


Fernando Lopez Alborta

Fernando Lopez - Devil

Devil's tooth

Fernando Lopez

Alessandro Pinto - Flor


Alessandro Pinto

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Waiting for the Ferry

Waiting for the Ferry

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Alessandro Pinto - On the Road

On the Road

Alessandro Pinto

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Laughing Brothers

Laughing Brothers

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

James Brunker - The Lost City of...

The Lost City of...

James Brunker

James Brunker - Rainbow over Machu Picchu
James Brunker - Tired old man

Tired old man

James Brunker

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Watching Over the Llamas

Watching Over the Llamas

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Flower in an Inca Wall

Flower in an Inca Wall

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Reed Reflection

Reed Reflection

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Crossing the Andes

Crossing the Andes

Nigel Fletcher-Jones