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Strange Dreams



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Udo Linke

Frankfurt Am Main


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This group was started on October 19th, 2013 and currently has:


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Strange Dreams

About This Group

Anything surreal, fantasy, horror, weird or bizarre goes here.
Only three exceptions: no gore, no stuff created with poser and no things which just aren't fitting at all.

Featured Images

 Joya - The Halloween Room
Wes Jimerson - Safehouse


Wes Jimerson

Udo Linke - Vamp


Udo Linke

Leif Sohlman - Foggy creek monocrome -...
Starlux  Productions - Blackfoots Big Rock

Blackfoots Big Rock

Starlux Productions

Mike Savad - Machinist - Lathe - The...
Harry B Brown - The Ghost L

The Ghost L

Harry B Brown

Persephone Artworks - Galaxy


Persephone Artworks

 Joya - Mom



Udo Linke - Demon Girl

Demon Girl

Udo Linke

Lisa Kimberly - Anonymous Club

Anonymous Club

Lisa Kimberly

Leif Sohlman - Into the mist  by Leif...
George Grie - Derailment or Train of...
Udo Linke - Vertical Morpheus
Udo Linke - Resting On Clouds
Lyric Lucas - Beckoning


Lyric Lucas

Bob Christopher - Into The Mystic 5

Into The Mystic 5

Bob Christopher

Vito Valenti - Koshkanong Motel 2

Koshkanong Motel 2

Vito Valenti

Mike Savad - Abstract - The wonders...
Jamie Grosz - Back In Time

Back In Time

Jamie Grosz

First Star Art  - Visitation


First Star Art

Bob Christopher - A Place Called Earth

A Place Called Earth

Bob Christopher

Akiko Kobayashi - Mushroom Girl

Mushroom Girl

Akiko Kobayashi

Nada Meeks - The Harpy

The Harpy

Nada Meeks

Jane Linders - There


Jane Linders

Udo Linke - Another World

Another World

Udo Linke