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The Artist Highway



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Steve Sperry

Tampa, FL

United States

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This group was started on October 18th, 2011 and currently has:

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The Artist Highway

About This Group


Our group is dedicated to the support and encouragement of open expression, artistic individualism, and growth through the exchange and examination of positive commonalities.
Feel free to display your work of any style and medium. Come play with us !

We are all artists whether creating or simply viewing.


Featured Images

Andrada Morosan - Jump


Andrada Morosan

Alex Garcia - Sea Monster 2

Sea Monster 2

Alex Garcia

Ambrosia Palette - Japan Sea

Japan Sea

Ambrosia Palette

Andreas Hohl - Forrest Gump Road

Forrest Gump Road

Andreas Hohl

Arlene Wells - The Gathering

The Gathering

Arlene Wells

AnnaJo Vahle - Stormy Summer

Stormy Summer

AnnaJo Vahle

Bernie Bishop - Summer Is Over

Summer Is Over

Bernie Bishop

Barbara D Richards - Hot


Barbara D Richards

Blake Yeager - Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

Blake Yeager

Brenda Owen - Autumn Woodland

Autumn Woodland

Brenda Owen

Barbelotta - Beine



Craig Morris - 25 Penhallow

25 Penhallow

Craig Morris

Carolyn Marshall - The Outhouse

The Outhouse

Carolyn Marshall

David Tabor - Mabry Mill

Mabry Mill

David Tabor

Elizabeth Weaver - Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding

Elizabeth Weaver

Frank Bolock - Hair


Frank Bolock

Frances Lewis - Deception part 2

Deception part 2

Frances Lewis

Fiona Young - On Deck

On Deck

Fiona Young

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Skynyrd-JohnnyCult-7902


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Gloria E Barreto-Rodriguez - Walking Home

Walking Home

Gloria E Barreto-Rodriguez

H and L Nieborg - A Fall Afternoon

A Fall Afternoon

H and L Nieborg

Helen Rojas - The Path

The Path

Helen Rojas

Holly Donohoe - Longevity


Holly Donohoe

Howard Markel - Forgotten


Howard Markel

ImagesAsArt Photos And Graphics - Snow Covered Herrick Lake 1981

Snow Covered Herrick Lake 1981

ImagesAsArt Photos And Graphics

Joan Whittinghill - Blue Cup

Blue Cup

Joan Whittinghill

Joseph Levine - Starry Night

Starry Night

Joseph Levine

Joseph Baril - Reflections Of Time

Reflections Of Time

Joseph Baril

Jeanne Forsythe - Flowers for Van Gogh

Flowers for Van Gogh

Jeanne Forsythe

John Henne - The Republican

The Republican

John Henne

Jean Hall - Prayer Tree

Prayer Tree

Jean Hall

Joe Jake Pratt - Reserved Seating

Reserved Seating

Joe Jake Pratt

Kathy Tarochione - Streets of Chicago

Streets of Chicago

Kathy Tarochione

Klaas Hartz - Paprika


Klaas Hartz

Karin Kelshall- Best - Caribbean Market Day

Caribbean Market Day

Karin Kelshall- Best

Kendra Longfellow - Natural Spring

Natural Spring

Kendra Longfellow

Kornel J Werner - 1935 Ford Deluxe

1935 Ford Deluxe

Kornel J Werner

Karol  Livote - The Baron BW

The Baron BW

Karol Livote

Lynn Rattray - Congressional Page

Congressional Page

Lynn Rattray

Marlon Huynh - BB King

BB King

Marlon Huynh

Missy  Brage  - Celestial Dandelion

Celestial Dandelion

Missy Brage

Marina McLain - Norwegian Street

Norwegian Street

Marina McLain

Melissa Stramel Hunt - Paw-Paw


Melissa Stramel Hunt

Monika A Leon - Home Road

Home Road

Monika A Leon

Nekoda  Singer - I am black but comely

I am black but comely

Nekoda Singer

Opal Belgartha - Loved Unloved

Loved Unloved

Opal Belgartha

Peggy Miller - Underwater Beauty

Underwater Beauty

Peggy Miller

Posey Clements - Ladies In Waiting

Ladies In Waiting

Posey Clements

Patricia Beebe - Ricepaper Flowers

Ricepaper Flowers

Patricia Beebe

Patricio Lazen - Proto Low Riders

Proto Low Riders

Patricio Lazen

Roxanne Tobaison - Who

Who's Peek'n - Flamingos

Roxanne Tobaison

Robert Riordan - Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Belt

Robert Riordan

Ronald Schafer - Ivy on the fence 33bw2

Ivy on the fence 33bw2

Ronald Schafer

Riley Geddings - Nice Catch

Nice Catch

Riley Geddings

Ruth Clotworthy - Master And The Dog

Master And The Dog

Ruth Clotworthy

Ronald Schafer and Christine Galas - The Three Evils by Christine A. Galas 394

The Three Evils by Christine A. Galas 394

Ronald Schafer and Christine Galas

Scott Spillman - Experienced


Scott Spillman

Shylaja N - Butterflies


Shylaja N

Steve Sperry - Wish


Steve Sperry

Stuart B Yaeger - Aruba Sunset

Aruba Sunset

Stuart B Yaeger

S Lee P - Centro Ybor

Centro Ybor

S Lee P

Steven Sparks - Villefranche-sur-Mer


Steven Sparks

Shylaja Nanjundiah - Moored Boats

Moored Boats

Shylaja Nanjundiah

Susan Hanlon - The Bicycle

The Bicycle

Susan Hanlon

Stanza Widen - Bed With a View

Bed With a View

Stanza Widen

Timothy Bischoff - Ted Nugent-09

Ted Nugent-09

Timothy Bischoff

Timothy Lowry - St. Petersburg Pier

St. Petersburg Pier

Timothy Lowry

Teressa Nichole - Feather Gold

Feather Gold

Teressa Nichole

Tara Miller - Arkitektur


Tara Miller

Vickie Scarlett-Fisher - Her eye...her soul

Her eye...her soul

Vickie Scarlett-Fisher

Virginia Butler - Wood Ducks

Wood Ducks

Virginia Butler

Warren Clark - Mirrorknot


Warren Clark

Yael Eylat-Tanaka - Serenata


Yael Eylat-Tanaka