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The Artistic Photographer



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Jordan Blackstone

Surrey, BC


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This group was started on November 18th, 2013 and currently has:

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The Artistic Photographer

About This Group

Welcome to the Artistic Photographer

This group celebrates the Photographic Artist – those who put considerable thought and time into creating their finished images. It is more than just a picture; it captures emotion, or evokes emotion or offers something of aesthetic value. It reveals something beautiful to the viewer. Through their images, Photographic artists share their unique vision. They take the ordinary and turn it into some extraordinary or unexpected.

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.” - Ansel Adams

To Our Visitors:

The Featured Images below are only a small portion of the amazing images from the Artistic Photographer ... click on the 'Images' tab above to view more ..... Enjoy Your Visit!

Some photographic artists design and seek out their vision in the world around us. Their creations are primarily captured in-camera. Others use software programs to enhance or change the original image to create their final artwork. When choosing pieces to submit ask yourself (or trusted colleagues) “Does this piece belong on an art gallery wall?”

'There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.' - Ansel Adams

1 submission per day (24 hr)

July Group Logo is courtesy of Lois Bryan

Please take a moment to view her extensive gallery -

Featured Images

Richard Ray - Spring


Richard Ray

Sue Cullumber - A Peaceful Place

A Peaceful Place

Sue Cullumber

Bob Christopher - Stairs In Santorini

Stairs In Santorini

Bob Christopher

Radek Hofman - Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Radek Hofman

Desmond Lake - Gone Away

Gone Away

Desmond Lake

DeWayne Beard - Delicate Textures

Delicate Textures

DeWayne Beard

Sandra Cockayne - The River Meanders

The River Meanders

Sandra Cockayne

Jean Hall - Autumn Carpet

Autumn Carpet

Jean Hall

Debra Baldwin - A rooster and a hen

A rooster and a hen

Debra Baldwin

Andrea Kollo - The Rose

The Rose

Andrea Kollo

Priscilla Burgers - Wyoming Country School

Wyoming Country School

Priscilla Burgers

Iryna Burkova - Smart Breakfast

Smart Breakfast

Iryna Burkova

Mike  Dawson - South Shore Waves

South Shore Waves

Mike Dawson

Dave Bosse - Golden Evening

Golden Evening

Dave Bosse

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Good Times

Good Times

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jamie Anderson - Blue-ti-ful Morning

Blue-ti-ful Morning

Jamie Anderson

Ian Mitchell - Christ Be Our Light

Christ Be Our Light

Ian Mitchell

Joe Schofield - Dragonacious


Joe Schofield

Steve Lipson - South Beach 4127

South Beach 4127

Steve Lipson

Jone Vasaitis - MODERN DRAMA scene I


Jone Vasaitis

Brian Tarr - Pink Mist

Pink Mist

Brian Tarr

Barbara Chichester - Vive La Difference

Vive La Difference

Barbara Chichester

Anita Hubbard - Summer Vibrant

Summer Vibrant

Anita Hubbard

Ann Lauwers - Lily


Ann Lauwers

Jessica Jenney - Bow Bridge Crossing

Bow Bridge Crossing

Jessica Jenney

Marcin Rogozinski - Palm Leaf 2

Palm Leaf 2

Marcin Rogozinski

Aaron J Groen - Thunderbird


Aaron J Groen

Ian Mitchell - Llynnau Mymbyr

Llynnau Mymbyr

Ian Mitchell

Diane Hawkins - The Bear

The Bear

Diane Hawkins

Bill  Wakeley - Tumblin Down

Tumblin Down

Bill Wakeley

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Sand Shadows

Sand Shadows

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jai Johnson - One With The Sun

One With The Sun

Jai Johnson

Mike  Dawson - Sand and Sea

Sand and Sea

Mike Dawson

Keith Kapple - Lake Isabel

Lake Isabel

Keith Kapple

Eduard Moldoveanu - Just shy textured

Just shy textured

Eduard Moldoveanu

Bernardo Cesare - Agat 41

Agat 41

Bernardo Cesare

Glenn Grossman - Yoshino Bouquet

Yoshino Bouquet

Glenn Grossman

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Jekyll Harbor

Jekyll Harbor

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Karen Wiles - How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art

Karen Wiles

Bill Wakeley - Summer Sun Square

Summer Sun Square

Bill Wakeley

AGeekonaBike Photography -  Are We Ready

Are We Ready

AGeekonaBike Photography

Aaron J Groen - Wakinyan


Aaron J Groen

Milan Gonda - hydra

hydra 'XLIV

Milan Gonda

Kim Hojnacki - Play Misty For Me

Play Misty For Me

Kim Hojnacki

Henk Meijer Photography - Padre Bay from Cookie Jar Butte

Padre Bay from Cookie Jar Butte

Henk Meijer Photography

Beth Ferris Sale - Clouds In My Coffee

Clouds In My Coffee

Beth Ferris Sale

Jai Johnson - The Smallest Rider

The Smallest Rider

Jai Johnson

Hal Halli - Pink Bells

Pink Bells

Hal Halli

Douglas MooreZart - Summer Afternoon

Summer Afternoon

Douglas MooreZart

Jerri Moon Cantone - Dandelion Art One

Dandelion Art One

Jerri Moon Cantone

Robert Murray - Beautiful Iris

Beautiful Iris

Robert Murray

Pam  Holdsworth - Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan's

Pam Holdsworth

Diane Hawkins - Textured daylilies

Textured daylilies

Diane Hawkins

Kathleen Bishop - Notom Morning

Notom Morning

Kathleen Bishop

Brian Menasco - Another day breaks

Another day breaks

Brian Menasco

Tracy F - Orange Crush

Orange Crush

Tracy F

Betsy Zimmerli - Symmetry


Betsy Zimmerli

Kim Hojnacki - Garden Bliss

Garden Bliss

Kim Hojnacki

Peteris Vaivars - Gentle


Peteris Vaivars

Maggie Terlecki - Threesome


Maggie Terlecki

James Watters III - The Rose

The Rose

James Watters III

Mike  Dawson - Mt. Hood Morning

Mt. Hood Morning

Mike Dawson

Saija  Lehtonen - Light Up the Night

Light Up the Night

Saija Lehtonen

Stanza Widen - Frosty Cottonwoods

Frosty Cottonwoods

Stanza Widen

Mike Griffiths - Evening Glow

Evening Glow

Mike Griffiths

Eleanor Abramson - Approaching His Perch

Approaching His Perch

Eleanor Abramson

Douglas MooreZart - Reticent Sunflower

Reticent Sunflower

Douglas MooreZart

Kris Hiemstra - Two Hearts

Two Hearts

Kris Hiemstra

Dave Bosse - Mini Water Fall

Mini Water Fall

Dave Bosse

Debbie Oppermann - Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Debbie Oppermann

Mike  Dawson - Burning Dawn

Burning Dawn

Mike Dawson

Susan Warren - Like a Dream

Like a Dream

Susan Warren

Jessica Jenney - Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

Jessica Jenney

Amanda Sinco - Again


Amanda Sinco

DayDream Images by Nancy Tsuzaki   - Hidden Half Dome

Hidden Half Dome

DayDream Images by Nancy Tsuzaki

Dustin  LeFevre - Christmas Meadow

Christmas Meadow

Dustin LeFevre

Kim Hojnacki - The Watcher

The Watcher

Kim Hojnacki

Dmytro Korol - Sunset in Tubingen

Sunset in Tubingen

Dmytro Korol

Bill Wakeley - Sunset Zen

Sunset Zen

Bill Wakeley

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Light at Dawn

Light at Dawn

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Claude LeTien - Carrots and Mangos

Carrots and Mangos

Claude LeTien

Robin-lee Vieira - Roses on Hope Street

Roses on Hope Street

Robin-lee Vieira

Eleanor Abramson - Into the Fire

Into the Fire

Eleanor Abramson

Steve Purnell - Bargoed Miner

Bargoed Miner

Steve Purnell

Melissa Bittinger - Sunflower Slumber

Sunflower Slumber

Melissa Bittinger

David Stone - Sand Waves

Sand Waves

David Stone

Ian Mitchell - Llynnau Mymbyr

Llynnau Mymbyr

Ian Mitchell

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauties

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jessica Jenney - Sepia Rose

Sepia Rose

Jessica Jenney

Ian Mitchell - Always With You

Always With You

Ian Mitchell

Tuija Karhinen - Windy pink flowers

Windy pink flowers

Tuija Karhinen

Adrian Evans - Gwynant Lake Sunset

Gwynant Lake Sunset

Adrian Evans

Diane Schuster - Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine

Diane Schuster

John Fotheringham - Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands

John Fotheringham

Kim Hojnacki - Two Of Us

Two Of Us

Kim Hojnacki

Liang Li - Bridge step

Bridge step

Liang Li

Inge Johnsson - Bisti Twilight

Bisti Twilight

Inge Johnsson

Mike  Dawson - Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

Mike Dawson

Randy Hall - After Sunset

After Sunset

Randy Hall

Lynda Lehmann - Ocean Gems 11

Ocean Gems 11

Lynda Lehmann

Jordan Blackstone - Tomorrow - Eagle Art

Tomorrow - Eagle Art

Jordan Blackstone

Colleen Kammerer - Moody Blue

Moody Blue

Colleen Kammerer

Sabrina Wheeler - Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand

Sabrina Wheeler

Karen Wiles -  Mini Pearl

Mini Pearl

Karen Wiles

Keith Kapple - White Pocket

White Pocket

Keith Kapple

Evie Carrier - Cotton Candy Beach

Cotton Candy Beach

Evie Carrier

Joan Carroll - Megaboots 2015

Megaboots 2015

Joan Carroll

Flat Owl Photo - Millcreek Serenity

Millcreek Serenity

Flat Owl Photo

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Summer Dreaming

Summer Dreaming

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Walt Foegelle - Amaryllis Times Three

Amaryllis Times Three

Walt Foegelle

A R Williams - Vintage Zeiss Ikon

Vintage Zeiss Ikon

A R Williams

Torbjorn Swenelius - Backlighting


Torbjorn Swenelius

Amanda Sinco - Life so Precious

Life so Precious

Amanda Sinco

Chris Armytage - Old Growth

Old Growth

Chris Armytage

Jai Johnson - Bluebird Mealtime

Bluebird Mealtime

Jai Johnson

Walt Foegelle - Beach Closed

Beach Closed

Walt Foegelle

Tuija Karhinen - Ballerinas


Tuija Karhinen

Pam  Holdsworth - Let

Let's Play a Game

Pam Holdsworth

Sandra Cockayne - Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls

Sandra Cockayne

Jordan Blackstone - Boat of Floats Ikebana

Boat of Floats Ikebana

Jordan Blackstone

Rajiv Chopra - The Waters Flow

The Waters Flow

Rajiv Chopra

Jackie Schuknecht - From the Forest Floor

From the Forest Floor

Jackie Schuknecht

Rodney Campbell - Cornflower


Rodney Campbell

Randi Grace Nilsberg - Starry Night

Starry Night

Randi Grace Nilsberg

Bill Wakeley - Summer Sun

Summer Sun

Bill Wakeley

Robin-lee Vieira - Fifty Six Chevy

Fifty Six Chevy

Robin-lee Vieira

Darleen Stry - Daisy Reflections

Daisy Reflections

Darleen Stry

Jai Johnson - Morning Grizzly

Morning Grizzly

Jai Johnson

John Langdon - Work of Art

Work of Art

John Langdon

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Abu Simbel Great Temple

Abu Simbel Great Temple

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Barbara Snyder - West Coast Seascape

West Coast Seascape

Barbara Snyder

Milan Gonda - monemvasia

monemvasia 'I

Milan Gonda

John Bennett - Altostratus 2

Altostratus 2

John Bennett

Saija  Lehtonen - Argentine Giant

Argentine Giant

Saija Lehtonen

Jordan Blackstone - Faith - Flower Art

Faith - Flower Art

Jordan Blackstone

Ally  White - Spoon Tree

Spoon Tree

Ally White

John  Glass - Chocolate  Sunset

Chocolate Sunset

John Glass

Donald Spencer - Falls Park

Falls Park

Donald Spencer

Jai Johnson - Rain Diamonds

Rain Diamonds

Jai Johnson

Jeff  Swan - Painted Desert

Painted Desert

Jeff Swan

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Dancing Sea Nettles

Dancing Sea Nettles

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Karen Wiles - Letting Go

Letting Go

Karen Wiles

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Barn in the Valley

Barn in the Valley

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Debra Baldwin - Gold and Red Iris

Gold and Red Iris

Debra Baldwin

Douglas MooreZart - Cosmos Twilight

Cosmos Twilight

Douglas MooreZart

Douglas MooreZart - Yellow Sombrero Coneflower

Yellow Sombrero Coneflower

Douglas MooreZart

Adrian Evans - Mansion Bedroom

Mansion Bedroom

Adrian Evans

Jayne Carney - Spring Wagon

Spring Wagon

Jayne Carney

Patti Deters - Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris

Patti Deters

Ian Mitchell - Penmon Lighthouse

Penmon Lighthouse

Ian Mitchell

Brian Stevens - Rise Of Flight 2

Rise Of Flight 2

Brian Stevens

Debra Fedchin - Doorknob


Debra Fedchin

Kim Hojnacki - Softly Cosmos

Softly Cosmos

Kim Hojnacki

Jenny Rainbow - Winter Heart

Winter Heart

Jenny Rainbow

Debbie Oppermann - Stunning Iris Bud

Stunning Iris Bud

Debbie Oppermann

Doug Norkum - Majesty


Doug Norkum

Paul Rebmann - Argent Mirror #2

Argent Mirror #2

Paul Rebmann

Kim Hojnacki - Spring

Spring's Bounty

Kim Hojnacki

Michelle Meenawong - Yellow Sunshine

Yellow Sunshine

Michelle Meenawong

Ryan Smith - October Static

October Static

Ryan Smith

Erin Redding - No. 21

No. 21

Erin Redding

Carol Eade - Coral Cove Beach

Coral Cove Beach

Carol Eade

Karen Slagle - Texas Light Show

Texas Light Show

Karen Slagle

Liang Li - Pond


Liang Li

Ryan Smith - Peaceful Roar

Peaceful Roar

Ryan Smith

Reckless Capture - Soft Sundown

Soft Sundown

Reckless Capture

Evie Carrier - Summer Rain

Summer Rain

Evie Carrier

Jerri Moon Cantone - Old Fashioned Iris

Old Fashioned Iris

Jerri Moon Cantone

Keith Kapple - Stud Horse Point

Stud Horse Point

Keith Kapple

Aaron J Groen - Highway 18

Highway 18

Aaron J Groen

Morgan Wright - Small Wonders

Small Wonders

Morgan Wright

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Restful Dunes

Restful Dunes

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Guido Montanes Castillo - Talking to the Moon

Talking to the Moon

Guido Montanes Castillo

Adrian Campfield - Rising Through The Center

Rising Through The Center

Adrian Campfield

Mike Goodwin - Georgian Bay Sunset

Georgian Bay Sunset

Mike Goodwin

Rachel Cohen - Light Years mono

Light Years mono

Rachel Cohen

Melissa Bittinger - Rainbow Petals

Rainbow Petals

Melissa Bittinger

David Melville - The Rock

The Rock

David Melville

Milan Gonda - krakow

krakow 'XLIX

Milan Gonda

Chrisann Ellis - Lock it Up

Lock it Up

Chrisann Ellis

Eddie Yerkish - Sunset Cliffs II

Sunset Cliffs II

Eddie Yerkish

Adrian Campfield - Dawn Over Ullswater

Dawn Over Ullswater

Adrian Campfield

Wes and Dotty Weber - Just Under The Surface D0483

Just Under The Surface D0483

Wes and Dotty Weber

Brian Tarr - The Early Bird

The Early Bird

Brian Tarr

Liang Li - Water fall

Water fall

Liang Li

Tony Priestley - Toulouse Bridge 3

Toulouse Bridge 3

Tony Priestley

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Island Song

Island Song

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Steve Luther - Awakening


Steve Luther

Melissa Bittinger - Cemetery Chapel

Cemetery Chapel

Melissa Bittinger

Evie Carrier - Mango Slice

Mango Slice

Evie Carrier

Mike Dawson - Punk Quail

Punk Quail

Mike Dawson

Joan Carroll - Wormsloe Plantation

Wormsloe Plantation

Joan Carroll

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 1

Easter Island 1

Bob Christopher

Chris Scroggins - When I am King

When I am King

Chris Scroggins

Aileen Mozug - Turn this way

Turn this way

Aileen Mozug