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The Beauty Of Simple Fractals



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The Beauty Of Simple Fractals

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.:| The Beauty Of Simple Fractals |:.
In very simple terms, fractals are geometrical figures that are generated by starting with a very simple pattern that grows through the application of rules. In many cases, the rules to make the figure grow from one stage to the next involve taking the original figure and modifying it or adding to it. This process can be repeated recursively (the same way over and over again) an infinite number of times.

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.:| Featured |:.
In the future the selected featured will roll out gradually, so everyone will get the opportunity, message me if I miss yours.

There is currently 5 images you may submit per day since the group is just starting out.
But if the group grows, I will put a limit.

Please :

Featured Images

Mark Eggleston - Mask


Mark Eggleston

Mike Savad - Fractal - Insect - Black...
Susan Savad - Fractal - Sea Creature
Linda Phelps - Golden Crescent Wreath
Ross Hilbert - Cellular Network

Cellular Network

Ross Hilbert

Mark Eggleston - Lace and Lanterns

Lace and Lanterns

Mark Eggleston

Rod Jones - Phantasm


Rod Jones

Christy Leigh - Jewel of Life

Jewel of Life

Christy Leigh

Josette Dery - The Wonders of Floating
Mariola Bitner - Hypnosis


Mariola Bitner

Jay Lethbridge - Melon Juice

Melon Juice

Jay Lethbridge

Judi Bagwell - Flying into the Sun

Flying into the Sun

Judi Bagwell

George Goulas - Next Stop

Next Stop

George Goulas

Aymen Tabib - Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

Aymen Tabib

Yvette Pichette - Budding Flower

Budding Flower

Yvette Pichette

Dana Haynes - Strut


Dana Haynes

Mario Carini - Shrek

Shrek's Donkey

Mario Carini

Barbara Drake - Moroccan Inspirations

Moroccan Inspirations

Barbara Drake

Nandhini Mohan - Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

Nandhini Mohan

Shari Nees - Paper Wings

Paper Wings

Shari Nees

Gun Legler - Golden heart

Golden heart

Gun Legler

Vidka Art - The Lost World

The Lost World

Vidka Art

Vidka Art - Recharge - The Beauty Of...
TanyDi Tany Dimitrova - Fantasy in Red

Fantasy in Red

TanyDi Tany Dimitrova

Lynda K Cole-Smith - IFS - Abstract - 05

IFS - Abstract - 05

Lynda K Cole-Smith

Tammy Bullard - Autumn Digital Art

Autumn Digital Art

Tammy Bullard

Linda McCarthy - Seasonal Shift

Seasonal Shift

Linda McCarthy

Nataliya Kiryukhina - Fragile water-2

Fragile water-2

Nataliya Kiryukhina

Judith Connolly - Rosalicious


Judith Connolly

Janeen Wassink Searles - Fractal Masquerade

Fractal Masquerade

Janeen Wassink Searles

Nataliya Kiryukhina - Water Temple

Water Temple

Nataliya Kiryukhina

Thomas  MacPherson Jr - Fractal Cross

Fractal Cross

Thomas MacPherson Jr

TanyDi Tany Dimitrova - Fantasy in Red 2

Fantasy in Red 2

TanyDi Tany Dimitrova

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Wildfire


Linda Lane - Bloise

Vidka Art - Freak Eyes

Freak Eyes

Vidka Art

Vidka Art - Green StarOne

Green StarOne

Vidka Art

Fabio Soares - Luminance


Fabio Soares

Thomas  MacPherson Jr - Topia


Thomas MacPherson Jr

Cathy Blake - Math Art

Math Art

Cathy Blake

Vidka Art - Caribbean Wave - The...