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The marriage of Art and Photography



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Jeff Monk

Ridgeland, Ms

United States

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This group was started on April 27th, 2014 and currently has:

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The marriage of Art and Photography

About This Group

I have decided to change the rules up a little in my group. This group will be to showcase the talents of Artist & Photographer. Post Art & Photography Only! No sexual content will be allowed! Art that shows NON DETAILED Human anatomy is allowed. If I find that it could be offensive to a younger audience' it will be removed, and you will be removed from the group permanently! Same rules apply to Photographers! I will allow one image per member per day into the group. Enjoy the group, and enjoy each others talents. If you can help a fellow artist/ or Photography by tips' I welcome that to the group. No down talking a fellow artist's work/ or a photographers. Last but not least' Absolutely NO foul or abusive language will be allowed out of respect for my younger viewers, and my wife' as well as myself, and others who do not want to hear it. Thank you for understanding, and enjoy the group.

' Sincerely
Jeff Monk with Jeff Monk/photography
And my wife Wanda Monk
with Art by Wanda Monk


Featured Images

Wanda Monk - Captivity


Wanda Monk

Wanda Monk - Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Wanda Monk

Wanda Monk - The Blues

The Blues

Wanda Monk

Jeff Monk - On The Fly

On The Fly

Jeff Monk

Jeff Monk - Pretty Boy Blue

Pretty Boy Blue

Jeff Monk

Wanda Monk - Purity


Wanda Monk

Jeff Monk - To Kiss a Rose

To Kiss a Rose

Jeff Monk