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The Road To Self Promotion - 1 PER DAY



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Kim Hojnacki

Fort Myers, FL

United States

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This group was started on October 15th, 2013 and currently has:


1,389 Members


12,063 Images


191 Discussions

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The Road To Self Promotion - 1 PER DAY

About This Group


We are a group of artists that enjoy promoting one another. Active participation is essential to the benefit of all. We are a community that supports each other. While our intention is to show our support of others through voting/liking, comments, favoring and promoting – we make no claims that this will increase your standings within FAA.

We are a group that is dedicated to promoting our own work, as well as the work of others.
In addition to posting works of art, we invite you to take part in our very active discussion threads where you’ll find lots of helpful information, as well as a group of people who care about, and for each other.


Please use the URL for your image postings, rather than the copy and paste code. Posting the photo itself, rather than a link will make it difficult for people who don't have high speed internet, as well it might cause people to skip over your post without promoting.

ABSOLUTELY NO images of nudity, death, cruelty or violence of any kind on the main board, where you have no ability to post a warning.

If you are posting nudes, or other questionable images in the discussion threads, please post a warning notice with your link. There are children here, as well as adults who choose not to look at that type of image.

Please do not post links from your account or any other FAA mirror site. It tends to create problems for some people and most will skip those links.

Finally, JUST HAVE FUN!! This is an incredible group of people who will make you feel welcome from your first post!!



Congratulations to Bill Gallagher:
Photography Prints

Featured Images

Jemmy Archer - First Touch of Fall

First Touch of Fall

Jemmy Archer

Dawn Currie - Lamentations 3 22-23
Lew Davis - Waiting For a Butterfly
D Hackett - Blue Clouds At Sunrise
Stuart Litoff - Patricia Lake #2

Patricia Lake #2

Stuart Litoff

Kim Hojnacki - Wings - Florida Brown...
Luther Fine Art - Bayview Bridge  At...

Bayview Bridge At...

Luther Fine Art

Elizabeth McTaggart - One Million / Purple

One Million / Purple

Elizabeth McTaggart

Denise Dube - Between Two Worlds By...
Bill Gallagher - Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

Bill Gallagher

Dawn Currie - Psalm 130 5

Psalm 130 5

Dawn Currie

Terry Fleckney - The Birds

The Birds

Terry Fleckney

HH Photography - Sunset - Three For Dinner
Darrell Hutto - Skypoint Condos

Skypoint Condos

Darrell Hutto

Elizabeth McTaggart - A Moment In The Woods

A Moment In The Woods

Elizabeth McTaggart

Joan Carroll - Castillo de San Marcos...
Kandy Hurley - Nature

Nature's Lace

Kandy Hurley

Kim Hojnacki - Blanket Flower

Blanket Flower

Kim Hojnacki

Darrell Hutto - The Great Egret

The Great Egret

Darrell Hutto

Terri  Waters - Lycetts Saddle

Lycetts Saddle

Terri Waters

Lynne Sutherland - Red Deer Stag

Red Deer Stag

Lynne Sutherland

Dawn Currie - Colossians 2 6-7

Colossians 2 6-7

Dawn Currie

Donna Walsh - Willoughby Gap from...
Terry Fleckney - Temptation


Terry Fleckney

Roeselien Raimond - Soft Fox

Soft Fox

Roeselien Raimond

HH Photography - Twin Dolphin Marina

Twin Dolphin Marina

HH Photography

Shana Rowe - Candy Corn Cascade
Bill Gallagher - The Wild West

The Wild West

Bill Gallagher

Darrell Hutto - Roseate Spoonbill

Roseate Spoonbill

Darrell Hutto

Joan Carroll - Ponce de Leon Hall

Ponce de Leon Hall

Joan Carroll

Jemmy Archer - Monarch on Coneflower
Regina Geoghan - Central Park Carriage in...
Ella Kaye - Free As The Wind - Horse...
Stuart Litoff - Athabasca Falls #6

Athabasca Falls #6

Stuart Litoff

Rudy Umans - Stormy seascape

Stormy seascape

Rudy Umans

Ellen Levinson - Chicken - Colorful...

Chicken - Colorful...

Ellen Levinson

Darrell Hutto - Gorilla Blackback

Gorilla Blackback

Darrell Hutto

Donna Walsh - Back Yard of Parker Pie...
Steven Ralser - Apples


Steven Ralser

Angie Vogel - A Jewel in Paradise
Elizabeth McTaggart - Elemental Angel 2

Elemental Angel 2

Elizabeth McTaggart

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography - Fall Abstract

Fall Abstract

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography

Elizabeth McTaggart - Inner Dialog

Inner Dialog

Elizabeth McTaggart

Dawn Currie - Revelation 21 4

Revelation 21 4

Dawn Currie

Kim Hojnacki - The Little Family

The Little Family

Kim Hojnacki

J L Kempster - Pink Portulaca

Pink Portulaca

J L Kempster

HH Photography - Sunset - Night Blues

Sunset - Night Blues

HH Photography

Karen Wiles - Carolina Dreams

Carolina Dreams

Karen Wiles

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography - Fall Reflections

Fall Reflections

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography

Marcia Lee Jones - Barn No 7

Barn No 7

Marcia Lee Jones

Anne Rodkin - Pine Glades Lake At...
Terri  Waters - 1951 Buick Hot Rod Style
Luther   Fine Art - Absract - Birds-Eye View...
Dawn Currie - Romans 15 13

Romans 15 13

Dawn Currie

Karen Wiles - Caribbean Living

Caribbean Living

Karen Wiles

Gene Sherrill - Indiana Sand Dunes State...
James Turnbull - Sunset Over The Ocean in...
Bill Gallagher - Sunrise on the Petaluma...
Terry Fleckney - Innocence Remembered

Innocence Remembered

Terry Fleckney

Jemmy Archer - Ready Set Go

Ready Set Go

Jemmy Archer

Lynne Sutherland - Duart Castle

Duart Castle

Lynne Sutherland

Donna Walsh - Parker Pie in West...
Ella Kaye - Button Flower

Button Flower

Ella Kaye

Mim White - Sun and Mist at Corolla
Stuart Litoff - Pyramid Mountain

Pyramid Mountain

Stuart Litoff

Dawn Currie - Psalms 38 15

Psalms 38 15

Dawn Currie

Rudy Umans - Cypres Swamp-1

Cypres Swamp-1

Rudy Umans

Darrell Hutto - Zebra


Darrell Hutto

Jemmy Archer - Takeoff


Jemmy Archer

Allan Van Gasbeck - Bare Trees

Bare Trees

Allan Van Gasbeck

Dawn Gari - Old Stone House

Old Stone House

Dawn Gari

HH Photography - Anna Maria City Pier

Anna Maria City Pier

HH Photography

Joan Carroll - St Augustine Lighthouse
Elizabeth McTaggart - Autumn Watching Through...

Autumn Watching Through...

Elizabeth McTaggart

Kandy Hurley - Hanger On

Hanger On

Kandy Hurley

Lynne Sutherland - Iona Abbey

Iona Abbey

Lynne Sutherland

Regina Geoghan - Sunflower Unfolding

Sunflower Unfolding

Regina Geoghan

Luther  Fine Art - Church - Tower Bell -...

Church - Tower Bell -...

Luther Fine Art

Dawn Currie - Psalms 5 3

Psalms 5 3

Dawn Currie

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography - Girl In The Red Hat

Girl In The Red Hat

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography

Cathie Richardson - Sunrise Tulips

Sunrise Tulips

Cathie Richardson

Terri  Waters - Volunteer Fowler General...