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The Yorkshire Terrier



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Catia Cho

East Brunswick, NJ

United States

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This group was started on April 16th, 2012 and currently has:

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The Yorkshire Terrier

About This Group

All Yorkshire Terriers and Yorkie mixes are welcome !
Yorkshire Terriers are big dogs in little bodies with the terrier personality.
Outgoing, independent, fearless and at times stubborn,
may not be for someone who is looking for a mild mannered dog.

Trademark Traits:

Long, “high-maintenance” coat
Small and cute
Pretty and dainty
Feisty and vigorous
weight: 3 - 7 pounds
height: 7 - 9 inches

All Yorkshire Terriers are welcome !

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Catia Cho - Saint Cupcakes

Saint Cupcakes

Catia Cho

Barbara Keith - YorkiePoo


Barbara Keith

Susan A Becker - Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Susan A Becker

Elizabeth  Ellis - Libby


Elizabeth Ellis

Sarah Batalka - Little Dog

Little Dog

Sarah Batalka

Catia Cho - Laundry Day

Laundry Day

Catia Cho

Catia Cho - At the window

At the window

Catia Cho

Catia Cho - Violet


Catia Cho

Gail Bridger - My Beauty II

My Beauty II

Gail Bridger

Barbara Keith - Yorkie Father and Son

Yorkie Father and Son

Barbara Keith

Kate Sumners - Yorkie in Color

Yorkie in Color

Kate Sumners

Gail Bridger - My Beauty

My Beauty

Gail Bridger

Barbara Keith - Yorkshire Puppies

Yorkshire Puppies

Barbara Keith

Sharon Nummer - Portrait Of A Yorkie

Portrait Of A Yorkie

Sharon Nummer

Catia Cho - Coco and Lola

Coco and Lola

Catia Cho

Catia Cho - Perfect Match

Perfect Match

Catia Cho

Barbara Marcus - Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Barbara Marcus

Catia Cho - Messy Yorkie

Messy Yorkie

Catia Cho

Catia Cho - Pamela Rose

Pamela Rose

Catia Cho

Catia Cho - Just like Mommy

Just like Mommy

Catia Cho

Beth Vincent - Jolie II

Jolie II

Beth Vincent

Catia Cho - Feeling Love

Feeling Love

Catia Cho

Catia Cho - The War Hero

The War Hero

Catia Cho

Catia Cho - Sleeping Babies

Sleeping Babies

Catia Cho

Catia Cho - Fairytale


Catia Cho

Gail Bridger - Baby Girl

Baby Girl

Gail Bridger

Wendy Ohlman - SGI Yorkies

SGI Yorkies

Wendy Ohlman

Colleen Lambert - Jenny


Colleen Lambert

Catia Cho - Yorkie Graduate

Yorkie Graduate

Catia Cho

Cheryl Davis - Diva Puppy

Diva Puppy

Cheryl Davis

Gail Bridger - Yorkie Princess

Yorkie Princess

Gail Bridger

Catia Cho - Best in show

Best in show

Catia Cho

Catia Cho - White Yorkie

White Yorkie

Catia Cho

Cheryl Davis - Football Fan

Football Fan

Cheryl Davis

Brian Wright - Airborn


Brian Wright

Catia Cho - Beautiful


Catia Cho