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United Christian Artists Revolving Exhibitions



Group Administrator

Anne Cameron Cutri

Waterford, PA

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on June 3rd, 2013 and currently has:

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United Christian Artists Revolving Exhibitions

About This Group

This is a group for Christian and Prophetic Artists to share their works that they would be willing to ship to exhibits. What I envision is creating a \'bank\' of artists that pastors can choose from who can curate their own exhibits for teaching purposes, or simply want to have visual art hanging in their building to inspire.Images should be original expressing faith,praise devotion and other Christian or Prophetic expressions. I don't want photographs of nature with scripture typed in in photoshop. If the scripture is handwritten I'll take it because it is from your hand .I'm also not looking for photographs of Master's works including sculptures or statues. If you incorporate the image into a digital work that is changed or used as part of a composite that's fine. Or if you take a photo at a unique angle and lighting, then you've shown us something new. I'm also not looking for the same image slightly different because you've changed the color in photoshop. Like the same candle in all the colors of the rainbow--one is sufficient.

What I would need from you are email addresses from congregations in your area that may be interested. Then we can approach them. I'm still in the thinking process on this so any input would be appreciated. This is a participatory group. Please think about possibilities of exhibitions in your area and let me know.



WE are set apart by being non-elitist

We are unified by the desire to glorify God and be master apprentices to the master creator. Our intent is to set aside ourselves to be an instrument of the Lord. We strive for quality through faith, obedience, practice, prayer, worship and devotion to the Holy scriptures. We seek to strengthen our relationship with Christ and dive more deeply into Him. In relationship to Him we hope to express through our artistic medium the sacred; that has the power to heal, transform and inspire the viewer. May we be a “beacon of light in dark places” in any way we can. Whether the beacon shines in the dark places of our selves and our own lives or in the lives of others. This includes encouraging fellow artists to constantly excel in their craft, so that we become master crafts people. We press toward the mark of the High Calling in Christ Jesus, humbly submitting to Yaweh. For we set our mind on divine things not human things and thus bring heaven to earth.

Please join the facebook page:

I'm also going to add the CIVA network photo page in the event that we do actually attract pastors, we'll have the resource.

PASTORS , Lay Ministers, Curators, If you would like me to curate and gather art for a certain theme, let me know! First member on the list: Anne Cameron Cutri. Also You can visit each artist's personal page to see the complete body of their work, I'm sure there will be just a sampling here.

Featured Images

Bachmors Artist - Crucifixion Sketch

Crucifixion Sketch

Bachmors Artist

Dinah Rau - Heavenly Hosts

Heavenly Hosts

Dinah Rau

Todd L Thomas - The Coming King

The Coming King

Todd L Thomas

Danny Hahlbohm - At the Helm

At the Helm

Danny Hahlbohm

Danny Hahlbohm - Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

Danny Hahlbohm

Joshua Zaring - Ethereal Light

Ethereal Light

Joshua Zaring

Nicky Devnenski - Habacuc 1.2 spiritual

Habacuc 1.2 spiritual

Nicky Devnenski

Mark Jennings - Witness Of Creation

Witness Of Creation

Mark Jennings

Ganesh Kelagina Beedu Shenoy - Lord Jesus

Lord Jesus

Ganesh Kelagina Beedu Shenoy

Todd L Thomas - Heaven


Todd L Thomas

Lisa Marie Dole Skinner - The Bride Has Made Herself Ready

The Bride Has Made Herself Ready

Lisa Marie Dole Skinner

Joe Jake Pratt - Enmity Between Us

Enmity Between Us

Joe Jake Pratt

David Wojkowicz - Twelve Gates

Twelve Gates

David Wojkowicz

Gloria Ssali - The Burning Bush

The Burning Bush

Gloria Ssali

Joshua Zaring - Ascend


Joshua Zaring

Joshua Zaring - Trinity


Joshua Zaring

Jenny McLaughlin - Second Coming

Second Coming

Jenny McLaughlin

Nigel Wynter - Dr. King

Dr. King

Nigel Wynter

Anthony Crudup - Hidden


Anthony Crudup

Gloria Ssali - The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity

Gloria Ssali

Anthony Crudup - Enter In

Enter In

Anthony Crudup

Eliene Nunes - Jubilee I

Jubilee I

Eliene Nunes

Eliene Nunes - Jubilee II

Jubilee II

Eliene Nunes

Todd L Thomas - Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey

Todd L Thomas

Jenny McLaughlin - Marriage of the Lamb

Marriage of the Lamb

Jenny McLaughlin

Gloria Ssali - Annunciation


Gloria Ssali

Neal David Reilly - Underwater Sanctuary

Underwater Sanctuary

Neal David Reilly

David Wojkowicz - The Betrayal Of Judas

The Betrayal Of Judas

David Wojkowicz

Reuben Edwards - Lift Up Mine Eyes

Lift Up Mine Eyes

Reuben Edwards

Ivan Guaderrama - Last Supper IV

Last Supper IV

Ivan Guaderrama

Valerie Anne Kelly - The water of life

The water of life

Valerie Anne Kelly

David Wojkowicz - Transfiguration Of Jesus

Transfiguration Of Jesus

David Wojkowicz

Jeanette Sthamann - Steadfast


Jeanette Sthamann

Jenny McLaughlin - Christian Triptych

Christian Triptych

Jenny McLaughlin

Eliene Nunes - The time is now

The time is now

Eliene Nunes

Nadine Rippelmeyer - Ezra


Nadine Rippelmeyer

Jenny McLaughlin - St.Cuthbert

St.Cuthbert's Isle

Jenny McLaughlin

Hazel Holland - Sound the Trumpet

Sound the Trumpet

Hazel Holland

Valerie Anne Kelly - Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel

Valerie Anne Kelly

Kume Bryant - Righteous Crown

Righteous Crown

Kume Bryant

Nadine Rippelmeyer - Dance of Freedom

Dance of Freedom

Nadine Rippelmeyer

Gary Rowell - Light


Gary Rowell

Gloria Ssali - The Annunciation

The Annunciation

Gloria Ssali

Gloria Ssali - Jesus Lion of Judah

Jesus Lion of Judah

Gloria Ssali

Mark Jennings - Handofgod


Mark Jennings

Connie Kottmann - Bethlehem


Connie Kottmann

Arthur Robins - Future City

Future City

Arthur Robins

Laura Clisset - Andrew

Andrew's Realm

Laura Clisset

Laneea Tolley - Hand of God

Hand of God

Laneea Tolley

Jeanette Sthamann - I Delight In You

I Delight In You

Jeanette Sthamann

Amanda Patrick - Blessed


Amanda Patrick

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni - Victory Dance

Victory Dance

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni

Gloria Ssali - The Wise Virgin

The Wise Virgin

Gloria Ssali

Anne Cameron Cutri - First Day of Creation

First Day of Creation

Anne Cameron Cutri

Meaghan Troup - The Calling

The Calling

Meaghan Troup

Terry Webb Harshman - Nearing Midnight

Nearing Midnight

Terry Webb Harshman

Nadine Rippelmeyer - Harmony


Nadine Rippelmeyer

David Bentley - Higher Still

Higher Still

David Bentley

Cassandra Donnelly - Shining Heart

Shining Heart

Cassandra Donnelly

Chris Torre - Angel


Chris Torre

Chris Torre - God

God's People

Chris Torre

Jeanette Sthamann - Let The River Flow

Let The River Flow

Jeanette Sthamann

Reuben Edwards - Help


Reuben Edwards

Joe Jake Pratt - Watching And Waiting

Watching And Waiting

Joe Jake Pratt

Mark Jennings - Exodus Eagle

Exodus Eagle

Mark Jennings

Mark Jennings - Untitled


Mark Jennings

John Malone - Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

John Malone

Freddy Kirsheh - Easter Angel

Easter Angel

Freddy Kirsheh

Gloria Ssali - Good Friday

Good Friday

Gloria Ssali

Anne Cameron Cutri - After the Storm

After the Storm

Anne Cameron Cutri

Hazel Holland - In His Hands

In His Hands

Hazel Holland

Larry Cole - The Dove

The Dove

Larry Cole

Todd L Thomas - Sword Of The Spirit

Sword Of The Spirit

Todd L Thomas

Todd L Thomas - The Throne Of Grace

The Throne Of Grace

Todd L Thomas

Matt Konar - Innocence


Matt Konar

Tamer Elsharouni - Fight The Good Fight

Fight The Good Fight

Tamer Elsharouni

Deborah Nell - Mary At The Tomb

Mary At The Tomb

Deborah Nell

Cindy Elsharouni - Healing Wings

Healing Wings

Cindy Elsharouni

Susan Candelario - Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Susan Candelario

Thomas Woolworth - Homeless In The USA

Homeless In The USA

Thomas Woolworth

Freddy Kirsheh - Let us pray

Let us pray

Freddy Kirsheh

Gloria Ssali - Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child

Gloria Ssali

Chris Torre - The Burning Bush

The Burning Bush

Chris Torre

Deborah Nell - Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah

Deborah Nell

Paula Stacy Adams - Light of the World

Light of the World

Paula Stacy Adams

Mark Jennings - Mother And Child

Mother And Child

Mark Jennings

Anne Cameron Cutri - Butterfly Sunset

Butterfly Sunset

Anne Cameron Cutri

Todd L Thomas - The Returning King

The Returning King

Todd L Thomas

Shweta  Kanhai - Draw Me Close To You

Draw Me Close To You

Shweta Kanhai

Michael Torevell - Shepherds at Bethlehem

Shepherds at Bethlehem

Michael Torevell

Arthur Robins - Day Of Atonement

Day Of Atonement

Arthur Robins

Joe Jake Pratt - Dove Mourning

Dove Mourning

Joe Jake Pratt

Jean Cormier - Confession


Jean Cormier

Deborah Smith - Sword of the Word

Sword of the Word

Deborah Smith

Cheryl Anne Kennedy - The Persecution of Bronwyn

The Persecution of Bronwyn

Cheryl Anne Kennedy

James Cox - Shadow of Love

Shadow of Love

James Cox

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni - Living Sacrifice

Living Sacrifice

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni

Robert Bray - Caught Up

Caught Up

Robert Bray

Gloria Ssali - The Annunciation

The Annunciation

Gloria Ssali

Gloria Ssali - Deliverance


Gloria Ssali

Anna  Duyunova - One Wing

One Wing

Anna Duyunova

Beverly Guilliams - Prophetic Art Signs

Prophetic Art Signs

Beverly Guilliams

Freddy Kirsheh - Glory of Love.

Glory of Love.

Freddy Kirsheh

Mark Jennings - Bridegroom And Bride

Bridegroom And Bride

Mark Jennings

Chris Torre - Angel


Chris Torre

Chris Torre - Worship


Chris Torre

Ivan Guaderrama - Love One Another

Love One Another

Ivan Guaderrama

Ivan Guaderrama - To Triumph In Life

To Triumph In Life

Ivan Guaderrama

Anne Cameron Cutri - Temple Dance-Tightrope

Temple Dance-Tightrope

Anne Cameron Cutri

Anne Cameron Cutri - PMS 42 Covenant of Salt

PMS 42 Covenant of Salt

Anne Cameron Cutri

Mark Spears - Jesus vs Satan

Jesus vs Satan

Mark Spears

Robert Bray - Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

Robert Bray

Jeanette Sthamann - Fulfillment


Jeanette Sthamann

Gun Legler - Dear God....

Dear God....

Gun Legler

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni - Living Water scripture

Living Water scripture

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni

Freddy Kirsheh - Saint Mary

Saint Mary

Freddy Kirsheh

Wendy Smith - Bursting Forth

Bursting Forth

Wendy Smith

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni - Soaking in Glory

Soaking in Glory

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni

Joe Jake Pratt - Fear Not

Fear Not

Joe Jake Pratt

Cheryl Anne Kennedy - The Awakening

The Awakening

Cheryl Anne Kennedy

Meaghan Troup - The Caretaker

The Caretaker

Meaghan Troup

Freddy Kirsheh - Blooming pain of Jesus

Blooming pain of Jesus

Freddy Kirsheh

Mark Jennings - Metal Rose

Metal Rose

Mark Jennings

Jeanette Sthamann - Fiery Love

Fiery Love

Jeanette Sthamann

Meaghan Troup - Found


Meaghan Troup

Gloria Ssali - The Wise Virgin

The Wise Virgin

Gloria Ssali

Jeanette Sthamann - Intercession


Jeanette Sthamann

Henryk Gorecki - Calvary


Henryk Gorecki

Deborah Nell - Beloved


Deborah Nell

Jeanette Sthamann - Such A Time As This

Such A Time As This

Jeanette Sthamann

Richard  Hubal - Abundant Love Too

Abundant Love Too

Richard Hubal

Mark Jennings - From Death Comes Life

From Death Comes Life

Mark Jennings

Eliene  Nunes - Open Doors

Open Doors

Eliene Nunes

Jennifer Page - Forgiven


Jennifer Page

Mark Jennings - Office of the Keys

Office of the Keys

Mark Jennings

Jeanette Sthamann - Releasing His Fragrance

Releasing His Fragrance

Jeanette Sthamann

Deborah Nell - Burning Love

Burning Love

Deborah Nell

Nita G Leckenby - Resurrection


Nita G Leckenby

Anne Cameron Cutri - Creation of Adam and Eve

Creation of Adam and Eve

Anne Cameron Cutri

Mark Jennings - Make a joyful noise

Make a joyful noise

Mark Jennings

Jeanette Sthamann - Freedom


Jeanette Sthamann

Anne Cameron Cutri - The Visitation

The Visitation

Anne Cameron Cutri

Deborah Nell - Forgiven


Deborah Nell

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni - Soaring like an Eagle

Soaring like an Eagle

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni

Jeanette Sthamann - My Dance for You

My Dance for You

Jeanette Sthamann

Anne Cameron Cutri - Flaming Sword

Flaming Sword

Anne Cameron Cutri

Jeanette Sthamann - Resting Place

Resting Place

Jeanette Sthamann

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni - Bride


Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni - Hope


Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni

Gun Legler - Trust


Gun Legler

Freddy Kirsheh - The Glorified

The Glorified

Freddy Kirsheh

Gloria Ssali - Bethlehem and Mary

Bethlehem and Mary

Gloria Ssali

Deborah Nell - Tree on Fire

Tree on Fire

Deborah Nell

Mark Jennings - Advent


Mark Jennings

Jeanette Sthamann - Given


Jeanette Sthamann

Kume Bryant - Source of Light

Source of Light

Kume Bryant

Freddy Kirsheh - Virgin Mary.

Virgin Mary.

Freddy Kirsheh

Matt Konar - The Way

The Way

Matt Konar

Gloria Ssali - The Wise Virgin

The Wise Virgin

Gloria Ssali

Jeanette Sthamann - Standing on The Promises

Standing on The Promises

Jeanette Sthamann

Mark Spears - Jesus Face

Jesus Face

Mark Spears

Laneea Tolley - Rejoice


Laneea Tolley

Gloria Ssali - Wise Virgin

Wise Virgin

Gloria Ssali

Deborah Nell - Sacrifice of Praise

Sacrifice of Praise

Deborah Nell

Jeanette Sthamann - Give You All The Glory

Give You All The Glory

Jeanette Sthamann

Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni - Revelation


Tamer and Cindy Elsharouni

Freddy Kirsheh - Hevanly Virgin

Hevanly Virgin

Freddy Kirsheh

Carrie Todd - Crown of Hope

Crown of Hope

Carrie Todd

Kathy Bassett - On Swan

On Swan's Wings

Kathy Bassett

Susan Swain - Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory

Susan Swain

Matt Konar - Hope


Matt Konar

Jeanette Sthamann - Give It All Back To You

Give It All Back To You

Jeanette Sthamann

Laneea Tolley - Behold


Laneea Tolley

Paula Stacy Adams - Away Through

Away Through

Paula Stacy Adams

Jeanette Sthamann - My Beloved

My Beloved

Jeanette Sthamann

Paula Stacy Adams - Shalom


Paula Stacy Adams

Jeanette Sthamann - Match made in Heaven

Match made in Heaven

Jeanette Sthamann

Arthur Robins - I Forgive You

I Forgive You

Arthur Robins

Arthur Robins - Lake Of Fire

Lake Of Fire

Arthur Robins

William Walker - Those Gone Away

Those Gone Away

William Walker

Natalia Lvova - Blessed Heaven

Blessed Heaven

Natalia Lvova

Gary Rowell - Emerald Escarpment

Emerald Escarpment

Gary Rowell

Freddy Kirsheh - Prayer


Freddy Kirsheh

Deborah Smith - Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels

Deborah Smith

Gun Legler - Annunciation


Gun Legler

Julie Sneeden - Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Julie Sneeden

Freddy Kirsheh - Wake up HE is coming

Wake up HE is coming

Freddy Kirsheh

Larry Cole - Love


Larry Cole

Catherine Saldana - Bruised Reed

Bruised Reed

Catherine Saldana

Kathleen Struckle - Chapel Of The Holy Cross

Chapel Of The Holy Cross

Kathleen Struckle

Sarah Batalka - Chain Of Love

Chain Of Love

Sarah Batalka

Alys Caviness-Gober - St Jovan on Lake Ohrid

St Jovan on Lake Ohrid

Alys Caviness-Gober

Hazel Holland - Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit

Hazel Holland

Neena Alapatt - Mosaic madonna

Mosaic madonna

Neena Alapatt

The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Heart of a Dove

Heart of a Dove

The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Bob Phillips - Through the Cross

Through the Cross

Bob Phillips

Bob Phillips - Water to Wine

Water to Wine

Bob Phillips

Jeanette Sthamann - Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

Jeanette Sthamann

Jenelle Griffiths - Walking in the Supernatural

Walking in the Supernatural

Jenelle Griffiths

Alys Caviness-Gober - The Man On The Cross

The Man On The Cross

Alys Caviness-Gober

Cathy Jourdan - Redemption


Cathy Jourdan

Jeanette Sthamann - Bringing Forth Life

Bringing Forth Life

Jeanette Sthamann

MaryJane Armstrong - Kingdom Living

Kingdom Living

MaryJane Armstrong

Bob Phillips - Senanque Abbey

Senanque Abbey

Bob Phillips

Anne Cameron Cutri - The Fathers House

The Fathers House

Anne Cameron Cutri

The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Power of Faith

Power of Faith

The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Francesa Miller - Grace


Francesa Miller

Dagmar Helbig - African Madonna

African Madonna

Dagmar Helbig

Kume Bryant - Welcome


Kume Bryant

Anne Cameron Cutri - Samuel hears the Lord

Samuel hears the Lord

Anne Cameron Cutri

Deborah Smith - The Open Door

The Open Door

Deborah Smith

Li   van Saathoff - The Grail

The Grail

Li van Saathoff

Anne Cameron Cutri - Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Anne Cameron Cutri

Daniel Ragsdale Combs - Madonna with Grapes

Madonna with Grapes

Daniel Ragsdale Combs

Catherine Saldana - John 3 16

John 3 16

Catherine Saldana

Deborah Nell - Holy Ground

Holy Ground

Deborah Nell

Gloria Ssali - Five Wise Virgins

Five Wise Virgins

Gloria Ssali

Francesa Miller - Promise in the Storm

Promise in the Storm

Francesa Miller

Anne Cameron Cutri - On my knees

On my knees

Anne Cameron Cutri

Henryk Gorecki - John Paul II

John Paul II

Henryk Gorecki

Tehya May - At His Feet

At His Feet

Tehya May

Joyce Gebauer - Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

Joyce Gebauer

Matt Konar - Eden Dawn

Eden Dawn

Matt Konar

Gloria Ssali - Five Wise Virgins

Five Wise Virgins

Gloria Ssali

Larry Cole - By The Sea

By The Sea

Larry Cole

Catherine Saldana - Descanso Gardens

Descanso Gardens

Catherine Saldana

Cassie Sears - He is the Rock

He is the Rock

Cassie Sears

Nigel Wynter - After The Whirlwind

After The Whirlwind

Nigel Wynter

Carrie Todd - Shabach


Carrie Todd

Freddy Kirsheh - Sacrifice


Freddy Kirsheh

Carrie Todd - Zamar


Carrie Todd

Cassandra Donnelly - The Lord is my Strength

The Lord is my Strength

Cassandra Donnelly

Joe Jake Pratt - Light A Candle

Light A Candle

Joe Jake Pratt

Wildlife Fine Art - True Companions

True Companions

Wildlife Fine Art

Mark Jennings - King Of Kings

King Of Kings

Mark Jennings

Anne Cameron Cutri - Yahweh El Shaddai

Yahweh El Shaddai

Anne Cameron Cutri

Ronald Haber - The Nativity

The Nativity

Ronald Haber

Lisa Marie Dole Skinner - Racing Toward the End of Time

Racing Toward the End of Time

Lisa Marie Dole Skinner

Deborah Smith - Shalom


Deborah Smith

Freddy Kirsheh - King of Peace

King of Peace

Freddy Kirsheh

Deborah Nell - You Are God

You Are God

Deborah Nell

Deborah Smith - True Peace

True Peace

Deborah Smith

Carol De Bruyn - Miracle of DNA

Miracle of DNA

Carol De Bruyn

Cheryl Anne Kennedy - Divine Transformation

Divine Transformation

Cheryl Anne Kennedy

Laneea Tolley - East of Eden

East of Eden

Laneea Tolley

Hazel Holland - I Will Lift the Veil

I Will Lift the Veil

Hazel Holland

Bruce Nutting - Semana Santa

Semana Santa

Bruce Nutting

Cheryl Anne Kennedy - Pieces of the Broken Cross

Pieces of the Broken Cross

Cheryl Anne Kennedy

Karon Melillo DeVega - Noah

Noah's Ark

Karon Melillo DeVega

Deborah Smith - Let it Shine

Let it Shine

Deborah Smith

Lucia Hoogervorst - The annunciation

The annunciation

Lucia Hoogervorst

Freddy Kirsheh - Sacrifice For Peace

Sacrifice For Peace

Freddy Kirsheh

Mary Spyridon Thompson - Cross of Christ

Cross of Christ

Mary Spyridon Thompson