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Versatile Photography



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Michel Soucy

Cheticamp, NS


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Group Overview

This group was started on April 15th, 2013 and currently has:


845 Members


32,795 Images


609 Discussions

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Versatile Photography

About This Group

This group welcomes excellent photography, irrespective of it's category as long as it's artful, creative, and of good photographic quality.

We ask that you limit your submissions to 3 per day, no drawings or paintings, no cell phone photos, and no photographs which contain nudity, sexual content or any depiction of violence.

Post-processing and HDR is also encouraged to help achieve your end result.

Cheers! :)

Featured Images

Michel Soucy - Blue Jay portrait

Blue Jay portrait

Michel Soucy

Naomi Burgess - A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Naomi Burgess

Jai Johnson - Peacock From The Past -...
Radek Hofman - Morning Fog

Morning Fog

Radek Hofman

Ruth Jolly - Egret headshot

Egret headshot

Ruth Jolly

Kim Hojnacki - Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Kim Hojnacki

Mike Savad - Barber - Ready for an...
C Ray  Roth - This Part of the Journey
Clare Bevan - The Special One

The Special One

Clare Bevan

Karol  Livote - Precious Rose

Precious Rose

Karol Livote

Donald Yenson - Red Banners

Red Banners

Donald Yenson

Lois Bryan - Wisdom


Lois Bryan

Michel Soucy - Red Dorries

Red Dorries

Michel Soucy

Michel Soucy - Innocence


Michel Soucy

Ed Weidman - Beauty Revealed

Beauty Revealed

Ed Weidman

Ion vincent DAnu - I Love Eating Nuts

I Love Eating Nuts

Ion vincent DAnu

Karol  Livote - Passionate Pink

Passionate Pink

Karol Livote

Laurie Search - Blue and White

Blue and White

Laurie Search

Michel Soucy - Master of the Cliffs
Ryan Ladbrook - Jersey Cow Portrait With...
Barbara D Richards - A Boy Has Dreams

A Boy Has Dreams

Barbara D Richards

Dustin  LeFevre - Hidden Galaxy

Hidden Galaxy

Dustin LeFevre

Karol  Livote - Open Wide

Open Wide

Karol Livote

Patti Deters - Black-crowned Night Heron
Jim Cumming - Is that you Don King?
Jacque The Muse - Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Jacque The Muse

C Ray Roth - Deep Thought

Deep Thought

C Ray Roth

Rick Furmanek - Those Eyes

Those Eyes

Rick Furmanek

Dawna  Moore Photography - White Ibis Pinckney...

White Ibis Pinckney...

Dawna Moore Photography

Penny Meyers - Red Rain

Red Rain

Penny Meyers

Jamie McCann - Looking West

Looking West

Jamie McCann

Jamie McCann - Ford


Jamie McCann

Michel Soucy - White Point - Nova Scotia
Michel Soucy - Bay Leader 1 - Crab Boat
World Wildlife Photography - Chickadee Pictures 375

Chickadee Pictures 375

World Wildlife Photography

Barbara D Richards - Antique Machinery

Antique Machinery

Barbara D Richards

Chris Smith - Pink Grasshopper

Pink Grasshopper

Chris Smith

Lynn Bauer - Small Duck in a Big Pond
James Aiken - Industrial Object Art
Ian Mitchell - Penmon Lighthouse

Penmon Lighthouse

Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell - Valley of Tranquilty
Mike Savad - Americana - The Savatsky...
Mike Savad - Animal - Horse - I...
Kathy Rinker - Moonrise


Kathy Rinker

Steve Archbold - BBQ Austin Texas

BBQ Austin Texas

Steve Archbold

Jordan Blackstone - The Direction Of Your...

The Direction Of Your...

Jordan Blackstone

Kim Andelkovic - Local River man

Local River man

Kim Andelkovic

Michel Soucy - La Presqu
Barbara D Richards - Picture in a Picture in...

Picture in a Picture in...

Barbara D Richards

Jai Johnson - Blushing Pink Peony -...
Ed Weidman - Chimney Abstract

Chimney Abstract

Ed Weidman

Kim Andelkovic - Sunset Glow

Sunset Glow

Kim Andelkovic

Chris Smith - Dragonfly


Chris Smith

World Wildlife Photography - Tree Swallow Pictures 53

Tree Swallow Pictures 53

World Wildlife Photography

Brian Tarr - Grey Crowned Cranes
Nick  Boren - Red White And Pink
Sandra Bronstein - Winter

Winter's Last Hold

Sandra Bronstein

Terri Winkler - Pastel Poppy 4579

Pastel Poppy 4579

Terri Winkler

Priscilla Burgers - Palouse Welcome Wagon

Palouse Welcome Wagon

Priscilla Burgers

Michel Soucy - Cheticamp Beach

Cheticamp Beach

Michel Soucy

Jeff Breiman - Old Rusty Boat

Old Rusty Boat

Jeff Breiman

Betty Denise - Dodge Phoenix Dashboard
Julie Palencia - Classic Chevy Impala

Classic Chevy Impala

Julie Palencia

Kim Bemis - The Colors of India -...
Betty Denise - 1956 DeSoto Hood Ornament
Kenneth Byrne - By the Bay

By the Bay

Kenneth Byrne

Steve Stephenson - Hand


Steve Stephenson

Steve Stephenson - Yellow Lily

Yellow Lily

Steve Stephenson

Mike Savad - Spring - Porch - Hoboken...
Stuart Harrison - Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Stuart Harrison

Bruce Bley - Let The Sun Shine In
Karol  Livote - Open Case

Open Case

Karol Livote

Kim Bemis - Sunflower Smiles
Sharon Mau - Sea Foam - Ocean Medley
Lois Bryan - It

It's All Yours

Lois Bryan

Priscilla Burgers - Red Barn and Truck in...

Red Barn and Truck in...

Priscilla Burgers

Douglas Stucky - Elephant


Douglas Stucky

Kathleen Nash - Sunrise


Kathleen Nash

Claudia Mottram - Splash 1

Splash 1

Claudia Mottram

Jessica Shelton - The Bird On the Wire

The Bird On the Wire

Jessica Shelton

Michel Soucy - Rocky Beach at La...
Karol  Livote - Cab Ride

Cab Ride

Karol Livote

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Old Tow Truck

Old Tow Truck

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jai Johnson - An Intense Stare -...
Colleen Kammerer - Last Summer

Last Summer

Colleen Kammerer

Mike Savad - Americana - 1942 - USO...
Gary Gingrich Galleries - Kaufman Center 20.57.38

Kaufman Center 20.57.38

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Don Johnson - Green Leaf with Dew
Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography - BoatHouse Row...

BoatHouse Row...

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography

Nick  Boren - Beeutiful


Nick Boren

Michel Soucy - Night Time at the Wharf
Jordan Blackstone - Rustic Old Horse Barn

Rustic Old Horse Barn

Jordan Blackstone

Jordan Blackstone - The Charm Of History -...

The Charm Of History -...

Jordan Blackstone

Kim Hojnacki - Pink Blush

Pink Blush

Kim Hojnacki

Mike Savad - City - Alexandria VA -...
Michel Soucy - Crab Boats out of...
Lynn Bauer - Orange California Poppies
Ed Weidman - Ornate Beauty

Ornate Beauty

Ed Weidman

Mike Savad - Instrument - String - I...
Denise Dube - Geometric Web By Denise...
Jeff Swanson - Into the Clouds

Into the Clouds

Jeff Swanson

Jeff Swanson - Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle Great Wheel

Jeff Swanson

Jeff Swanson - Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning

Jeff Swanson

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Toothy
Michel Soucy - Being Watched

Being Watched

Michel Soucy

Kandy Hurley - The Sentinel

The Sentinel

Kandy Hurley

Hugo Bussen - White dream

White dream

Hugo Bussen

Jim Cumming - Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower

Jim Cumming

Bruce Bley - A Touch of Elegance
Dawn Currie - Golden Daylily II

Golden Daylily II

Dawn Currie

Shirley Mangini - Graceful Aging

Graceful Aging

Shirley Mangini

Jordan Blackstone - Love Recognizes - Black...

Love Recognizes - Black...

Jordan Blackstone

Kim Hojnacki - Life is Wonderful

Life is Wonderful

Kim Hojnacki

Sharon Mau - Release My Voice

Release My Voice

Sharon Mau

Steven  Digman - Stopping Traffic

Stopping Traffic

Steven Digman

Janice Rae Pariza - Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

Janice Rae Pariza

Tracy  Hall - In Dreams

In Dreams

Tracy Hall

Marty Saccone - Bouys Will Be Bouys

Bouys Will Be Bouys

Marty Saccone

Julie Palencia - Soft Blush Rose

Soft Blush Rose

Julie Palencia

Ed Weidman - Say Pepsi Please

Say Pepsi Please

Ed Weidman

Imran Ahmed - Back lit interior of...
Tessa Fairey - Tender Moment between...
Ken Johnson - Old Ford Firetruck

Old Ford Firetruck

Ken Johnson

Brian Tarr - Eagle on Misty Lake
Shirley Mangini - Berry Beginnings

Berry Beginnings

Shirley Mangini

Michel Soucy - Great Horned Hooter

Great Horned Hooter

Michel Soucy

Fotosas Photography - Beware


Fotosas Photography

Sharon Mau - Conebush Safari Sunset...
Rick Todaro - Canoe

Canoe's Ready

Rick Todaro

Ed Weidman - Macys New York City...
Tracy  Hall - Everlasting


Tracy Hall

Lynn Bauer - Sweet Hummingbird Love
Jane Linders - Gothic Cathedral...

Gothic Cathedral...

Jane Linders

Radek Hofman - Hollywood


Radek Hofman

Miriam Danar - Central Park in Gold -...
Kim Andelkovic - French Rose

French Rose

Kim Andelkovic

Bruce Bley - Poppy Up Close

Poppy Up Close

Bruce Bley

Lori Pessin Lafargue - I

I've Lost My Marbles

Lori Pessin Lafargue

Michel Soucy - Jaydens Chance

Jaydens Chance

Michel Soucy

Kim Andelkovic - Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

Kim Andelkovic

Mike Savad - Flower - Tulip - Pink...
Mr Bennett Kent - Insect Extreme macro fly...
Jon Gray - Dark Pollenation
Lee Harland - Point Reyes Shipwreck
Matthew Hesser - The Green Meanie

The Green Meanie

Matthew Hesser

Matthew Hesser - The Red Liner

The Red Liner

Matthew Hesser

Jordan Blackstone - I Believe - Flower Art

I Believe - Flower Art

Jordan Blackstone

Kim Hojnacki - Hydrangea Love

Hydrangea Love

Kim Hojnacki

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Symphony of Love

Symphony of Love

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Inge Johnsson - Waxahachie Sunflowers

Waxahachie Sunflowers

Inge Johnsson

Diana Sainz - Hall of Teatro National...
Xueyin Chen - Shining Orchid

Shining Orchid

Xueyin Chen

Kathi Mirto - Expect Miracles

Expect Miracles

Kathi Mirto

Fotosas Photography - On the Lookout

On the Lookout

Fotosas Photography

Jim Shackett - Wizard


Jim Shackett

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Floating in Blue

Floating in Blue

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Janice Rae Pariza - Hotel Del Rio

Hotel Del Rio

Janice Rae Pariza

Michel Soucy - Equestrian in Texture
Dawn Currie - Green Bud

Green Bud

Dawn Currie

Dawn Currie - Inside a Flower

Inside a Flower

Dawn Currie

Michel Soucy - Orange Dandelion with...
Bob Christopher - Nothing Is Ours But Time...
Arnie Goldstein - Neiborhood Chit Chat

Neiborhood Chit Chat

Arnie Goldstein

World Wildlife Photography - Red Deer Pictures 63

Red Deer Pictures 63

World Wildlife Photography

Michel Soucy - Red Chair at Cap Rouge
Matthew Hesser - The Orange Phantom

The Orange Phantom

Matthew Hesser

Dawn Currie - Busy Bee

Busy Bee

Dawn Currie

Dawn Currie - Butterfly I

Butterfly I

Dawn Currie

Chuck  Hicks - Fish For Lunch

Fish For Lunch

Chuck Hicks

Jordan Blackstone - A Place Of Peace -...

A Place Of Peace -...

Jordan Blackstone

Mike  Dawson - Brown Pelican Flight
Nick  Boren - My Macro World

My Macro World

Nick Boren

Steven  Digman - At the Sound of Mercury
Phil Rispin - Brown Eyed Susan Bokeh
Bob Christopher - Seattle EMP Building 6

Seattle EMP Building 6

Bob Christopher

Jai Johnson - The Bully

The Bully

Jai Johnson

Jonas Luis - Apple Love

Apple Love

Jonas Luis

Nick  Boren - You

You're The One

Nick Boren

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Sweet Blushing Love

Sweet Blushing Love

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Ian Mitchell - Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray

Ian Mitchell

Tessa Fairey - Eastern Tiger...

Eastern Tiger...

Tessa Fairey

Tessa Fairey - Agapanthus beauty

Agapanthus beauty

Tessa Fairey

Sharon Mau - Bratonia Miltassia...
Patti Deters - Yellow Orchid

Yellow Orchid

Patti Deters

Tracy  Hall - Dance With Me

Dance With Me

Tracy Hall

Scott Thorp - Whose mailbox this is I...
Mike Savad - Sewing - Inudstrial -...
Michel Soucy - Buttercup with Textures
Peggy Collins - Bone China Teacup and...
Michel Soucy - The Cabot Trail Awaits...
Nickolas  Barakso - Young Beluga

Young Beluga

Nickolas Barakso

Mike  Dawson - Locked In

Locked In

Mike Dawson

Dawn Currie - Zebra Longwing II

Zebra Longwing II

Dawn Currie

Jai Johnson - Wednesday Afternoon
Kim Bemis - Bicycle Rikshaw -...
Gary Gingrich Galleries - Bald Eagle-42

Bald Eagle-42

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Mike Savad - Airplane - Prop - Fine...
Denyse Duhaime - Springtime Poppy Beauty
Kathleen Struckle - Pink Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea

Kathleen Struckle

Michel Soucy - Bald Eagle on Tree Trunk
Mike Savad - Store Front - Alexandria...
Charles Dobbs - Acrophobia


Charles Dobbs

Connie Handscomb - Botanica .. Turning

Botanica .. Turning

Connie Handscomb

Claudia Mottram - Going back to the base 2

Going back to the base 2

Claudia Mottram

Michel Soucy - Lobster Season Begins
Michael Hoard - Plumbago Summer Solstice...
Hermanus A Alberts - Giraffe Wildlife...

Giraffe Wildlife...

Hermanus A Alberts

Barbara D Richards - Venice Morning

Venice Morning

Barbara D Richards

Patti Deters - Yellow Waterlily -...
Paul Ward - Vintage Music and Violin
Heiko Koehrer-Wagner - Grass Blooming

Grass Blooming

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

Paul Ward - Violin Scroll Up Close
Patti Deters - Praying Fern Baby

Praying Fern Baby

Patti Deters

Kim Bemis - Kiteboard Sails - Dewey...
Colleen Kammerer - Paved Paradise

Paved Paradise

Colleen Kammerer

Ed Weidman - Altered Reality

Altered Reality

Ed Weidman

Lois Bryan - Can You Hear Them
Lisa Knechtel - Dawn Breaks the Silence
Alex Cassels - The Colosseum in Rome
Clare Bevan - Fleur-de-Lis


Clare Bevan

Michel Soucy - Peek-a-Boo Owlet

Peek-a-Boo Owlet

Michel Soucy

Nick  Boren - My Lovely Lady ... My...
Sharon Mau - Fiori Incantevoli Blu Di...
Steven  Digman - Whiteout


Steven Digman

Sharon Mau - Bliss of Solitude
World Wildlife Photography - Deer Pictures 491

Deer Pictures 491

World Wildlife Photography

World Wildlife Photography - Deer Pictures 467

Deer Pictures 467

World Wildlife Photography

Lynn Bauer - Touched by the Morning...
John Bell - Black Bear

Black Bear

John Bell

Mike Savad - Pharmacy -...

Pharmacy -...

Mike Savad

Mike Savad - Fantasy - Wizards rule
Dawn Currie - On Point

On Point

Dawn Currie

Dawn Currie - Tiny Morsel

Tiny Morsel

Dawn Currie

Michel Soucy - Cheticamp Harbour

Cheticamp Harbour

Michel Soucy

Hawaii  Fine Art Photography - Placid Waters

Placid Waters

Hawaii Fine Art Photography

Bob Christopher - The Snowbirds Keeping It...
Jordan Blackstone - To Stand And Stare -...

To Stand And Stare -...

Jordan Blackstone

Jordan Blackstone - I Can Be Changed -...

I Can Be Changed -...

Jordan Blackstone

Michel Soucy - Male Yellow Warbler with...
Nina Stavlund - Stylish Hummer...

Stylish Hummer...

Nina Stavlund

Bob Christopher - Egypt Luxor Temple...

Egypt Luxor Temple...

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Buddhist Monk Cambodia

Buddhist Monk Cambodia

Bob Christopher

Wes and Dotty Weber - An American Dream In...

An American Dream In...

Wes and Dotty Weber

Nick  Boren - Some Sunshine For You
C Ray  Roth - The Wave

The Wave

C Ray Roth

Patti Deters - Lake Superior Ice Wave
Jim Cumming - Buck Alert

Buck Alert

Jim Cumming

Michel Soucy - Boreal Chickadee

Boreal Chickadee

Michel Soucy

Kathy Baccari - Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia Blossom

Kathy Baccari

Nick  Boren - Red Is Dominant

Red Is Dominant

Nick Boren

Jim Cumming - Along a Country Road
Lee Harland - California State Capitol
Steven  Digman - Rockabilly in three...
Michel Soucy - Common Yellowthroat with...
Lisa Holland-Gillem - To Get Where Your Goin

To Get Where Your Goin'

Lisa Holland-Gillem

Julie Dant - Mail Pouch Barn in...
Kathy Rinker - Vintage Bleeding Hearts
F Leblanc - Belting a Reeves v3
Jordan Blackstone - Do Not Follow - West...

Do Not Follow - West...

Jordan Blackstone

Mike  Dawson - Fishing with Talons
Michel Soucy - Yellow Rumped Warbler in...

Free Flyer


Jeremy Hayden - Just Green

Just Green

Jeremy Hayden

Michel Soucy - Yellow Rumped Warbler...
Joe Jake Pratt - Back In The Back

Back In The Back

Joe Jake Pratt

Terri Winkler - Paeonia Chinese Dragon...
Ted Guhl - Garbage Baskets Against...
World Wildlife Photography - Arctic Wolf Pictures 208

Arctic Wolf Pictures 208

World Wildlife Photography

World Wildlife Photography - Arctic Wolf Pictures 168

Arctic Wolf Pictures 168

World Wildlife Photography

Tessa Fairey - Green Heron more than a...
Patti Deters - Gold Daylily Close-up
Hermanus A Alberts - Giraffe Golden Family

Giraffe Golden Family

Hermanus A Alberts

Tracy  Hall - White Rose

White Rose

Tracy Hall

Michel Soucy - Yellow Warbler with...
Michel Soucy - Yellow Rumped Warbler...
John Straton -  Stone Mason - Stone...
Adrian Evans - Stone Hand Of Buddha
Kimberly Lyon - Glass Abstract 5211401
Mark Monckton - Mandarin Duck 2

Mandarin Duck 2

Mark Monckton

Ed Weidman - Mary-the Pieta

Mary-the Pieta

Ed Weidman

Taylan Soyturk - The pier

The pier

Taylan Soyturk

Dora Sofia Caputo - Early Morning Rose

Early Morning Rose

Dora Sofia Caputo

Karol  Livote - Baskets


Karol Livote

Karol  Livote - Sunning Oneself

Sunning Oneself

Karol Livote

Bruce Bley - Morning Sprinkles
Patti Deters - Blue Flax Close-up

Blue Flax Close-up

Patti Deters

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Old Truck in the Morning

Old Truck in the Morning

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Mike Savad - Bazaar - We sell tomato...
Michel Soucy - Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
Bruce Bley - Waves of White Dasies
Taylan Soyturk - Apples


Taylan Soyturk

James Aiken - Stone Arch in the Ramble...
Tessa Fairey - Oleander cluster

Oleander cluster

Tessa Fairey

William Fields - Anchored to the Past

Anchored to the Past

William Fields

Lydia Holly - We Love You Mama

We Love You Mama

Lydia Holly

Cynthia Guinn - Two Turtle Doves

Two Turtle Doves

Cynthia Guinn

Michel Soucy - Fog in Grand Etang -...
Joe Jake Pratt - Added Features

Added Features

Joe Jake Pratt

Bruce Bley - White Daisy

White Daisy

Bruce Bley

Dan Myers - Sunset Reflections
Sharon Mau - Musa ornata - Pink...
Connie Handscomb - Petal Cloud

Petal Cloud

Connie Handscomb

John Straton - T-41 Mescalero  Air...
Tracy  Hall - Rose Macro

Rose Macro

Tracy Hall

Tomas Hudolin - White Blossom

White Blossom

Tomas Hudolin

Miriam Danar - Flower Photography -...
Michel Soucy - Tree Swallow with...
Tricia Marchlik - Sew What

Sew What

Tricia Marchlik

Jeff  Swan - Oil Rig Near Killdeer In...
The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Pretty Lady

Pretty Lady

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Renee Anderson - Wolf Dog 7

Wolf Dog 7

Renee Anderson

Mike Savad - Flower - Sunflower -...
Michel Soucy - Fiddle and Bow

Fiddle and Bow

Michel Soucy

Michel Soucy - Lobster Traps and Buoys
Tracy  Hall - Precious Jewels

Precious Jewels

Tracy Hall

 Andrea Lazar - Eclectus Victoria

Eclectus Victoria

Andrea Lazar

Chris Modlin - The Keeper of the...
Jenny Rainbow - The Amber Eye. Kokkie....
David Bowman - Red Tulip

Red Tulip

David Bowman

Michel Soucy - Lobster Boats at La Digue
Brian Tarr - The Eagle

The Eagle's Cry

Brian Tarr

Mike Savad - Store - The hat stand
Hugo Bussen - Mandarins apples and...
HH Photography - Lean On Me 2

Lean On Me 2

HH Photography

Darren Fisher - Dogwoods and Red Birds
Steven  Michael - Maestro


Steven Michael

Taylan Soyturk - Cerezas II

Cerezas II

Taylan Soyturk

Julie Palencia - Together


Julie Palencia

Daniel Furon - Dollhouse Cat

Dollhouse Cat

Daniel Furon

Daniel Furon - Cozy Americanas

Cozy Americanas

Daniel Furon

Michel Soucy - Female Pine Grosbeak
Michel Soucy - Froggy in the Shadows
Nick  Boren - Young Ones

Young Ones

Nick Boren

Lois Bryan - Perseverance


Lois Bryan

Tessa Fairey - Heads up

Heads up

Tessa Fairey

Sandra Bronstein - One More Look - Cheetah...
Darren Wilkes - Amur Tiger

Amur Tiger

Darren Wilkes

Hugo Bussen - Lemon and wallnuts

Lemon and wallnuts

Hugo Bussen

Rose-Maries Pictures - Robin Redbreast

Robin Redbreast

Rose-Maries Pictures

D Hackett - A Little Pink

A Little Pink

D Hackett

Ryan Phillips - Dusk Waterfall

Dusk Waterfall

Ryan Phillips

Rick Furmanek - The Brevity of Life

The Brevity of Life

Rick Furmanek

Peggy Collins - Golden Crowned Kinglet...
Michel Soucy - The Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail

Michel Soucy

Michel Soucy - Bee and Flower with...
Bob Christopher - Carhenge Automobile Art 4
Maria Angelica Maira - Daylily


Maria Angelica Maira

Maria Angelica Maira - The Venetian

The Venetian

Maria Angelica Maira

Laurie Search - We
Mike Savad - Spring - A Sign of Spring
Jola Martysz - Poverty


Jola Martysz

Jordan Blackstone - LOOK - Vintage Art by...

LOOK - Vintage Art by...

Jordan Blackstone

Nick  Boren - One Of The Simple Things...
Michel Soucy - Double Crested Cormorant...
Ed Weidman - Reeds And Rust

Reeds And Rust

Ed Weidman

Bruce Bley - Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

Bruce Bley

Stefano Senise - Painting the Colosseum

Painting the Colosseum

Stefano Senise

Suzanne Powers - Rustic Vegetable Fruit...
Chris Modlin - Egret at Dusk

Egret at Dusk

Chris Modlin

Tracy  Hall - The Tulip King

The Tulip King

Tracy Hall

John Straton - Confederate Battle Line
Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Summer Sunshine...

Colorado Summer Sunshine...

Janice Rae Pariza

Brian Tarr - Safe Passage

Safe Passage

Brian Tarr

Ian Mitchell - Piano Room

Piano Room

Ian Mitchell

Joy Watson - Hot in the Sun

Hot in the Sun

Joy Watson

Susan Garren - Pink John Deere

Pink John Deere

Susan Garren

Mike Savad - Steampunk - The scream
John Bell - Waxy Monkey Tree Frog
Jai Johnson - Perched Pelican

Perched Pelican

Jai Johnson

Joy Hardee - Pinwheel Plumeria
Mr Bennett Kent - Pelican portrait 2

Pelican portrait 2

Mr Bennett Kent

F Leblanc - Rumely Oil Pull Ready To...
Bob Hislop - A Taste of Panama
Nicky Jameson - Street Car on Lakeshore
Dianne Phelps - Antique Vase

Antique Vase

Dianne Phelps

Michel Soucy - Female Pine Gros Beak...
Peter Feo - Sexy Flower

Sexy Flower

Peter Feo

Steve Taylor - Un-Friended


Steve Taylor

Rick Furmanek - Contemplation


Rick Furmanek

Crystal Harman - Reflection Stair

Reflection Stair

Crystal Harman

Evie Carrier - Revelation 19  6

Revelation 19 6

Evie Carrier

Michel Soucy - Who is watching

Who is watching

Michel Soucy

Mark Monckton - The Softness Of Pink 5
Tracy  Hall - Strawberry Jar

Strawberry Jar

Tracy Hall

Alexander Senin - Paradise Apple 9 - Square
Jai Johnson - Bald is Beautiful - Bald...
Leyla Ismet - Once In A Blue Moon
Jai Johnson - Waterbuck Antelope

Waterbuck Antelope

Jai Johnson

Michel Soucy - Bald Eagle on a Cliff
Christina Rollo - Red-Tailed Bumble Bee

Red-Tailed Bumble Bee

Christina Rollo

Ed Weidman - L O V E


Ed Weidman

David Bowman - Before the Fall

Before the Fall

David Bowman

Adrian Evans - Post Box v2

Post Box v2

Adrian Evans

Diana Angstadt - She

She's Vintage

Diana Angstadt

Leyla Ismet - Flower Marble

Flower Marble

Leyla Ismet

Michael Hoard - The Violin And The...

The Violin And The...

Michael Hoard

Mr Bennett Kent - The day I met an Emu

The day I met an Emu

Mr Bennett Kent

John Bell - Toad


John Bell

John Bell - Mangrove Snake

Mangrove Snake

John Bell

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - The Marina

The Marina

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Kim Hojnacki - Dahlia


Kim Hojnacki

Carol Lynn Coronios - Culloden Loyalists

Culloden Loyalists

Carol Lynn Coronios

Janice Rae Pariza - Window To The Soul

Window To The Soul

Janice Rae Pariza

Guido Schaefer - Only one raindrop II

Only one raindrop II

Guido Schaefer

Charles Dobbs - Chain of Love

Chain of Love

Charles Dobbs

Dale Erickson - Egret Flight

Egret Flight

Dale Erickson

Michel Soucy - Autumn on The Cabot Trail
Betty Denise - Cactus Flower Bud

Cactus Flower Bud

Betty Denise

Rodney Campbell - Cardinal in Winter

Cardinal in Winter

Rodney Campbell

Evie Carrier - Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly

Evie Carrier

Dawna  Moore Photography - Warehouse Ruins Darien...

Warehouse Ruins Darien...

Dawna Moore Photography

Joe JAKE Pratt - Slow Boat To China

Slow Boat To China

Joe JAKE Pratt

Suzanne Powers - Grapes In A Colander

Grapes In A Colander

Suzanne Powers

Elena Elisseeva - Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower

Elena Elisseeva

Bob VonDrachek - The Lookout

The Lookout

Bob VonDrachek

Kim Bemis - A Man and His Monkey -...
Kathy Rinker - Rock Pigeon

Rock Pigeon

Kathy Rinker

Carla Parris - St. George Island...
Dan Myers - Edgartown Light

Edgartown Light

Dan Myers

Michel Soucy - Black-Crowned Night...
Michel Soucy - Sun Rising

Sun Rising

Michel Soucy

Elena Elisseeva - Hands holding fresh...

Hands holding fresh...

Elena Elisseeva

Ed Weidman - Shapes And Style

Shapes And Style

Ed Weidman

Kathi Mirto - Daisy Divine

Daisy Divine

Kathi Mirto

Heron  Images - Blue Heron Pictures 45
Lisa Knechtel - Magical Bokeh

Magical Bokeh

Lisa Knechtel

Elena Elisseeva - Red apple macro

Red apple macro

Elena Elisseeva

Mike  Dawson - Hang in There

Hang in There

Mike Dawson

Paul Ge - Red onion slice...
Gregory Ballos - Double Beam - Paint...

Double Beam - Paint...

Gregory Ballos

Julie Palencia - Purple Burst of  White...
Kandy Hurley - Reflection


Kandy Hurley

Priscilla Burgers - San Jose Mission Granary

San Jose Mission Granary

Priscilla Burgers

Mike Savad - Flower - Sakura - A...
Kathy Rinker - Male Housefinch

Male Housefinch

Kathy Rinker

Tracy  Hall - Dew Drops

Dew Drops

Tracy Hall

Mike  Dawson - A Mothers Love

A Mothers Love

Mike Dawson

Luther   Fine Art - Sandals Resort Nassau...

Sandals Resort Nassau...

Luther Fine Art

John Bell - The King
Miriam Danar - Running


Miriam Danar

Jai Johnson - Bluebird in Winter

Bluebird in Winter

Jai Johnson

Connie Handscomb - The Village Post

The Village Post

Connie Handscomb

Kathy Baccari - Sprawling Southern Oak
Susan Leonard - Vintage Typewriter

Vintage Typewriter

Susan Leonard

Christina Rollo - Purple Clover Flower

Purple Clover Flower

Christina Rollo

Karol  Livote - Winters Red Truck

Winters Red Truck

Karol Livote

John Straton - Hawk 7

Hawk 7

John Straton

Claudia Kuhn - Red White and Blue

Red White and Blue

Claudia Kuhn

Dale Erickson - Mountain Goat Profile

Mountain Goat Profile

Dale Erickson

Michel Soucy - An Old Place

An Old Place

Michel Soucy

Adrian Evans - Gwydir Chapel

Gwydir Chapel

Adrian Evans

Inge Johnsson - Six Gondolas

Six Gondolas

Inge Johnsson

Ryan Smith - Natural Fury

Natural Fury

Ryan Smith

Leah McDaniel - Haflinger Colt Walking...
Mr Bennett Kent - Nankeen or Rufous Night...
Nina Stavlund - Antarctic Serenity...

Antarctic Serenity...

Nina Stavlund

Olahs Photography - Lethal Dagger

Lethal Dagger

Olahs Photography

Anne Rodkin - Tri-colored Heron

Tri-colored Heron

Anne Rodkin

Krasimir Tolev - Pear With Water Jug

Pear With Water Jug

Krasimir Tolev

Janice Rae Pariza - Old Western General...

Old Western General...

Janice Rae Pariza

Pete Hemington - Tulip macro

Tulip macro

Pete Hemington

Linda Bianic - Knot Eye

Knot Eye

Linda Bianic

Mike Savad - Flower - Still - Springs...
James Aiken - Window and Wall

Window and Wall

James Aiken

Tracy  Hall - Silky Smooth Tulips
Jordan Blackstone - Love Unending

Love Unending

Jordan Blackstone

Alana Ranney - 3800 Chevy

3800 Chevy

Alana Ranney

Sandra Bronstein - Ready - Set - Go

Ready - Set - Go

Sandra Bronstein

Luther   Fine Art - Vintage Bridge in South...
Lee Harland - The American River

The American River

Lee Harland

Lynn Bauer - Portrait of a Hummer 3
Michel Soucy - Cheticamp Island in March
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Misty Falls at Coker...

Misty Falls at Coker...

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Leah McDaniel - Bay Horse on Mottled...
Tracy  Hall - Red Rose

Red Rose

Tracy Hall

Cindy McClung - Mojave Sunset Dance

Mojave Sunset Dance

Cindy McClung

Mike Savad - Doctor - Optometry - An...
Mike Savad - Optometrist - The...
Dan Sproul - A Tribute To Babe Ruth...
HH Photography - Downtown St. Petersburg 2
Dawn Currie - Pompeii Tribunal II
Dan Sproul - The Fastball

The Fastball

Dan Sproul

Michel Soucy - Winter Ice

Winter Ice

Michel Soucy

Donna Kennedy - King of the Coop

King of the Coop

Donna Kennedy

Paul Ward - Barber - Vintage Barber...
Brian Tarr - Restless Moon

Restless Moon

Brian Tarr

Elena Elisseeva - White peony flower close...
Lynn Bauer - Portrait of a Hummer
Julie Palencia - Cascading Exotic Orchids
Krasimir Tolev - Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper

Krasimir Tolev

Paul Ward - Vintage Curling Iron
D Hackett - Corn Sheller

Corn Sheller

D Hackett

Annette Hugen - Hoot


Annette Hugen

Mike Savad - Kitchen - Kitchen...
Priscilla Burgers - Paso Peruvian Horses on...

Paso Peruvian Horses on...

Priscilla Burgers

Thomas Woolworth - Not A Good Sunset Long...

Not A Good Sunset Long...

Thomas Woolworth

Darren Fisher - Spring Cardinal

Spring Cardinal

Darren Fisher

Steven  Digman - The Dreamsicle 1957

The Dreamsicle 1957

Steven Digman

A R Williams - Vintage Polaroid

Vintage Polaroid

A R Williams

Tracy  Hall - Sunshine on a Rainy Day