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Water Drops Photography



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Nadya Ost



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This group was started on February 2nd, 2012 and currently has:


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Water Drops Photography

About This Group

This group is dedicated to water drops photography. Water art, dew drops, rain drops or any type of photographs containing drops- landscape, nature, abstract etc.
Feel free to join the group and upload your favorite drops photographs. The drops don't have to be the main subject in the photograph but they should be a significant part of it.
Post processing is accepted as long as the images are not over processed and it's not too obvious.

The main purpose of the group is to focus on the light and the reflections in the drops. Please do not post photos of flowers or any other subject with just a few drops on it.

Please limit your daily submission to 2-3 photos per day and do not post duplicates.

Photographs that don't fit the description of the group will be deleted. Below are good examples of what the group IS looking for.

Don't forget to take a look at other members' photos, comment and vote.

Welcome to the group and enjoy!

Featured Images

Nicole Markmann Nelson - Drippled


Nicole Markmann Nelson

Nicole Markmann Nelson - Three Little Roses

Three Little Roses

Nicole Markmann Nelson

Kume Bryant - Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Kume Bryant

Nick Kloepping - A Rain Drop

A Rain Drop

Nick Kloepping

Suzanne Stout - Encapsulated Carnation
Michelle Meenawong - Silver Drops

Silver Drops

Michelle Meenawong

Debbie Portwood - Dew on Down

Dew on Down

Debbie Portwood

Susan Capuano - One Morning in April

One Morning in April

Susan Capuano

Gabi Siebenhuehner - Pearls


Gabi Siebenhuehner

Michelle Meenawong -  Red Drop

Red Drop

Michelle Meenawong

Susan Capuano - Feathers and Pearls

Feathers and Pearls

Susan Capuano

Karin Ubeleis-Jones - Red Rain

Red Rain

Karin Ubeleis-Jones

Nicole Markmann Nelson - Flower Reflection

Flower Reflection

Nicole Markmann Nelson

Fred  Sheridan - Red clover

Red clover

Fred Sheridan

Gabi Siebenhuehner - Drops


Gabi Siebenhuehner

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner - Spectrum of colors

Spectrum of colors

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

Karin Ubeleis-Jones - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Karin Ubeleis-Jones

Kaye Menner - Refractions of a Red Rose