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Water Scapes in OIL ONLY



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Angelo Hernandez

Plant City, FL

United States

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This group was started on April 18th, 2014 and currently has:


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Water Scapes in OIL ONLY

About This Group

Are you Tired of seeing Digital Art in EVERY group? Do you enjoy seeing true talented waterscapes Oceanscapes in Oils,Acrylics and water color as a medium? Then this group is for you! Its a place you can simply post any water scape painted in oils,Acrylic and Water color for all to see! Beginners to Professionals , all are welcome. NO JUDGMENTS ALLOWED, helpful advice and coaching is fine! Please make sure that the water in your painting is in Liquid form and that it makes up a LARGE portion of your painting.

Featured Images

Richard Ginnett - At Sea

At Sea

Richard Ginnett

Janet Guss - Autumn in Michigan
Lady Isabella F A Shores - Wiederbelebung - A time...

Wiederbelebung - A time...

Lady Isabella F A Shores

Margaret Biggs - At The Pass

At The Pass

Margaret Biggs

Guo Quan Zheng - A Peaceful Gathering

A Peaceful Gathering

Guo Quan Zheng

Leona Borge - Toucan


Leona Borge

Philip Lee - Sea Scene in Blue
Leona Borge - Daniel

Daniel's Waterfall

Leona Borge

Angelo Hernandez - Paradise Found

Paradise Found

Angelo Hernandez

Angelo Hernandez - Watchers Paradise

Watchers Paradise

Angelo Hernandez