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Watercolor Art Only 2



Group Administrator

Sara Raber

Norwalk, OH

United States

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This group was started on April 24th, 2013 and currently has:


112 Members


1,535 Images


41 Discussions

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Watercolor Art Only  2

About This Group

This group is for all the Artists out there that work in watercolor.

You may submit up to 2 images per day

Your images can be digitally altered as the LOGO has a frame and Bible Verse added to it. But must be in Watercolor Medium. (List watercolor in tags please)

Have fun and Enjoy!

Featured Artists Are ~ Janine Riley ~ Kristine Plum ~ Pam Bledsoe ~ John D Benson

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Featured Images

Elaine Duras - Historic Maastricht...
Andrew Read - Tom Jones The Voice
Esther Newman-Cohen - In a Country Garden

In a Country Garden

Esther Newman-Cohen

Hazel Holland - Dusty Pink Hydrangea

Dusty Pink Hydrangea

Hazel Holland

Martin Howard - Boats In A Harbour

Boats In A Harbour

Martin Howard

Carol Wisniewski - That Old Home in the...

That Old Home in the...

Carol Wisniewski

Chrisann Ellis - Driving the Taxi

Driving the Taxi

Chrisann Ellis

Carol Wisniewski - Lead My Way

Lead My Way

Carol Wisniewski

BJ Pinkston - Southern Beauty

Southern Beauty

BJ Pinkston

Peter Art Gallery  - Paintings Photos Prints Posters - Native American Stars -...

Native American Stars -...

Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Prints Posters

Janine Riley - In your eyes

In your eyes

Janine Riley

Esther Newman-Cohen - The Gleaners

The Gleaners

Esther Newman-Cohen

Hazel Holland - Soft Pink Flowers

Soft Pink Flowers

Hazel Holland

Elena Yakubovich - LADYS SLIPPER - ORCHID...


Elena Yakubovich

Gea Scheltinga - Bear in suitcase

Bear in suitcase

Gea Scheltinga

Robert  ARTSYBOB Havens - His Majesty

His Majesty

Robert ARTSYBOB Havens

Peter Art Gallery  - Paintings Photos Prints Posters - Gulf Coast Chess -...

Gulf Coast Chess -...

Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Prints Posters

Carol Wisniewski - A Scottish Farm pen ink...
Karen Mattson - Peony Party

Peony Party

Karen Mattson

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Riled Up

Riled Up

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Hazel Holland - Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty

Hazel Holland

Elena Yakubovich - Violin 02 Elena...

Violin 02 Elena...

Elena Yakubovich

Gea Scheltinga - Hug me

Hug me

Gea Scheltinga

Peter Art Gallery  - Paintings Photos Prints Posters - Gene Monster Number 9 -...

Gene Monster Number 9 -...

Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Prints Posters

Carol Wisniewski - Autumn at MacGregors...

Autumn at MacGregors...

Carol Wisniewski

Andrew Read - Americas Guardian Angel 2
BJ Pinkston - Geranium and Lilies
Valerie Garner - Raindrops on Roses...

Raindrops on Roses...

Valerie Garner

Carol Wisniewski - Ready for a Sunset Row

Ready for a Sunset Row

Carol Wisniewski

Carol Wisniewski - Resting on the Lanai...

Resting on the Lanai...

Carol Wisniewski

Robert  ARTSYBOB Havens - New England Snow

New England Snow

Robert ARTSYBOB Havens

Peter Art Gallery  - Paintings Photos Prints Posters - Nightmare 99 - Fantasy...

Nightmare 99 - Fantasy...

Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Prints Posters

Nan Wright - Missouri Fox Trotter...
Carol Blackhurst - Dixie


Carol Blackhurst

Carol Wisniewski - Grampas Pipe

Grampas Pipe

Carol Wisniewski

Joy Bradley - Eyes For You

Eyes For You

Joy Bradley

John D Benson - Jefferson Pools

Jefferson Pools

John D Benson

Robert  ARTSYBOB Havens - P O Knees

P O Knees

Robert ARTSYBOB Havens

Elena YakLilysubovich - Lilies -03- Elena...

Lilies -03- Elena...

Elena YakLilysubovich

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Hoot Suite

Hoot Suite

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Sara  Raber - A Mothers Love

A Mothers Love

Sara Raber

Nan Wright - Just My Size

Just My Size

Nan Wright

Patricio Lazen - Soloing


Patricio Lazen

Mahsa Watercolor Artist - Poppy flower in Black

Poppy flower in Black

Mahsa Watercolor Artist

Celia Blanco - Pear Dance

Pear Dance

Celia Blanco

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Robin in the Holly

Robin in the Holly

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Carol Wisniewski - A Tree For Thee

A Tree For Thee

Carol Wisniewski

Madelaine Alter - Below the Beaver Dam ...

Below the Beaver Dam ...

Madelaine Alter

Linde Townsend - Joyful


Linde Townsend

Carol Wisniewski - Savoy Watercolor

Savoy Watercolor

Carol Wisniewski

Sandi Stonebraker - Laundry day

Laundry day

Sandi Stonebraker

Joy Bradley - Zinnia Flower

Zinnia Flower

Joy Bradley

Nan Wright - Just My Size

Just My Size

Nan Wright

Nan Wright - Italian Doorway

Italian Doorway

Nan Wright

Hazel Holland - Fantasy Flowers and Birds
Sara  Raber - Flowers


Sara Raber

Chrisann Ellis - Kenny Chesney  01

Kenny Chesney 01

Chrisann Ellis

Rhonda Shelford Jansen  - RSJ - Opi


Rhonda Shelford Jansen - RSJ

Valerie Garner - Slumber A Chance to...

Slumber A Chance to...

Valerie Garner

BJ Pinkston - Sun Rising V

Sun Rising V

BJ Pinkston

Beverley Harper Tinsley - A Lemon

A Lemon

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Chrisann Ellis - What Lies Ahead Series ...
Beverley Harper Tinsley - Bella Vita

Bella Vita

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Hazel Holland - The Depths of the Sea

The Depths of the Sea

Hazel Holland

Pat Yager - Spring Rhody Watercolor
Elena Yakubovich - Venetian courtyard 02...

Venetian courtyard 02...

Elena Yakubovich

Janet Felts - Walking Bridge

Walking Bridge

Janet Felts

Karen Mattson - Pink Rose With Water...
Hazel Holland - Desert Snow

Desert Snow

Hazel Holland

Elaine Duras - Mr Incandescent Farewell...
Carol Wisniewski - As Far as the Eye Can See

As Far as the Eye Can See

Carol Wisniewski

Mahsa Watercolor Artist - American Football

American Football

Mahsa Watercolor Artist

BJ Pinkston - Wave II

Wave II

BJ Pinkston

Sarah Buell  Dowling - Abraham looked and...

Abraham looked and...

Sarah Buell Dowling

Andrew Read - Caerphilly Castle

Caerphilly Castle

Andrew Read

Chrisann Ellis - Kenny Chesney  02

Kenny Chesney 02

Chrisann Ellis

Linde Townsend - Poppy Garden

Poppy Garden

Linde Townsend

Carol Wisniewski - A Winter Wonderland

A Winter Wonderland

Carol Wisniewski

Cindy Elsharouni - African Boy

African Boy

Cindy Elsharouni

BJ Pinkston - Bay Watcher

Bay Watcher

BJ Pinkston

Karen Whitworth - Winter Harvest 2...

Winter Harvest 2...

Karen Whitworth

Pat Yager - Himalayan Blue Poppies
Marie Minyoung Jeon - Pont Au Double

Pont Au Double

Marie Minyoung Jeon

Carol Wisniewski - Winter Enraptured

Winter Enraptured

Carol Wisniewski

Denis francis Lillis - Passage


Denis francis Lillis

Esther Newman-Cohen - Deconstructing Picasso -...

Deconstructing Picasso -...

Esther Newman-Cohen

Kristine Plum - Waterspout


Kristine Plum

Janine Riley - The Future looks bright
P Maure Bausch - A Bear in the Woods

A Bear in the Woods

P Maure Bausch

Hazel Holland - Desert Blooms

Desert Blooms

Hazel Holland

Carol Wisniewski - Lupine Time

Lupine Time

Carol Wisniewski

Hazel Holland - A Vaseful of Sunshine

A Vaseful of Sunshine

Hazel Holland

Oscar Zaquinaula - Aymara girl

Aymara girl

Oscar Zaquinaula

Hazel Holland - A Rainbow Garden

A Rainbow Garden

Hazel Holland

Pat Yager - Touch of Gold

Touch of Gold

Pat Yager

Carol Wisniewski - Spotted Trunkfish

Spotted Trunkfish

Carol Wisniewski

Marie Minyoung Jeon - Paris Gare Du Nord

Paris Gare Du Nord

Marie Minyoung Jeon

Esther Newman-Cohen - Dizzy Flowers in a Bowl

Dizzy Flowers in a Bowl

Esther Newman-Cohen

Pat Yager - Springtime Pansy
Natasha Szmidt - These Days

These Days

Natasha Szmidt

Esther Newman-Cohen - Sunflowers at Home

Sunflowers at Home

Esther Newman-Cohen

Peter Art Gallery  - Paintings Photos Prints Posters - Old San Francisco...

Old San Francisco...

Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Prints Posters

John D Benson - Avalon Four

Avalon Four

John D Benson

P Maure Bausch - Going Home

Going Home

P Maure Bausch

Eloise Schneider - Repurposing the Water...

Repurposing the Water...

Eloise Schneider

Hazel Holland - Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise

Hazel Holland

Brent Ander - Moose Crossing

Moose Crossing

Brent Ander

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Partridge In A Pear Tree

Partridge In A Pear Tree

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Pat Yager - Blue Clematis

Blue Clematis

Pat Yager

Carol Wisniewski - Chilly-Season

Chilly-Season's Greetings

Carol Wisniewski

Joy Bradley -  Wear Your Best

Wear Your Best

Joy Bradley

John D Benson - Ency Black Cat

Ency Black Cat

John D Benson

Natasha Szmidt - Uncertainty


Natasha Szmidt

Pat Yager - Begonia Watercolor
Janine Riley - Wonder of the Night

Wonder of the Night

Janine Riley

Hazel Holland - Say it with Flowers

Say it with Flowers

Hazel Holland

Jeff Lucas - Green Sea Turtle II
Janet Felts - Barn Off the Road

Barn Off the Road

Janet Felts

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Puffed Up II

Puffed Up II

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Catherine Saldana - God Who Sees

God Who Sees

Catherine Saldana

Esther Newman-Cohen - Bike Rider in Jerusalem

Bike Rider in Jerusalem

Esther Newman-Cohen

Pat Yager - Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors

Pat Yager

Chrisann Ellis - Laced Memories

Laced Memories

Chrisann Ellis

Karen Mattson - Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier

Karen Mattson

Janine Riley - Milford church clock...
Elena Yakubovich - Strelitzia - Bird Of...

Strelitzia - Bird Of...

Elena Yakubovich

Carol Wisniewski - Sunset Sail on Brittany...
Chrisann Ellis - What Lies Ahead Series

What Lies Ahead Series

Chrisann Ellis

Carol Wisniewski - These Boots Were Made...

These Boots Were Made...

Carol Wisniewski

Janine Riley - Christmas Goose

Christmas Goose

Janine Riley

Esther Newman-Cohen - Flowers in Blue Drama

Flowers in Blue Drama

Esther Newman-Cohen

Carol Blackhurst - Green Eyes

Green Eyes

Carol Blackhurst

Janine Riley - Australian Shepherd Puppy
Kristine Plum - General Charlie and...
Carol Wisniewski - On Break

On Break

Carol Wisniewski

Stephanie Zobrist - Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard

Stephanie Zobrist

Hazel Holland - Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Hazel Holland

Elaine Duras - The Red Sleigh Shoppe
Anna Lobovikov-Katz - The Market Building in...

The Market Building in...

Anna Lobovikov-Katz

Todd Spaur - Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

Todd Spaur

Kevin Houchin - Geometry and Gesture ...
Kyong Burke - Angel

Angel's Trumpet

Kyong Burke

Jeff Lucas - Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse
Stephanie Zobrist - Fox


Stephanie Zobrist

Chrisann Ellis - Country Singer Tim...

Country Singer Tim...

Chrisann Ellis

Esther Newman-Cohen - Deconstructing Picasso ...

Deconstructing Picasso ...

Esther Newman-Cohen

Stephanie Zobrist - Winter


Stephanie Zobrist

Margo Schwirian - Do You See What Else He...
Phyllis Muller - Gone sailing

Gone sailing

Phyllis Muller

Carol Blackhurst - The Guardian

The Guardian

Carol Blackhurst

Peter Art Gallery  - Paintings Photos Prints Posters - Indian Woman - Native...

Indian Woman - Native...

Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Prints Posters

Carol Wisniewski - Down By The River

Down By The River

Carol Wisniewski

Carol Wisniewski - A Walk Down Spring Lane

A Walk Down Spring Lane

Carol Wisniewski

Peter Art Gallery  - Paintings Photos Prints Posters - My Bicycle - Naive...

My Bicycle - Naive...

Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Prints Posters

Sarah Buell Dowling - Preening Egret

Preening Egret

Sarah Buell Dowling

Janine Riley - Coming in

Coming in

Janine Riley

Janet Felts - Girl in the Blue Jacket
Esther Newman-Cohen - Moses


Esther Newman-Cohen

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Wild Peacock

Wild Peacock

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Karin Best - A Rose Is A Rose

A Rose Is A Rose

Karin Best

Pat Yager - Sunflower Syncopation
Madelaine Alter - Forest Trail Algonquin...
Gea Scheltinga - Treasures on the attic

Treasures on the attic

Gea Scheltinga

Karen Mattson - Little Susitna River...
Janet Felts - Behind the Shed

Behind the Shed

Janet Felts

Karen Mattson - Turnagain Pass Fireweed
Hazel Holland - The Promised One

The Promised One

Hazel Holland

Peter Art Gallery  - Paintings Photos Prints Posters - Virginia City Nevada -...

Virginia City Nevada -...

Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Prints Posters

Carol Wisniewski - Pumpkin Pickin

Pumpkin Pickin

Carol Wisniewski

Sarah Buell  Dowling - Bolivian Girl

Bolivian Girl

Sarah Buell Dowling

Stefanos Garland Koukoulomatis Glaufx - FLowers of love

FLowers of love

Stefanos Garland Koukoulomatis Glaufx

Edwin Rosado - Cheetah Cub Portrait
Sarah Buell  Dowling - Moxie


Sarah Buell Dowling

Carol Blackhurst - Rosy Dewdrops

Rosy Dewdrops

Carol Blackhurst

Nan Wright - irises in Vase

irises in Vase

Nan Wright

Carol Wisniewski - Autumn Leaves of Red and...
Peter Art Gallery  - Paintings Photos Prints Posters - San Francisco 97 -...

San Francisco 97 -...

Peter Art Gallery - Paintings Photos Prints Posters

Andrew Read - Cenarth Falls Wales
Pat Yager - Purple Poppies

Purple Poppies

Pat Yager

Janine Riley - Kids are home

Kids are home

Janine Riley

Litvac Vadim - Landscape


Litvac Vadim

Scott  Parker - The Giver

The Giver

Scott Parker

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Bukiyona hato

Bukiyona hato

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Carol Wisniewski - Old Village Steps - Italy

Old Village Steps - Italy

Carol Wisniewski

Chrisann Ellis - Dale Earnhardt Sr

Dale Earnhardt Sr

Chrisann Ellis

Janine Riley - Holiday Swan

Holiday Swan

Janine Riley

Nan Wright - Pumpkins


Nan Wright

Joy Bradley - Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Joy Bradley

Annemeet Van der Leij - Venezia


Annemeet Van der Leij

Annemeet Van der Leij - Abraham


Annemeet Van der Leij

Gloria Turner - Townhall Christmas 2011
Janine Riley - Sunflower  Emergence

Sunflower Emergence

Janine Riley

Mo T - Wanderer
Annemeet Van der Leij - Friends


Annemeet Van der Leij

Beverley Harper Tinsley - School


Beverley Harper Tinsley

Janine Riley - Twilight hour

Twilight hour

Janine Riley

Mo T - Girl in Red Coat
Madeleine Holzberg - St. Paul de Vence

St. Paul de Vence

Madeleine Holzberg

Mo T - Burden


Mo T

John D Benson - Royal Clipper leaving...
Jeff Lucas - Dos Jellyfish

Dos Jellyfish

Jeff Lucas

Todd Spaur - Autumn Deer

Autumn Deer

Todd Spaur

Catherine Saldana - The wind and the sea

The wind and the sea

Catherine Saldana

Ellen Levinson - Pebbled Creek

Pebbled Creek

Ellen Levinson

Mo T - Little Prince
Beverley Harper Tinsley - Darkening


Beverley Harper Tinsley

Todd Spaur - Love Is Forever

Love Is Forever

Todd Spaur

Celia Blanco - Summer Morning Geraniums
Brent Ander - Bass Harbor Lighthouse...
Kristine Plum - Northern Spring

Northern Spring

Kristine Plum

Sara  Raber - Scenic View

Scenic View

Sara Raber

John D Benson - Netherlands Windmill

Netherlands Windmill

John D Benson

Mo T - Just Audrey
Sandra Ramsey - A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day

Sandra Ramsey

Carol Blackhurst - Mr. Wiggins

Mr. Wiggins

Carol Blackhurst

Eloise Schneider - Lady Boxer

Lady Boxer

Eloise Schneider

Scott  Parker - Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Scott Parker

Hazel Holland - Waves of His Love

Waves of His Love

Hazel Holland

Madeleine Holzberg - Bromiliad


Madeleine Holzberg

Eloise Schneider - American Sign Language ....
Cindy Elsharouni - Posing


Cindy Elsharouni

Gloria Turner - SOLD Southern Crepe...
Cindy Elsharouni - Freedom


Cindy Elsharouni

Hazel Holland - I AM Will Calm Your Sea
John D Benson - Fox Terrier Full

Fox Terrier Full

John D Benson

Hazel Holland - Under Water World

Under Water World

Hazel Holland

Catherine Saldana - Dry Bones

Dry Bones

Catherine Saldana

Sandra Ramsey - The Homestead

The Homestead

Sandra Ramsey

Sarah Buell  Dowling - Original Fine Art...

Original Fine Art...

Sarah Buell Dowling

John D Benson - Avalon Three

Avalon Three

John D Benson

Karin Best - Caribbean Life

Caribbean Life

Karin Best

Nan Wright - Paige


Nan Wright

Catherine Saldana - Bless the Lord

Bless the Lord

Catherine Saldana

Sandra Ramsey - Misty Blue Ridge Hideaway
Madelaine Alter - Autumn  Opeongo Lake ...

Autumn Opeongo Lake ...

Madelaine Alter

Dagmar Helbig - Volterra


Dagmar Helbig

Jennifer  Creech - The Pole Line to Race...

The Pole Line to Race...

Jennifer Creech

Marilyn Zalatan - Lovely Hollies

Lovely Hollies

Marilyn Zalatan

Joy Bradley - Welcome


Joy Bradley

Jeff Lucas - Running Paint

Running Paint

Jeff Lucas

Eloise Schneider - Chihuahua


Eloise Schneider

Elaine Duras - Subtle Peace

Subtle Peace

Elaine Duras

Janine Riley - Winter Sunset on...

Winter Sunset on...

Janine Riley

Janine Riley - Night Owl

Night Owl

Janine Riley

Nan Wright - Serene Solitude

Serene Solitude

Nan Wright

Chrisann Ellis - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Chrisann Ellis

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Arriving


Beverley Harper Tinsley

Dagmar Helbig - Mexico-City the Endless...
Chrisann Ellis - Music Artist..Pink

Music Artist..Pink

Chrisann Ellis

John D Benson - Canal Boat in Richmond
Janine Riley - A country Home

A country Home

Janine Riley

Chrisann Ellis - A Touch Of Pink

A Touch Of Pink

Chrisann Ellis

Hazel Holland - Swaying to the Music

Swaying to the Music

Hazel Holland

P Maure Bausch - Purple Rain

Purple Rain

P Maure Bausch

Catherine Saldana - Lion of Judah

Lion of Judah

Catherine Saldana

Mo T - Poppy


Mo T

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Nature Prevails original...

Nature Prevails original...

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Nan Wright - Mr. Woodhouse Toad
Todd Spaur - Comfortbly Numb

Comfortbly Numb

Todd Spaur

Eloise Schneider - Cats in a Hat - Seuss...

Cats in a Hat - Seuss...

Eloise Schneider

Mo T - Flying


Mo T

Sally Simon - Slated for Demolition
Chrisann Ellis - Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

Chrisann Ellis

Karon Melillo DeVega - 1850 Antique World Map...

1850 Antique World Map...

Karon Melillo DeVega

Janine Riley - Sunflower Joy

Sunflower Joy

Janine Riley

Chrisann Ellis - The Chief

The Chief

Chrisann Ellis

Kyong Burke - Green Grapes

Green Grapes

Kyong Burke

Catherine Saldana - Cross


Catherine Saldana

Kyong Burke - Color me

Color me

Kyong Burke

Karon Melillo DeVega - Antique World Map Orbis...

Antique World Map Orbis...

Karon Melillo DeVega

Janine Riley - Sun sets on the marsh
Hazel Holland - Dream Big

Dream Big

Hazel Holland

Chrisann Ellis - What Lies Ahead...

What Lies Ahead...

Chrisann Ellis

Kristina Delossantos - Wolf And White Poplars

Wolf And White Poplars

Kristina Delossantos

Todd Spaur - Zoro


Todd Spaur

Nan Wright - Bluebird among the...
Valerie Garner - Tuscan Portal Watercolor
Janine Riley - Newburgh Beacon bridge...
Elizabeth Lock - Wildflowers


Elizabeth Lock

Beverley Harper Tinsley - California Quail

California Quail

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Chrisann Ellis - Best Dog In Show With...
Sally Simon - Will

Will's Cabin

Sally Simon

Eloise Schneider - Still the Light

Still the Light

Eloise Schneider

Surbhi Grover - Colorful Dreams

Colorful Dreams

Surbhi Grover

Kristine Plum - Sailing Through Life

Sailing Through Life

Kristine Plum

Nan Wright - Blue Bird

Blue Bird

Nan Wright

Nan Wright - Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Nan Wright

Hazel Holland - Depths of His Love

Depths of His Love

Hazel Holland

Stephanie Zobrist - Mango Tree

Mango Tree

Stephanie Zobrist

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Colorado Asters

Colorado Asters

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Hazel Holland - An Oasis in the Desert
Karon Melillo DeVega - Blaze Orange Watercolor...

Blaze Orange Watercolor...

Karon Melillo DeVega

John D Benson - Susquehanna Mill

Susquehanna Mill

John D Benson

Elizabeth Lock - Bourton-on-the-Water I

Bourton-on-the-Water I

Elizabeth Lock

Nan Wright - Red Boots

Red Boots

Nan Wright

Chrisann Ellis - Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Chrisann Ellis

Eloise Schneider - Curly Cat Love

Curly Cat Love

Eloise Schneider

Chrisann Ellis - Blake Shelton  Country...
Litvac Vadim - Trees


Litvac Vadim

P Maure Bausch - Outside My Window

Outside My Window

P Maure Bausch

Hazel Holland - I Am

I Am

Hazel Holland

Hazel Holland - Transformed Into His...
Tracy Male - Through the Eyes of a...
Hazel Holland - A Sea of Broken Hearts
Elizabeth Lock - Indian Elephant

Indian Elephant

Elizabeth Lock

Chrisann Ellis - Actress ...Liv Tyler

Actress ...Liv Tyler

Chrisann Ellis

Janine Riley - ESU The future looks...
Seema Sayyidah - Streets of Madinah

Streets of Madinah

Seema Sayyidah

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Ampersand Owl

Ampersand Owl

Beverley Harper Tinsley

P Maure Bausch - Tailwagging Tailgaters

Tailwagging Tailgaters

P Maure Bausch

Janine Riley - Pink Coneflowers

Pink Coneflowers

Janine Riley

Hazel Holland - The Millstream

The Millstream

Hazel Holland

Hazel Holland - New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Hazel Holland

Reza Daliloltejari - Sea


Reza Daliloltejari

Hazel Holland - Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Hazel Holland

Janine Riley - Greener Pastures

Greener Pastures

Janine Riley

P Maure Bausch - My Ba-Looney

My Ba-Looney

P Maure Bausch

Sara  Raber - Winter Barn in watercolor
Chrisann Ellis - Bette Davis 02

Bette Davis 02

Chrisann Ellis

Chrisann Ellis - No Boundries With Music
Dagmar Helbig - Carneval en Chiapas

Carneval en Chiapas

Dagmar Helbig

Nan Wright - Love me love my dog
Nan Wright - Missouri Fox Trotter...
Beverley Harper Tinsley - Yum


Beverley Harper Tinsley

Nan Wright - Rooster


Nan Wright

Reza Daliloltejari - Blue Parrot

Blue Parrot

Reza Daliloltejari

John D Benson - Cape May Lighthouse

Cape May Lighthouse

John D Benson

Reza Daliloltejari - Blooms


Reza Daliloltejari

Karon Melillo DeVega - On the Boardwalk

On the Boardwalk

Karon Melillo DeVega

AnnaJo Vahle - Shell Collecting

Shell Collecting

AnnaJo Vahle

Karon Melillo DeVega - Innocence


Karon Melillo DeVega

Todd Spaur - On A Sunny Day

On A Sunny Day

Todd Spaur

Sara  Raber - Farm Days 2

Farm Days 2

Sara Raber

Litvac Vadim - Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona

Litvac Vadim

Chrisann Ellis - Country Music...

Country Music...

Chrisann Ellis

Katie Essman - Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Katie Essman

Eloise Schneider - Martini Madness

Martini Madness

Eloise Schneider

Nan Wright - Young Girl with Straw Hat
Valerie Garner - Homestead Window...

Homestead Window...

Valerie Garner

Katie Essman - Nemo and Dory

Nemo and Dory

Katie Essman

Sally Simon - Backroads of Georgia
Chrisann Ellis - Let Your Music Flow In...
Eloise Schneider - Butterfly


Eloise Schneider

Sara  Raber - Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Sara Raber

Kerri Ligatich - Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids

Kerri Ligatich