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Watercolors - Skills Help Sales



Group Administrator

Sandy McIntire

Mount Hope, WV

United States

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This group was started on July 28th, 2011 and currently has:


64 Members


507 Images


296 Discussions

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Watercolors - Skills Help Sales

About This Group


This is a group for watercolor artists to use to share information, tips, and critiques. We will post our paintings, of course, but our goal is to use the DISCUSSION format to talk about our work. Please post only one image a day, so that we will have a chance to ponder it. Sales are important, but skills get sales, sales don't get skills!

Motto: Everyone can teach and everyone can learn.

This group is for watercolor artists using transparent, opaque, and pencil, but not gouache.

Please submit only original work. Copies of well-known people or paintings will be rejected.

NO DIGITAL ART - If you used the computer to create or alter it, it is Digital Art.

Group members must submit their own artwork and not artwork created by someone else. Only group members who participate in Discussions will be eligible to have their paintings featured on this page.

Featured Images

Sandy McIntire - Shells on the Beach

Shells on the Beach

Sandy McIntire

Frank Bright - Roofs of Roatan

Roofs of Roatan

Frank Bright

David Bartsch - Bridge in Shadows

Bridge in Shadows

David Bartsch

Sandy McIntire - Gift of the Sea

Gift of the Sea

Sandy McIntire

Keshava Shukla - Saint-Michael Bvd. paris
Frank Bright - Juiced


Frank Bright

Sandy McIntire - Color Purple

Color Purple

Sandy McIntire

Karunita Kapoor - The Triangular Marvel

The Triangular Marvel

Karunita Kapoor

Esther Newman-Cohen - Delicate Descent

Delicate Descent

Esther Newman-Cohen

David Bartsch - My Backyard

My Backyard

David Bartsch

Sandy McIntire - Mary

Mary's Flowers

Sandy McIntire

Janice Sobien - Footbridge


Janice Sobien

Frank Bright - Hudson Valley Farm In...
Frank Bright - Boat in Grand Cayman
Frank Bright - MIsty Morning Brook In...
Gary Kirkpatrick - Couple reading

Couple reading

Gary Kirkpatrick

Frank Bright - Roatan Marketplace

Roatan Marketplace

Frank Bright

David Bartsch - Sunset 5

Sunset 5

David Bartsch

Wendy Westlake - Bikes


Wendy Westlake

Sandy McIntire - Party Girl

Party Girl

Sandy McIntire

Frank Bright - San Francisco Skyline...
David Bartsch - Bellaire Train Viaduct
Sandy McIntire - Sea Shells

Sea Shells

Sandy McIntire

Frank Bright - Cauterskill Falls...
Gary Kirkpatrick - Woman in a Lonely Bar...

Woman in a Lonely Bar...

Gary Kirkpatrick

Sandy McIntire - Shellers Delight

Shellers Delight

Sandy McIntire

Frank Bright - Snow In Vermont

Snow In Vermont

Frank Bright

David Bartsch - Red Creek

Red Creek

David Bartsch

Frank Bright - Natures Bouquet Abstract
Frank Bright - Lagoon At Sun City

Lagoon At Sun City

Frank Bright

Sandy McIntire - Light Through Glass

Light Through Glass

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - Riding the Carousel

Riding the Carousel

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - Bench on a Hill

Bench on a Hill

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - The Juggler

The Juggler

Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Returning Home

Returning Home

David Bartsch

Sandy McIntire - In the Mirror

In the Mirror

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - Corky


Sandy McIntire

Frank Bright - Cliffs Of Hawaii...

Cliffs Of Hawaii...

Frank Bright

Sandy McIntire - Mollie


Sandy McIntire

Gary Kirkpatrick - Zoraya Plays

Zoraya Plays

Gary Kirkpatrick

Sandy McIntire - Carrie the Clown

Carrie the Clown

Sandy McIntire

Frank Bright - Butterfly Greeting

Butterfly Greeting

Frank Bright

Audrey Van Tassell - Elk


Audrey Van Tassell

Sandy McIntire - At the Circus

At the Circus

Sandy McIntire

Gary Kirkpatrick - At The Beach

At The Beach

Gary Kirkpatrick

Jeff Lucas - Green Sea Turtle II
Sandy McIntire - Addie Two

Addie Two

Sandy McIntire

Frank Bright - Touching the Water

Touching the Water

Frank Bright

Sandy McIntire - Sassafras Trees on the...
Jeff Lucas - Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse
Sandy McIntire - Cat


Sandy McIntire

Janet Felts - Girl in the Blue Jacket
Frank Bright - Oliver Twist Portrait...
Frank Bright - Calla Lily Watercolor
Frank Bright - Finch Bird

Finch Bird

Frank Bright

Ryan Fox - Sailing Race

Sailing Race

Ryan Fox

Esther Newman-Cohen - Garden Glory

Garden Glory

Esther Newman-Cohen

Frank Bright - Egret

Egret's Glance

Frank Bright

Wendy Westlake - Bunches of Buttons

Bunches of Buttons

Wendy Westlake

Frank Bright - West Virginia View

West Virginia View

Frank Bright

Frank Bright - Bull FIght Abstract

Bull FIght Abstract

Frank Bright

Sandy McIntire - Lilly Thoughtful

Lilly Thoughtful

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - Hay Ride

Hay Ride

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - In the Grass

In the Grass

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - 4th of July

4th of July

Sandy McIntire

Frank Bright - Colorful City

Colorful City

Frank Bright

Jeff Lucas - Tres Jellyfish

Tres Jellyfish

Jeff Lucas

Jeff Lucas - Dos Jellyfish

Dos Jellyfish

Jeff Lucas

David Bartsch - Oglebay Par 3

Oglebay Par 3

David Bartsch

Esther Newman-Cohen - The Jewish Princess

The Jewish Princess

Esther Newman-Cohen

Sandy McIntire - Going to Seed

Going to Seed

Sandy McIntire

Esther Newman-Cohen - Flower Pots  - The...

Flower Pots - The...

Esther Newman-Cohen

Esther Newman-Cohen - Up Santorini

Up Santorini

Esther Newman-Cohen

Sandy McIntire - It

It's a Puzzle

Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Fishing at Barkcamp

Fishing at Barkcamp

David Bartsch

Sandy McIntire - Summer Winter

Summer Winter

Sandy McIntire

Ryan Fox - Angkor Sunrise
Jeff Lucas - Psychadelic Jelly
Ryan Fox - Quito Sunrise

Quito Sunrise

Ryan Fox

Sandy McIntire - Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Woman in Bonnet Kate...
Esther Newman-Cohen - Celebration of Waves

Celebration of Waves

Esther Newman-Cohen

Ryan Fox - Tikal Ruins

Tikal Ruins

Ryan Fox

Kathy Braud - Reflections in Color
Esther Newman-Cohen - Branches in Sway

Branches in Sway

Esther Newman-Cohen

Esther Newman-Cohen - Tree Soliloquy

Tree Soliloquy

Esther Newman-Cohen

Ryan Fox - Watercolor painting of...
Esther Newman-Cohen - A Full Blown Day

A Full Blown Day

Esther Newman-Cohen

Sandy McIntire - Handmade Brooms

Handmade Brooms

Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Amphitheater


David Bartsch

Sandy McIntire - Daffodil 3

Daffodil 3

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - Daffodil 2

Daffodil 2

Sandy McIntire

Jeff Lucas - Scuba


Jeff Lucas

Sandy McIntire - Garden Snail

Garden Snail

Sandy McIntire

Thomas Habermann - Siberian Iris

Siberian Iris

Thomas Habermann

Bill Holkham - Wacissa River

Wacissa River

Bill Holkham

Sandy McIntire - Dogwood Flowers

Dogwood Flowers

Sandy McIntire

Jeff Lucas - David and Goliath
Sandy McIntire - The Champ

The Champ

Sandy McIntire

Jeff Lucas - Jelly One

Jelly One

Jeff Lucas

Sandy McIntire - Girls


Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket

David Bartsch

Bill Holkham - Ospreys Nesting Wakulla...
Sandy McIntire - Wildflower Volunteers

Wildflower Volunteers

Sandy McIntire

Wendy Westlake - Last Light

Last Light

Wendy Westlake

Natalie Sokolova - Springtime


Natalie Sokolova

Sandy McIntire - The Old Caboose

The Old Caboose

Sandy McIntire

Thomas Habermann - May 1st

May 1st

Thomas Habermann

Thomas Habermann - Magnolia


Thomas Habermann

Wendy Westlake - Detail


Wendy Westlake

Thomas Habermann - Petrol station

Petrol station

Thomas Habermann

Thomas Habermann - Traumpaar


Thomas Habermann

Sandy McIntire - I Remember

I Remember

Sandy McIntire

Thomas Habermann - Best View

Best View

Thomas Habermann

Bill Holkham - Laying Out The Decoys I
David Bartsch - Glade Creek Grist Mill
Jeff Lucas - My Wave

My Wave

Jeff Lucas

BJ Pinkston - Majestic


BJ Pinkston

Sandy McIntire - The Poet

The Poet

Sandy McIntire

BD Nowlin - AZ Spring Sunrise
Sandy McIntire - Am I Blue

Am I Blue

Sandy McIntire

BD Nowlin - African Daisy Blackeyed...
Sandy McIntire - All Creatures Great and...
Thomas Habermann - Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland

Thomas Habermann

Thomas Habermann - Schloss Ahorn

Schloss Ahorn

Thomas Habermann

Sandy McIntire - The Fish Flower and Bird
BD Nowlin - Purple Desert

Purple Desert

BD Nowlin

BD Nowlin - Windmill


BD Nowlin

Sandy McIntire - Venus Goddess of Love

Venus Goddess of Love

Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Wheat


David Bartsch

BD Nowlin - Take Flight

Take Flight

BD Nowlin

Sandy McIntire - Angel Trumpets

Angel Trumpets

Sandy McIntire

BD Nowlin - Lighthouse


BD Nowlin

Susan Lee Clark - Sydney


Susan Lee Clark

David Bartsch - Early Morning

Early Morning

David Bartsch

Elise Palmigiani - Aquarelle


Elise Palmigiani

K Lim - The Elephant
David Bartsch - Ocean Mist 3

Ocean Mist 3

David Bartsch

BD Nowlin - Let It Snow

Let It Snow

BD Nowlin

Geeta Biswas - Watercolor painting of...
BD Nowlin - Mountain High

Mountain High

BD Nowlin

Sandy McIntire - Addie


Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - Cats in Hats

Cats in Hats

Sandy McIntire

Thomas Habermann - On The Move 4

On The Move 4

Thomas Habermann

David Bartsch - Old Church

Old Church

David Bartsch

Thomas Habermann - der Sonne entgegen

der Sonne entgegen

Thomas Habermann

Thomas Habermann - Bevor die Blaetter fallen

Bevor die Blaetter fallen

Thomas Habermann

Jeff Lucas - Sant


Jeff Lucas

Sandy McIntire - Lonely


Sandy McIntire

Geeta Biswas - Marlow on Thames 3

Marlow on Thames 3

Geeta Biswas

Geeta Biswas - Roses


Geeta Biswas

Susan  Clark - Arizona River

Arizona River

Susan Clark

Susan Lee Clark - Havest Time

Havest Time

Susan Lee Clark

David Bartsch - Highway


David Bartsch

Geeta Biswas - Bison in Yellowstone
David Bartsch - Willow Farm

Willow Farm

David Bartsch

Sandy McIntire - Boating


Sandy McIntire

Susan  Clark - The Sweetest Rose

The Sweetest Rose

Susan Clark

Sandy McIntire - Golden Sunflower

Golden Sunflower

Sandy McIntire

P Maure Bausch - Swing into Fall

Swing into Fall

P Maure Bausch

Susan  Clark - Flower Girl

Flower Girl

Susan Clark

Susan  Clark - Baby in the Tree

Baby in the Tree

Susan Clark

Marsden Burnell - Little Madonna

Little Madonna

Marsden Burnell

Susan  Clark - David
Susan  Clark - Three Wheeling at Peery...
Susan  Clark - Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset

Susan Clark

Sandy McIntire - Pandora

Pandora's Box

Sandy McIntire

Chrisann Ellis - American Women...Are We...
Susan  Clark - What Color Cocoa

What Color Cocoa

Susan Clark

Sandy McIntire - Drowsy Maggie

Drowsy Maggie

Sandy McIntire

Susan  Clark - Longhorn Sunrise

Longhorn Sunrise

Susan Clark

David Bartsch - Lagoon 1

Lagoon 1

David Bartsch

Kerri Ligatich - Hawaiian Oceanside

Hawaiian Oceanside

Kerri Ligatich

David Bartsch - Barkcamp 1

Barkcamp 1

David Bartsch

David Bartsch - Kaiden 2

Kaiden 2

David Bartsch

Chrisann Ellis - Jessica


Chrisann Ellis

Sandy McIntire - Play Ball

Play Ball

Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Lombardi Poplars

Lombardi Poplars

David Bartsch

David Bartsch - Ashland Bridge

Ashland Bridge

David Bartsch

Marian Hebert - Leaves hiding Flowers

Leaves hiding Flowers

Marian Hebert

Sharon Mick - Beach Day at Puerto...
Chrisann Ellis - No Boundries With Music
Susan  Clark - St. Clare

St. Clare

Susan Clark

Susan  Clark - Afternoon color

Afternoon color

Susan Clark

Kathy Braud - Sunflower Head 4

Sunflower Head 4

Kathy Braud

Sharon Mick - Edward


Sharon Mick

Marian Hebert - Who Is Looking Out

Who Is Looking Out

Marian Hebert

David Bartsch - Covered Bridge 1

Covered Bridge 1

David Bartsch

Marian Hebert - My guy and the Pumpkin
David Bartsch - Lagoon


David Bartsch

David Bartsch - Ocean Sunset

Ocean Sunset

David Bartsch

David Bartsch - View from Road to...

View from Road to...

David Bartsch

David Bartsch - Red Farm

Red Farm

David Bartsch

Kathy Braud - Sunny Retreat 3

Sunny Retreat 3

Kathy Braud

Douglas Beatenhead - Killer on the Road

Killer on the Road

Douglas Beatenhead

Marian Hebert - Sparrow and Ginger

Sparrow and Ginger

Marian Hebert

Sandy McIntire - Study of Sarah

Study of Sarah

Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Foggy Dolly Sods

Foggy Dolly Sods

David Bartsch

Marian Hebert - Asian Mask

Asian Mask

Marian Hebert

Sandy McIntire - Come the Dawn

Come the Dawn

Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Dolly Sods View

Dolly Sods View

David Bartsch

David Bartsch - Spring Cottage

Spring Cottage

David Bartsch

David Bartsch - City at Sunrise

City at Sunrise

David Bartsch

Chrisann Ellis - Close Up to Show My...

Close Up to Show My...

Chrisann Ellis

David Bartsch - Henry Beach

Henry Beach

David Bartsch

David Bartsch - Worm Tree

Worm Tree

David Bartsch

Sandy McIntire - Cattails


Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - Tulip Garden

Tulip Garden

Sandy McIntire

Chrisann Ellis - I Found Peace

I Found Peace

Chrisann Ellis

Sandy McIntire - Tennessee Flycatchers

Tennessee Flycatchers

Sandy McIntire

Chrisann Ellis - Healing with Blue

Healing with Blue

Chrisann Ellis

Chrisann Ellis - Natures Blend

Natures Blend

Chrisann Ellis

Chrisann Ellis - Hidden


Chrisann Ellis

Marian Hebert - What A Pipe

What A Pipe

Marian Hebert

David Bartsch - Bug light 1

Bug light 1

David Bartsch

Sandy McIntire - Viola


Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Backyard snow

Backyard snow

David Bartsch

Chrisann Ellis - Healing


Chrisann Ellis

David Bartsch - Blacklick 2 - Owl

Blacklick 2 - Owl

David Bartsch

David Bartsch - Little Waterfall

Little Waterfall

David Bartsch

David Bartsch - McCready Farm

McCready Farm

David Bartsch

Susan  Clark - Spirit and Courage

Spirit and Courage

Susan Clark

Susan  Clark - Chick Sitter II

Chick Sitter II

Susan Clark

Susan  Clark - Chick Sitter

Chick Sitter

Susan Clark

Sandy McIntire - My Easter Bonnet Long Ago
Sandy McIntire - Hat and Scarf

Hat and Scarf

Sandy McIntire

Susan  Clark - Playing Dress Up

Playing Dress Up

Susan Clark

David Bartsch - Kaiden 1

Kaiden 1

David Bartsch

Susan  Clark - Farm Cat

Farm Cat

Susan Clark

David Bartsch - Contrast in color

Contrast in color

David Bartsch

Sandy McIntire - Summer Coneflowers

Summer Coneflowers

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - Little Lady

Little Lady

Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Foggy Bottomland

Foggy Bottomland

David Bartsch

Susan  Clark - Life

Life's Big Moments

Susan Clark

Sandy McIntire - Sarah and the Snowman

Sarah and the Snowman

Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Winter Footprints

Winter Footprints

David Bartsch

Susan  Clark - California Mountains
Susan  Clark - Sonoran Desert Lake
David Bartsch - Tannis Woods

Tannis Woods

David Bartsch

David Bartsch - Pond Bench

Pond Bench

David Bartsch

Sandy McIntire - Orange Hibiscus

Orange Hibiscus

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - Sarah


Sandy McIntire

David Bartsch - Noel


David Bartsch

Ion vincent DAnu - It s Hard Being a...

It s Hard Being a...

Ion vincent DAnu

David Bartsch - Wooded Lane

Wooded Lane

David Bartsch

Sandy McIntire - Three Men in a Tube

Three Men in a Tube

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire - Orange Zinnias

Orange Zinnias

Sandy McIntire

Ellen Levinson - Native Women at Window...
Wojtek Kowalski - Girl


Wojtek Kowalski

Joey Nash - Pussy Willows

Pussy Willows

Joey Nash

Dennis Staples - Betty C.

Betty C.

Dennis Staples

Kathy Braud - Red Floral Mishmash
Kathy Braud - Yellow Orchids of the...
Pat Yager - Touch of Gold

Touch of Gold

Pat Yager

Sher Nasser - Zanzibar Forzani beach
Laura Brightwood - Maine Coon Portrait

Maine Coon Portrait

Laura Brightwood

Dedy Ario Dimas - You make me smile

You make me smile

Dedy Ario Dimas

Barbara McGeachen - Red Pin Oak

Red Pin Oak

Barbara McGeachen

Chrisann Ellis - Abstract Sunflowers

Abstract Sunflowers

Chrisann Ellis

Sandy McIntire - Violin or Fiddle

Violin or Fiddle

Sandy McIntire

Sandy Collier - Christmas in the...

Christmas in the...

Sandy Collier

Chrisann Ellis - Sisters Kiss

Sisters Kiss

Chrisann Ellis

David Bartsch - Zaleski


David Bartsch

Chrisann Ellis - The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

Chrisann Ellis