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West Texas



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Louis Nugent

San Angelo, TX

United States

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This group was started on May 22nd, 2012 and currently has:

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West Texas

About This Group

West Texas is open to photographs, painting, sculptures, and other artwork devoted to the dry half of Texas and other areas of the American Southwest. Pieces related to the semi-arid desert country of the Western Concho Valley and Trans-Pecos regions are particularly welcome as are images from the Llano Estacado. Here, you'll find arid country flora and fauna, cowboys and ranch scenes, rugged landscapes plucked from the Big Bend and over 400 miles more of this vast and dry country, small towns and ghost towns. Tastefully done nudes are acceptable provided they relate to desert or western themes. West Texas can't be defined or confined to specific boundaries on a map-- it is a state of mind. To me, it is the country west of the 100th meridian, land that is at its loveliest south of the 32nd parallel. Others see it beginning at the edge of the Hill Country...

Featured Images

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas - The Moon the Mountains Cacti A Cat

The Moon the Mountains Cacti A Cat

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas

Lee Haxton - Country Girl

Country Girl

Lee Haxton

Wendy Martinez - Spectral


Wendy Martinez

Alex Lieban - Big Bend Sky

Big Bend Sky

Alex Lieban

Ryan Dove - Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

Ryan Dove

Christine Till - Contrabando Film Set

Contrabando Film Set

Christine Till

Neva Cruddas - The Longhorn

The Longhorn

Neva Cruddas

Ryan Dove - Texas Theater

Texas Theater

Ryan Dove

Marie Clark - The Bridge

The Bridge

Marie Clark

Ashley M Conger  - Palo Duro Canyon Trail

Palo Duro Canyon Trail

Ashley M Conger

Alan Roberts - The Rio Grand

The Rio Grand

Alan Roberts

Rick Collins - Fire In The Sky

Fire In The Sky

Rick Collins

Jennifer Hillman - Yucca


Jennifer Hillman

Erika Weber - Back in the day

Back in the day

Erika Weber

Paula Loftin - Ready for Work

Ready for Work

Paula Loftin

Louis Nugent - Working Cowboy

Working Cowboy

Louis Nugent

Joe Jake Pratt - The Cask Of Armadillo

The Cask Of Armadillo

Joe Jake Pratt

Amber Kresge - Canyon Windmill

Canyon Windmill

Amber Kresge

Avis  Noelle - Group of Cacti

Group of Cacti

Avis Noelle

Karen Boudreaux - Fort Davis Scene

Fort Davis Scene

Karen Boudreaux

KC Taffinder - West Texas

West Texas

KC Taffinder

David Pike - Survival


David Pike

Avis  Noelle - Big Bend Mesa

Big Bend Mesa

Avis Noelle

Judi Bagwell - Cactus


Judi Bagwell

Louis Nugent - At The Scrapyard

At The Scrapyard

Louis Nugent

Charles McKelroy - Desert Land

Desert Land

Charles McKelroy

Michael Flood - Texas Cactus

Texas Cactus

Michael Flood

Karen Slagle - Luna de Sangre

Luna de Sangre

Karen Slagle

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas - Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas

Amber Kresge - The High Bridge

The High Bridge

Amber Kresge

Louis Nugent - Rocks of San Angelo

Rocks of San Angelo

Louis Nugent

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas - Miner

Miner's Companion

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas - A Tribute to Aesop

A Tribute to Aesop

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas

Joe Jake Pratt - The Picket Boundary

The Picket Boundary

Joe Jake Pratt

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas - Mountain King

Mountain King

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas - La Coqueta- The Coquette

La Coqueta- The Coquette

Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas

Marie Clark - Southwest Twilight

Southwest Twilight

Marie Clark

Joe Jake Pratt - Tio Y Tia

Tio Y Tia

Joe Jake Pratt

Karen Slagle - Fade to White

Fade to White

Karen Slagle

Anthony Scarpace - Crystal In The Sand

Crystal In The Sand

Anthony Scarpace

Erika Weber - Lake Amistad

Lake Amistad

Erika Weber

Bob Phillips - Sand Layers

Sand Layers

Bob Phillips

Joe Jake Pratt - Mission Espada

Mission Espada

Joe Jake Pratt

David Pike - Bringing Light

Bringing Light

David Pike

James Loveless - Golden Light

Golden Light

James Loveless

Louis Nugent - The Comanche Women

The Comanche Women

Louis Nugent