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Your Best and Favorite Tree Images



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R McLellan

Poteau, OK

United States

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This group was started on March 1st, 2014 and currently has:

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Your Best and Favorite Tree Images

About This Group

Here is the place to share your best images of TREES. TREES must be the object of your submitted images. Images may be any media - paintings, digital, mixed media, photographs both black & white and colour, drawings, pen and ink etc. It\'s about your personal best in whatever media you choose.

Members may upload a maximum of 2 images per day. Each week a feature will be chosen from all images submitted to the group.

The Fine Print.
For the sake of my sanity, refrain somehow from posting suggestive, nudes, nudity, violent or death scenes.

Let's keep this a positive, helpful and nice place to be. Don't be afraid to start up discussions. Most of all - Enjoy!

Featured Images

Nancy Harrison - Glowing Trees

Glowing Trees

Nancy Harrison

Jennifer Churchman - Looking Up Through the Trees

Looking Up Through the Trees

Jennifer Churchman

Maggie Vlazny - Boy Lost in Time

Boy Lost in Time

Maggie Vlazny

Michael Dillon - Touch Of Red

Touch Of Red

Michael Dillon

Patricia Keller - Hickory Trees in Winter

Hickory Trees in Winter

Patricia Keller

Iris Gelbart - Fallscape


Iris Gelbart

Helena Bebirian - A Poem Lovely As A Tree

A Poem Lovely As A Tree

Helena Bebirian

Petros Yiannakas - Woody Alien

Woody Alien

Petros Yiannakas

Petros Yiannakas - WoodMan


Petros Yiannakas

Carol Wisniewski - Down A Shady Lane

Down A Shady Lane

Carol Wisniewski

Karol  Livote - Winter White Out

Winter White Out

Karol Livote

Maggie Vlazny - Path through Forest

Path through Forest

Maggie Vlazny

Diane Milroy - Twisted tree

Twisted tree

Diane Milroy

Mary Goodreau - Beautiful Trees

Beautiful Trees

Mary Goodreau

Mary Goodreau - Sunlight in the Trees

Sunlight in the Trees

Mary Goodreau

Mary Goodreau - In the Pines

In the Pines

Mary Goodreau

Paul Sclafani - Desert Sun

Desert Sun

Paul Sclafani

Chrisann Ellis - Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden

Chrisann Ellis

Jacob DeBorde - Sunlight


Jacob DeBorde

Matthew Yeoman - Somewhere Only We Know

Somewhere Only We Know

Matthew Yeoman

Carol Wisniewski - Gum Trees in Oz

Gum Trees in Oz

Carol Wisniewski

Kingshuk Mondal - The Shining Mangrove

The Shining Mangrove

Kingshuk Mondal

Inge Riis McDonald - Ancient Beech Tree

Ancient Beech Tree

Inge Riis McDonald

Louie Terra - Sunbeaten Ancestor

Sunbeaten Ancestor

Louie Terra

Louie Terra - Sunbeaten


Louie Terra

Dan Wagner - Heavens Door

Heavens Door

Dan Wagner

James Peterson - The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle

James Peterson

Mary Palmer - Along the Way

Along the Way

Mary Palmer

Richard Andrews - Roth Park Trail 2

Roth Park Trail 2

Richard Andrews

Shana Rowe - Where Time Stops

Where Time Stops

Shana Rowe

Brian Thompson - Tree Reflections

Tree Reflections

Brian Thompson

Nancy Cupp - Redbud Special

Redbud Special

Nancy Cupp

Nancy Cupp - Wisdom


Nancy Cupp

Rebecca Tkaczyk - Eye of the Tree

Eye of the Tree

Rebecca Tkaczyk

Jacqueline Martin - Hidden Heaven

Hidden Heaven

Jacqueline Martin

Jacqueline Martin - Heavenly Path

Heavenly Path

Jacqueline Martin

Michael Dillon - Green Mist

Green Mist

Michael Dillon

Louie Terra - Pine Relic

Pine Relic

Louie Terra

Diannah Lynch - Cross In The Woods

Cross In The Woods

Diannah Lynch

Jason Gallant - Fantasy Woods

Fantasy Woods

Jason Gallant

Jason Gallant - Fuzzy Glow

Fuzzy Glow

Jason Gallant

Patti Whitten - Massive Cherry Tree

Massive Cherry Tree

Patti Whitten

Patti Whitten - Redbud Trees

Redbud Trees

Patti Whitten

Mary Lynne Powers - Downstream


Mary Lynne Powers

Mary Lynne Powers - Thomasville Oak

Thomasville Oak

Mary Lynne Powers

Olivia Candille - Tree of Life 3

Tree of Life 3

Olivia Candille

Olivia Candille - Tree of Life 2

Tree of Life 2

Olivia Candille

Timothy Lowry - Palms at the Pier

Palms at the Pier

Timothy Lowry

Alexander Senin - Winter Fresh

Winter Fresh

Alexander Senin

Alexander Senin - Autumn Colouration

Autumn Colouration

Alexander Senin

Rumiana Nikolova - Alone


Rumiana Nikolova

Rumiana Nikolova - Spring is coming

Spring is coming

Rumiana Nikolova

Kerstin Ivarsson - European Larch tree

European Larch tree

Kerstin Ivarsson

Kerstin Ivarsson -  Norway spruce

Norway spruce

Kerstin Ivarsson

Paul Sclafani - Close Together

Close Together

Paul Sclafani

Teresa Ascone - Wood in the Woods

Wood in the Woods

Teresa Ascone

Nikolyn McDonald - Fantasy Aurora

Fantasy Aurora

Nikolyn McDonald

Iris Gelbart - Simplicity


Iris Gelbart

Catherine Perkinton - Candy Floss Trees

Candy Floss Trees

Catherine Perkinton

Ruby Kellnhofer - Autumn in London

Autumn in London

Ruby Kellnhofer

Kevin Woodbury - Moss Garden

Moss Garden

Kevin Woodbury

Iris Gelbart - Tranquility


Iris Gelbart

Marie Spence - Trees of Winter

Trees of Winter

Marie Spence

Chris Irwin Walker - Platane


Chris Irwin Walker

Chrisann Ellis - I Found Peace

I Found Peace

Chrisann Ellis

Kerstin Ivarsson - Golden autumn tree

Golden autumn tree

Kerstin Ivarsson

Carol Wisniewski - A Tree For Thee

A Tree For Thee

Carol Wisniewski

Dan Wagner - Growing up

Growing up

Dan Wagner

Chrisann Ellis - Fall to Pieces

Fall to Pieces

Chrisann Ellis

Chrisann Ellis - Florida Inspiration

Florida Inspiration

Chrisann Ellis

James Peterson - Cliffside Scenic Vista

Cliffside Scenic Vista

James Peterson

Kari Espeland - Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory

Kari Espeland

Kari Espeland - Lone Tree

Lone Tree

Kari Espeland

Raymond Salani III - October Sunrise

October Sunrise

Raymond Salani III

Raymond Salani III - Crescent Moon Reflection

Crescent Moon Reflection

Raymond Salani III

Catherine Perkinton - The Dog Tree

The Dog Tree

Catherine Perkinton

Catherine Perkinton - Blue Walkway

Blue Walkway

Catherine Perkinton

Angela J Wright - HoT 2014

HoT 2014

Angela J Wright

Diannah Lynch - Welcoming The Light

Welcoming The Light

Diannah Lynch

P Donovan - Fairy Wood

Fairy Wood

P Donovan

Kerstin Ivarsson - Norway spruce drawing

Norway spruce drawing

Kerstin Ivarsson

Francois Fournier - Forest Blossoming

Forest Blossoming

Francois Fournier

Shahin Aldhahir - Early Spring

Early Spring

Shahin Aldhahir

Marie Spence - The Old Tree

The Old Tree

Marie Spence

Catherine Howley - Holly Path

Holly Path

Catherine Howley

Catherine Howley - Autumn Birches

Autumn Birches

Catherine Howley

Catherine Hill - Dormant Beauty

Dormant Beauty

Catherine Hill

Anne Gilbert - Autumn

Autumn's Finest

Anne Gilbert

Richard Wambach - Barrytown Tree

Barrytown Tree

Richard Wambach

Anne Gilbert - Autumn

Autumn's Glory

Anne Gilbert

Denisse Del Mar Guevara - The Happy Tree

The Happy Tree

Denisse Del Mar Guevara

Denisse Del Mar Guevara - Spirit of Wonder

Spirit of Wonder

Denisse Del Mar Guevara

Louise Williams - Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee

Louise Williams

Jodie Marie Anne Richardson Traugott          aka jm-ART     - Twisted


Jodie Marie Anne Richardson Traugott aka jm-ART

Jamie Frier - Sunset Palm

Sunset Palm

Jamie Frier

Jason Gallant - Dreamy Falls

Dreamy Falls

Jason Gallant

Richard Cheski - Snow Covered Aspens

Snow Covered Aspens

Richard Cheski

Rachel Bowler - Early Spring

Early Spring

Rachel Bowler

James Peterson - Red Rock Country

Red Rock Country

James Peterson

AnnaJo Vahle - Hickory Hole

Hickory Hole

AnnaJo Vahle

Kerstin Ivarsson - Abstract tree

Abstract tree

Kerstin Ivarsson

Lora Elyse - Ominous Woodland

Ominous Woodland

Lora Elyse

Esther Newman-Cohen - Tree in Motion

Tree in Motion

Esther Newman-Cohen

Brian Wallace - Snowy Lane

Snowy Lane

Brian Wallace

Paul Rebmann - Sunset Pines

Sunset Pines

Paul Rebmann

Jason Gallant - Heart Pond

Heart Pond

Jason Gallant

Sally Weigand - Lake Reflections

Lake Reflections

Sally Weigand

Michael Dillon - Autum Hill

Autum Hill

Michael Dillon

Francois Fournier - The First Signs Of Spring

The First Signs Of Spring

Francois Fournier

James Peterson - Rainy Falltastic Day

Rainy Falltastic Day

James Peterson

Diane Milroy - Winter walk

Winter walk

Diane Milroy

Jeff Iverson - About to Embrace

About to Embrace

Jeff Iverson

Jeff Iverson - Lord of the March

Lord of the March

Jeff Iverson

Sandy Moulder - Sable Palm Looking UP

Sable Palm Looking UP

Sandy Moulder

Sandy Moulder - Reaching for the Sun

Reaching for the Sun

Sandy Moulder

Jackie Carr - Park Trail

Park Trail

Jackie Carr

Stanley  Funk  - Beach Silhouette

Beach Silhouette

Stanley Funk

Pamela Patch - Smokey Sunset Trees

Smokey Sunset Trees

Pamela Patch

Christine Mulgrew - Mountain Moonlight

Mountain Moonlight

Christine Mulgrew

Annemeet Van der Leij - Cathedrals Of The Forest

Cathedrals Of The Forest

Annemeet Van der Leij

Annemeet Van der Leij - The Dark Wood

The Dark Wood

Annemeet Van der Leij

Garett Gabriel - Spring


Garett Gabriel

Anu Nadimpalli - Tree and bench

Tree and bench

Anu Nadimpalli

Gabriele Pomykaj - Under the Big Old Tree

Under the Big Old Tree

Gabriele Pomykaj

Gabriele Pomykaj - Torrey Pine 3

Torrey Pine 3

Gabriele Pomykaj

Colleen Milburn - Beautiful big old tree

Beautiful big old tree

Colleen Milburn

Scott Hill - Broken Old Tree

Broken Old Tree

Scott Hill

Patti Whitten - The Colors of Fall

The Colors of Fall

Patti Whitten

Shane Bechler - Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow

Shane Bechler

A R Williams - Dogwood


A R Williams

A R Williams - Through the Trees

Through the Trees

A R Williams

TK Goforth - Ghost Tree

Ghost Tree

TK Goforth

Bill  Wakeley - Winter Color

Winter Color

Bill Wakeley

Lindsey Grafe - Silhouette


Lindsey Grafe

Lindsey Grafe - Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars

Lindsey Grafe

David Gordon - Dancing Trees

Dancing Trees

David Gordon

Anne Gilbert - Iced Tree

Iced Tree

Anne Gilbert

Francois Fournier - The Bosquet

The Bosquet

Francois Fournier

Louie Terra - Corkscrew Tree

Corkscrew Tree

Louie Terra

Michael Dillon - Once Around The Park

Once Around The Park

Michael Dillon

Lesa Fine - Rainy Day Path

Rainy Day Path

Lesa Fine

Lesa Fine - Night Vision I

Night Vision I

Lesa Fine

Iris Gelbart - For all seasons

For all seasons

Iris Gelbart

David Gordon - Bare Tree and Fog

Bare Tree and Fog

David Gordon

Teodora Motateanu - Tree


Teodora Motateanu

Karol  Livote - Reach For It

Reach For It

Karol Livote

Patti Whitten - Pink Forest

Pink Forest

Patti Whitten

Kingshuk Mondal - Sunset in Mangrove

Sunset in Mangrove

Kingshuk Mondal

Iris Gelbart - Land Escape

Land Escape

Iris Gelbart

Glenn Aker - Rubber Tree

Rubber Tree

Glenn Aker

David Gordon - Sedona Landscape XV

Sedona Landscape XV

David Gordon

Leif Sohlman - Sunshine


Leif Sohlman

Bill Johnson - Aspenglow


Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson - In Search of Autumn

In Search of Autumn

Bill Johnson

Sally Weigand - Peaceful Creek

Peaceful Creek

Sally Weigand

Sally Weigand - Winter Tree

Winter Tree

Sally Weigand

Bill  Wakeley - Red Dawn Square

Red Dawn Square

Bill Wakeley

Luigi Maria De Rubeis - Breathtaking swamp

Breathtaking swamp

Luigi Maria De Rubeis

Luigi Maria De Rubeis - Hidden lake

Hidden lake

Luigi Maria De Rubeis

Maggie Vlazny - Walden Pond

Walden Pond

Maggie Vlazny

Jeff Iverson - Are You Sincere

Are You Sincere

Jeff Iverson

Jeff Iverson - Stora Skalvan

Stora Skalvan

Jeff Iverson

Bonnie Mason - Woodland Sunset

Woodland Sunset

Bonnie Mason

Kerstin Ivarsson - Colourful autumn trees

Colourful autumn trees

Kerstin Ivarsson

Steven Bateson - Branches of Silver

Branches of Silver

Steven Bateson

Shane Bechler - Uprooted Beauty

Uprooted Beauty

Shane Bechler

Scott Mullin - Oak lights

Oak lights

Scott Mullin

Scott Mullin - Cypress Tree

Cypress Tree

Scott Mullin

Rudi Prott - Autumn Colors 15

Autumn Colors 15

Rudi Prott

Rudi Prott - After Sunset

After Sunset

Rudi Prott

Leif Sohlman - Light in the trees

Light in the trees

Leif Sohlman

Jerry Fornarotto - Trees


Jerry Fornarotto

Karen Wiles - VEINS of LIFE


Karen Wiles

Anne Gilbert - Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

Anne Gilbert

Iris Gelbart - Mode


Iris Gelbart

Jackie Carr - Against the Sky

Against the Sky

Jackie Carr

Reid Callaway - Number 4

Number 4

Reid Callaway

Lisa  Phillips - Autumn Canopy

Autumn Canopy

Lisa Phillips

Lisa  Phillips - Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor

Lisa Phillips

Jeff Iverson - Make Calm

Make Calm

Jeff Iverson

Michael Dillon - Water Tree

Water Tree

Michael Dillon

Jeff Breiman - Alium


Jeff Breiman

Leif Sohlman - Soft lilac

Soft lilac

Leif Sohlman

Karol  Livote - A Tree Stands Alone

A Tree Stands Alone

Karol Livote

Karol  Livote - Fall In Motion

Fall In Motion

Karol Livote

Peter Feo - Grenada Sunset

Grenada Sunset

Peter Feo

Peter Feo - Arched Path

Arched Path

Peter Feo

Esther Newman-Cohen - Trees Standing Tall

Trees Standing Tall

Esther Newman-Cohen

Christy Ricafrente - Perserverance


Christy Ricafrente

Christy Ricafrente - Display of Beauty

Display of Beauty

Christy Ricafrente

David Gordon - Winter Landscape II

Winter Landscape II

David Gordon

Iris Gelbart - A place for us two

A place for us two

Iris Gelbart

Nancy Harrison - Alone


Nancy Harrison

Nancy Harrison - Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Nancy Harrison

Brian Wallace - Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

Brian Wallace

R McLellan - Roots of Fantasy

Roots of Fantasy

R McLellan

Reid Callaway - The Ponce in Atlanta

The Ponce in Atlanta

Reid Callaway

Louie Terra - Dark Hollow

Dark Hollow

Louie Terra

Jackie Carr - Bremerton Snowfall

Bremerton Snowfall

Jackie Carr

James Peterson - Out of this World

Out of this World

James Peterson

Michael Dillon - Riley

Riley's Old Place

Michael Dillon

Bill Jonas - Color Storm

Color Storm

Bill Jonas

Michael Dillon - Lonely Autumn Tree

Lonely Autumn Tree

Michael Dillon

Minding My  Visions by Adri and Ray - Sun Shining Through The Trees

Sun Shining Through The Trees

Minding My Visions by Adri and Ray

Charlene Palmer - Snow on the Birch

Snow on the Birch

Charlene Palmer

Minding My  Visions by Adri and Ray - Lonesome Path

Lonesome Path

Minding My Visions by Adri and Ray

Joseph Baril - Water Garden

Water Garden

Joseph Baril

Mark Kiver - Oxbow Abstract

Oxbow Abstract

Mark Kiver

Patti Whitten - Follow What You Love

Follow What You Love

Patti Whitten

Jamie Frier - Three Parrots

Three Parrots

Jamie Frier

Judi Bagwell - Branches


Judi Bagwell

Judi Bagwell - Haunted Branches

Haunted Branches

Judi Bagwell

Wendy J St Christopher - Essential Pause

Essential Pause

Wendy J St Christopher

Wendy J St Christopher - Yesterday

Yesterday's Trees

Wendy J St Christopher

Joyce Gebauer - Winter Trees

Winter Trees

Joyce Gebauer

Esther Newman-Cohen - Two Trees in Winter

Two Trees in Winter's Silence

Esther Newman-Cohen

Diannah Lynch - Rescue Me

Rescue Me

Diannah Lynch

Diannah Lynch - Dancing Trees

Dancing Trees

Diannah Lynch

Lidia  Wilk - Forest


Lidia Wilk

Lidia  Wilk - Forest


Lidia Wilk

Annabella Rharbaoui - Nr. 52

Nr. 52

Annabella Rharbaoui

Annabella Rharbaoui - Nr. 29

Nr. 29

Annabella Rharbaoui

Michael Dillon - Misty Pines

Misty Pines

Michael Dillon

Michael Dillon - Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

Michael Dillon

Stanley  Funk - Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree

Stanley Funk

David Griffith - Rock Face

Rock Face

David Griffith

Scott Pellegrin - The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree

Scott Pellegrin

Scott Pellegrin - Dream Tree

Dream Tree

Scott Pellegrin

Yve Hockenbury Moore - Dances of Night Plays of Light

Dances of Night Plays of Light

Yve Hockenbury Moore

Yve Hockenbury Moore - Tree of Many Possibilities

Tree of Many Possibilities

Yve Hockenbury Moore

Pete Daize - Winterlude


Pete Daize

Denyse Duhaime - Solitude


Denyse Duhaime

Michael Swanson - Golden Days

Golden Days

Michael Swanson

Gregg Jabs - Frozen Willow

Frozen Willow

Gregg Jabs

Ally  White - Fork Tree

Fork Tree

Ally White

Ally  White - Spoon Tree

Spoon Tree

Ally White

David Evans - Indigo Reflections

Indigo Reflections

David Evans

Loriental Photography - The Sunset Tree

The Sunset Tree

Loriental Photography

Jeff Breiman - The Gate

The Gate

Jeff Breiman

Jeff Breiman - The Berkshires

The Berkshires

Jeff Breiman

James Guentner - Lake View

Lake View

James Guentner

David Gordon - Winter Landscape V

Winter Landscape V

David Gordon

AnnaJo Vahle - Devine Oak

Devine Oak

AnnaJo Vahle

AnnaJo Vahle - Walking Tree

Walking Tree

AnnaJo Vahle

Priya Ghose - The Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Life

Priya Ghose

Wayne  Johnson - Wind Whipped

Wind Whipped

Wayne Johnson

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Radiant Orchard

Radiant Orchard

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Wayne  Johnson - Winter Apparition

Winter Apparition

Wayne Johnson

Brian Wallace - Like Glass

Like Glass

Brian Wallace

Bill Johnson - Still Defiant

Still Defiant

Bill Johnson

Clare Bevan - Isolation tree

Isolation tree

Clare Bevan

Garett Gabriel - Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

Garett Gabriel

Garett Gabriel - Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

Garett Gabriel

Stanley  Funk - Arbutus Over Beach

Arbutus Over Beach

Stanley Funk

Stanley  Funk - Autumn Wharf Avenue

Autumn Wharf Avenue

Stanley Funk

Rona Black - Jacaranda Sunset

Jacaranda Sunset

Rona Black

Deyanira Harris - Silent Night

Silent Night

Deyanira Harris

Daniela Safarikova - Redwoods


Daniela Safarikova

Daniela Safarikova - Frost


Daniela Safarikova

Thomas Woolworth - Tree Silhouette

Tree Silhouette

Thomas Woolworth

Joseph Baril - Reflections Of Time

Reflections Of Time

Joseph Baril

Joseph Baril - The Woods

The Woods

Joseph Baril

Dan Sproul - Morning Sun

Morning Sun

Dan Sproul

Freddy Kirsheh - Orangette


Freddy Kirsheh

Freddy Kirsheh - Alone


Freddy Kirsheh

Leif Sohlman - Enkoeping dec 2013

Enkoeping dec 2013

Leif Sohlman

Leif Sohlman - Midday


Leif Sohlman

Catherine Van Der Woerd - Mosaic Stained Glass - First tree

Mosaic Stained Glass - First tree

Catherine Van Der Woerd

Catherine Van Der Woerd - Mosaic Stained Glass - My Woods

Mosaic Stained Glass - My Woods

Catherine Van Der Woerd

Anne Gilbert - Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

Anne Gilbert

Marty Saccone - Flaming Tree

Flaming Tree

Marty Saccone

R McLellan - The Last Oak

The Last Oak

R McLellan