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New Comments for Wednesday, February 1st, 2012


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Kathleen Hebert - Camel


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Kathleen Hebert Thank-you, Loretta!

February 1st, 2012

Larry Nieland - Delicate Hyacinth Bloom

Delicate Hyacinth Bloom

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Larry Nieland Laurie, a well overdue thanks for your beautiful comment !

October 30th, 2013

Beth Buelow - Neon Chicago

Neon Chicago

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Beth Buelow Thanks Charles - I appreciate your comment and vote!

March 18th, 2012

Eena Bo - Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours

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Veikko Suikkanen So beautiful autumn scene Eena! Love it!

April 1st, 2014

Margaret Saheed - Fluorescent Pelicans

Fluorescent Pelicans

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Margaret Saheed Ginny, thank you for featuring Fluorescent Pelicans in your group, Creative Color Alteration-Enhancement.

May 1st, 2014

Chrisann Ellis - Thinking


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Jack Zulli A timeless, joy of a creative work, well done Chrisann! v/f

May 23rd, 2014

Allen n Lehman - FUN in the PARK

FUN in the PARK

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Allen N Lehman Thank you Fania and Dakos................was fun to paint.!!.......................allen

February 1st, 2012

Juergen Roth - Devil Inside

Devil Inside

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Juergen Roth Thanks a ton for your wonderful comments on my tulip flower photography macro artwork Devil Inside ... glad you like it Sue and Melanie!

February 5th, 2012

Evgeni Dinev - Swallowed By The Sea

Swallowed By The Sea

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Gregory Young just awesome.... your portfolio is powerful! v/f

May 21st, 2013

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - Cold Chatter

Cold Chatter

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom Step into the heart of Germany with your feet planted firmly in Michigan Generations of American diners, lodgers and tourists have discovered true Bavarian hospitality without crossing an ocean. And no matter how you arrive - by car, truck, plane or...

February 1st, 2012

Marsha Heiken - Painted Watercolor Red Rose

Painted Watercolor Red Rose

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Therese Alcorn Marsha, your watercolour rose is beautiful!! And you are just beginning? Wow! This is really lovely. I really look forward to seeing more watercolour paintings from you, dear Marsha!

February 2nd, 2012

Phyllis Denton - Fire Red Daylily

Fire Red Daylily

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Phyllis Denton Bruce, thank you so much for featuring this in Colorful Lilies! I appreciate your support!

April 29th, 2012

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - Snowy Playscape

Snowy Playscape

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom Snow sculpture is a sculpture form comparable to sand sculpture or ice sculpture in that most of it is now practiced outdoors, and often in full view of spectators, thus giving it kinship to performance art in the eyes of some. The materials and the...

February 1st, 2012

Allen n Lehman - SKY CLOUD and TREE


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Dean Harte This absolutely rocks the dojo Allen - V/F!

February 1st, 2012

Nicole Ghani - Life

Life's A Dream

Ken Day Beautiful shot Nicole.

February 1st, 2012

Bobby Deal - Piano Doll

Piano Doll

Allen N Lehman I like this expression very much.!!!!!............................allen

February 1st, 2012

Nadya Ost - Water Drop No.17

Water Drop No.17

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Nadya Ost Thank you Joe!

January 10th, 2013

Ylli Haruni - Timid Girl

Timid Girl

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Ylli Haruni Thank you very much Randy!

April 15th, 2013

George Stevenson - Helenium


Peggy SneeM Very Nice!

February 1st, 2012

CJ Schmit - Mono Mill

Mono Mill

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CJ Schmit Thank you very much Fred. I love using the welders glass, makes it a bit more fun :)

February 1st, 2012

Grace Lou - Sunglow Yellow

Sunglow Yellow

Ken Day Very beautiful shot Grace.

February 1st, 2012

CJ Schmit - We Don

We Don't Smile

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CJ Schmit Thank you very much Ken!!

February 1st, 2012

Ylli Haruni - Al Capone

Al Capone

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Ylli Haruni Thank you very much Shawn, MM Photo and Lea! Much appreciated!

May 22nd, 2014

J A M Saylor - Fibonacci Sunflower No. One

Fibonacci Sunflower No. One

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J A M Saylor Thanks, Kevin Sherf! This piece just came back from its debut at our local museum. Glad to have her back!

February 3rd, 2012

Anastasis  Anastasi - Geisha


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Anastasis Anastasi Thanks very mch Diane

March 15th, 2012

Yuriy  Shevchuk - Jazz Miles Davis 3

Jazz Miles Davis 3

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Andrea Simon Congrat on your well-deserved sale.

August 17th, 2012

Larry Nieland - Osprey - Catfish

Osprey - Catfish

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Larry Nieland Thanks again Katie ! !

July 12th, 2012

Kristin Elmquist - Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

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Kristin Elmquist Thanks for the favorite, Shawn. :)

February 1st, 2012

Judy Via-Wolff - When Less is More

When Less is More

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Judy Via-Wolff Thank you so much Vivian! Appreciate!

July 16th, 2013

Tara Turner - The Tree By the Side of the Road

The Tree By the Side of the Road

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Joanne Coyle I really love how you combine phtography with painting treatment!! really nice!

March 22nd, 2012

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - Ice Cold Little  Lamb

Ice Cold Little Lamb

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom Sheep are exclusively herbivorous mammals. Most breeds prefer to graze on grass and other short roughage, avoiding the taller woody parts of plants that goats readily consume. Both sheep and goats use their lips and tongues to select parts of the...

February 1st, 2012

Christian Heeb - Southern Forest

Southern Forest

Peggy SneeM Nice!

February 1st, 2012

Gary Gowans - Heather


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Leo Twikler Great work.Love it

June 12th, 2012

Julia Patterson - The Turquoise Door

The Turquoise Door

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Julia Patterson Thank you, David. I reworked this one with more decisive strokes and it worked way better.

February 4th, 2012

Steve Harrington - Hungry Baby

Hungry Baby

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Steve Harrington Or both. Shh... :)

February 1st, 2012

Lance Bifoss - A Brief Window Of Opportunity

A Brief Window Of Opportunity

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A Souppes Congratulation on the sale of your art!

December 6th, 2013

Keith Hancock - Wilt


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Jim Barber Hove A really well done painting. Full of emotional impact. Shows excellent drawing technique. Congratulations on your well deserved sale.

February 5th, 2013

Geraldine Alexander - Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles

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Paul Svensen Excellent work, Geraldine. v/f

May 29th, 2012

Alexander Kunz - Cryptic Writings V

Cryptic Writings V

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Skip Nall This series ROCKS!!

February 1st, 2012

Tammy Rekito - It

It's Mine

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John Foster My lab had the same duck and alas it is no more............... Great picture, thanks for sharing it

February 1st, 2012

Margaret Hormann Bfa - Cone Flower

Cone Flower

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Margaret Hormann Bfa thank you very much Wendy :)))

February 4th, 2012

Lainie Wrightson - View of Le Puy en Velay

View of Le Puy en Velay

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Lainie Wrightson David, thanks as always for your kindness:)

March 11th, 2013

Barbara Middleton - White Orchids

White Orchids

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Barbara Middleton Thanks so much Debbie! Happy you like it.

September 19th, 2012

Larry Linton - Wood Stork Pair

Wood Stork Pair

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Heiko Koehrer-Wagner Just stunning and awesome, beautiful picture. A fav and vote on this! I just saw that it has been sold - very well deserved !!!! ... Heiko

February 1st, 2012

James Smith - The Storm

The Storm

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Joe Jake Pratt That's a nice shot, right time,right place, good comp. LIKE Jake

February 25th, 2012

Susan DeLain - Caribbean Pirate Ship

Caribbean Pirate Ship

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Susan DeLain Thank you so much Betty! I appreciate your positive comment and L.

January 9th, 2014

Sera Lujan - Heart


Ken Day Very interesting piece of artwork Sera. Such movement,power and style. I think you would enjoy seeing my painting titled Heart Tree. Heats are a fun subject for painting and nature is also. You have an excellent job of creating a piece with both in...

February 1st, 2012

Dean Harte - Late Night Chinese

Late Night Chinese

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Dean Harte Thanks Catalina and Anita!

June 18th, 2013

Sharon Mau - Sound of the Sun

Sound of the Sun

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Colin and Linda McKie Sorry, just realised it's the sun!

May 3rd, 2013

Jessica Jenney - Paperbark Maple

Paperbark Maple

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Prakash Patil good creation !!!! well done Jessica !!!

February 1st, 2012

Ivelina  Aasen - Flower Fairy

Flower Fairy

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Ivelina Aasen Heatfelt thanks Lorenzo !

June 30th, 2014

Saija  Lehtonen - Red Sky

Red Sky

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Saija Lehtonen Many, many thanks Wanda :))

February 3rd, 2012

Larry Linton - Blue-footed Booby

Blue-footed Booby

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Heiko Koehrer-Wagner Just found your galleries. Great photographs. This one is awesome, like all of your pictures! ... Heiko

February 1st, 2012

Lisa Marie Maupassant - Destiny


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Karen Puckett This is an amazing capture!

November 26th, 2012

Angela Gervase - Fall fox

Fall fox

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Al Fritz Excellent, well done! - Al

November 1st, 2013

Jane Schnetlage - Roger Daltry At Woodstock

Roger Daltry At Woodstock

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Dean Harte very cool work Jane, love the appropriate psychedelic treatment you have given this!

February 1st, 2012

Beth Buelow - Gulls in Flight

Gulls in Flight

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Beth Buelow Thank you, Rick - I appreciate the comment :-)

March 21st, 2012

David Bearden - Stairs of mythical proportion

Stairs of mythical proportion

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David Bearden Aimelle, thank you very much...appreciated...

March 14th, 2014

Edward Peterson - Kinsale Street

Kinsale Street

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Edward Peterson Thank you for your comment.

February 2nd, 2012

Fania Simon - Something to Undo

Something to Undo

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Fania Simon Beautiful interpretation, Donna! Thank you !

February 2nd, 2012

Mark Whittaker - Springer Spaniel Portrait

Springer Spaniel Portrait

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Diane Daigle Another beauty! You have really captured the eagerness to 'get the job done' in this breed! He looks ready for the chase. :>)

February 1st, 2012

Sarah Parsons - Dancing Hummingbirds

Dancing Hummingbirds

Gary Rose Nice work, Sarah...

February 1st, 2012

Donna Blackhall - Moonlight And Sorrow

Moonlight And Sorrow

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Donna Blackhall Thanks so much Veikko :)

February 22nd, 2014

Allen n Lehman - The Blob Comes

The Blob Comes

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Allen N Lehman Thanks Debbie.!!.....................always./!!...........................allen

November 8th, 2012

Fania Simon - The Way I See

The Way I See

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Fania Simon I appreciate your comment, Martina!

April 9th, 2012

Stav Stavit Zagron - Peaceful


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Stav Stavit Zagron Thank you Stephen!! and you are most welcome :)

July 4th, 2012

Mark Whittaker - Golden Retriever Portrait

Golden Retriever Portrait

Diane Daigle Such a beautiful face,,, I love it! Amazing work Mark. :>)

February 1st, 2012

Shawn Hughes - Camp Bowie Boulevard

Camp Bowie Boulevard's Tulip

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Shawn Hughes Lol thank you Dean! So true!

February 1st, 2012

James Bo Insogna - Lightning Storm North Scottsdale AZ 85255

Lightning Storm North Scottsdale AZ...

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Nick Gustafson Awesome, the lightning storms and monsoons was my favorite thing while living in AZ grea shot!

February 1st, 2012

Displaying 401 - 500 of 3192 Images With New Comments