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New Comments for Saturday, August 25th, 2012


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Nelieta Mishchenko - A tangled web

A tangled web

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Nelieta Mishchenko Thank you very much Julie!

August 26th, 2012

Priya Ghose - Gold and Blue

Gold and Blue

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Byron Varvarigos Perfection! LF Congrats on your feature in Chiaroscuro, Priya!

May 8th, 2014

Andrew Govan Dantzler - Magnolia Flowers

Magnolia Flowers

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Andrew Govan Dantzler Thank you Sharon for your compliments and SE v/f/g ; much appreciated ... Elaine

February 7th, 2014

Julie Clements - Emergence


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Julie Clements Thank you! I love the colors in this as well! =)

August 25th, 2012

Julie Clements - Scouring


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Julie Clements Thank you Nelieta! =) I didn't even see the ants until I loaded the shot on the computer! =) hehe

August 25th, 2012

Hazel Billingsley - Behind the door

Behind the door

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Hazel Billingsley Thank you very much Clara!

September 13th, 2012

Julie Clements - You So Funny

You So Funny

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Julie Clements Ornery?! Honestly! I resemble that remark you know! =)

August 25th, 2012

Urszula Dudek - Ten Thousand Islands

Ten Thousand Islands

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Urszula Dudek Thank you Edward, cheers

October 25th, 2012

Zeana Romanovna - Enigma Of A Geisha - Abstract Realism

Enigma Of A Geisha - Abstract Realism

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Ginny Schmidt just what this group needs

January 8th, 2013

SAIGON De Manila  - Nursing  Smile

Nursing Smile

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SAIGON De Manila Big thanks for the appreciation Dan!

April 29th, 2014

Gun Legler - Locked in 2

Locked in 2

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Gun Legler Thank you Minnie!

February 10th, 2013

Bob Orsillo - Rainbow Sunset

Rainbow Sunset

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Bob Orsillo Thank you so much my friend Florin!

September 18th, 2012

Joyce Dickens - Passionate Pink

Passionate Pink

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Joyce Dickens Clotilde, thank you my dear friend! jd

October 8th, 2013

John Telfer - Barred Owl

Barred Owl

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Mary Carol Story Beautiful work! L/F

April 7th, 2014

Nancy Pahl - Farmers Market

Farmers Market

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Ferid Jasarevic Very very nice artwork! L

January 20th, 2014

Theresa Tahara - I Dream In Colour

I Dream In Colour

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Nancy Harrison Congrats on your sale, Theresa. Beautiful piece!

1 Hour Ago

Tania Vasylenko - Street Cafe

Street Cafe

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Patricia Awapara Amazing work! great atmosphere. f/v

April 1st, 2013

Mike McGlothlen - Red Umbrella

Red Umbrella

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Mike McGlothlen Thank you Bill, much appreciated!

June 12th, 2013

John Telfer - Purple Monster

Purple Monster

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Sherry Gombert love that purple....v139..fav

November 13th, 2013

Kenny Francis - I Can See For Miles And Miles...

I Can See For Miles And Miles...

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Kenny Francis Thanks so much for the feature in What?, and the promotion, Jim!

June 7th, 2014

Vinamra Sinha - Peeping face

Peeping face

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Vinamra Sinha Thanks Anne for your nice comment on this one!!

November 17th, 2012

Kathy Braud - Yellow Orchids of the Heart

Yellow Orchids of the Heart

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Kathy Braud Thank you, Gurjeet. I appreciate.

March 9th, 2014

Sue Jenkins - Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swimming

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Sue Jenkins Sherry thank you very much for the comment glad you came back to visit :)

October 2nd, 2012

Pg Reproductions - Oarsmen at Chatoli

Oarsmen at Chatoli

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Pg Reproductions Thank you Allen for your visits and comments!!

August 26th, 2012

Cindy Wright - Ferris Wheel Sky

Ferris Wheel Sky

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Cindy Wright Thank you Hanne for your visit, comment and support of v/f! Your paintings deserve every thoughtful comment I can think!!! +++Blessings+++

August 27th, 2012

SAIGON De Manila  - Indomitos Opus

Indomitos Opus

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Duygu Kivanc Beautiful work of art.Very expressive and moving ,with full of emotion,Congratulations Saigon.

July 12th, 2014

Draia Coralia - Yellow just for you

Yellow just for you

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Draia Coralia Thank you, Athala!

September 16th, 2012

Elena Elisseeva - Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

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Elena Elisseeva Thank you Samantha! It can be made available in black and white upon request - please contact me directly if you're interested.

August 30th, 2012

Stav Stavit Zagron - Tunco Inspiration 2

Tunco Inspiration 2

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Stav Stavit Zagron Thank you so much you guys!! :)

September 14th, 2012

Marsha Heiken - Magenta Roses

Magenta Roses

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Christiane Schulze A beautiful arrangement the wonderful color of the roses and the rustic background is a great contrast my friend - hugs Chris (F/V)

September 10th, 2013

Sandra Valentini - Young Crab Hunters

Young Crab Hunters

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Sherry Gombert Beautiful..found this lovely piece in a contest v..and V/F here. good luck.

August 25th, 2012

Lainie Wrightson - Make a Wish

Make a Wish

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Lainie Wrightson Thank you so much, Rosy:)

August 26th, 2012

John Rizzuto - Fountain Design

Fountain Design

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John Rizzuto Yeah I see what you mean. Thanks for the comment.

August 26th, 2012

Ramona Johnston - Florence


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Ramona Johnston Thank you very much Janis! Ramona

February 3rd, 2013

Stacy Moore - Contemplation


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Stacy Moore Thank you! I appreciate your comments!!

June 12th, 2014

Nina Prommer - Cash Register

Cash Register

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Fei A Very nice antique capture... love to have one ! v/f/p

July 19th, 2014

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Angel Whispers

Angel Whispers

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The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene Thank you so very much Randy for featuring this artwork in your lovely and wonderful group, I truly appreciate it :)

January 4th, 2014

Nina Prommer - Genius Room

Genius Room

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Marcus Dagan Every home should have one!!

August 12th, 2014

Peri Craig - Earth Abides - Alien Landscape

Earth Abides - Alien Landscape

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Cheri Randolph Peri, interesting and thought-provoking! Gave it a vote here & in the Digital Blue Contest as well. v

October 26th, 2012

Kim Redd - Urban Legend

Urban Legend

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Janet Russell Absolutely STUNNING, Kim!!! :)

December 15th, 2012

David Bearden - One small step...

One small step...

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David Bearden Barbara, thank you very much...appreciated...

August 26th, 2012

Rob Dreyer AFC - The Sentinel

The Sentinel

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Kate Gallagher Beautiful, congrats on your sale!

July 27th, 2014

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent

View All 28 Comments

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene Thank you Dora for the feature of this image in your group :))

January 16th, 2013

Marina R Vladis - Spiritual Travelers

Spiritual Travelers

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Athala Carole Bruckner Like the color and texture of this painting,,,v

August 25th, 2012

Steve Harrington - Life Lines 2

Life Lines 2

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Steve Harrington Thank you, Julia!

September 29th, 2013

Yumi Johnson - Indian Corns

Indian Corns

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Yumi Johnson Chad, thank you much!!

March 8th, 2013

Rdr Creative - A Ploughman

A Ploughman's Lunch

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Rdr Creative This photo always makes me miss England--love that Ploughman's Lunch.

August 29th, 2012

Linda Becker - Nikka


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Linda Becker Thanks so much for the kind words Roena and Glenda!

October 2nd, 2012

Joe Schofield - Catharsis


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Joe Schofield Thank you, Nina !

August 30th, 2014

Caroline Street - Indian Summer

Indian Summer

View All 8 Comments

Caroline Street Thanks very much Rachel.

December 15th, 2012

Caroline Street - The Spaces Inbetween

The Spaces Inbetween

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Caroline Street Everyone sees something different in this Zo, which I find very interesting. Glad you like, thank you!

September 5th, 2012

Rachel Scott - Man


View All 6 Comments

Rachel Scott Thank you! And, as always, you're very welcome. :D

August 30th, 2012

Cheryl Davis - Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose

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Cheryl Davis Thank you so much for the feature! I have a print of this image hanging on my bedroom wall, so it's one of my old favorites.

August 26th, 2012

Rachel Scott - Woman


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Rachel Scott Thank you, Dagmar!

September 10th, 2012

Marie Green - Right of Way

Right of Way

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Madalena Lobao-Tello CONGRATULATIONS!! Featured on Female Artists - Creative Women!!! Great artwork, love how you have done this!!!

August 25th, 2012

Sharon Mick - Day at the Beach

Day at the Beach

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Hanne Lore Koehler So sweet, Sharon!!! Congratulations on your feature in Children of the World group! v/f

February 17th, 2013

Jessica Jenney - Floating Foliage

Floating Foliage

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Deborah Benoit Stunning image!!!! f/v

August 31st, 2012

Karen Ilari - Growing Hope

Growing Hope

View All 3 Comments

Karen Ilari Thanks Will!

September 24th, 2013

Yosi Cupano - Polar Bear

Polar Bear

View All 11 Comments

Yosi Cupano thank you guys

October 18th, 2012

Marie Green - Wildflowers


View All 19 Comments

Brenda Everett Love your style Marie, especially this one.

April 24th, 2013

Xueling Zou - Mexico Impression II

Mexico Impression II

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Madalena Lobao-Tello CONGRATULATIONS!! Featured on Women Painters. Very well done! Great artwork!!!!

July 12th, 2014

Charlotte Blanchard - Beautiful Side Canal In Venice

Beautiful Side Canal In Venice

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Madalena Lobao-Tello CONGRATULATIONS!! Featured on Female Artists - Creative Women!!! Great artwork, love how you have done this!!!

August 25th, 2012

Maria Urso  - Amethyst Affair

Amethyst Affair

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Maria Urso Thank you Kim for your kind words!

August 26th, 2012

Matt Nuttall - Ruins


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Matt Nuttall Many thanks. Much appreciated!

November 25th, 2012

Yosi Cupano - The Eye

The Eye

View All 5 Comments

Rosa Cobos Beautiful, minimalist, incredible in its surrealism and cleanliness. PRECIOUS. Rosa

April 22nd, 2013

Laurinda Bowling - Wonderment


View All 9 Comments

Barbara Henry love this.....vf

January 27th, 2013

Valentina Plishchina -  Emerging of the new Queen

Emerging of the new Queen

View All 10 Comments

Valentina Plishchina thank you very much Danuta! I've enjoyed your gallery as well!!

December 11th, 2012

Darleen Stry - Light Green Zinnia Flower

Light Green Zinnia Flower

View All 13 Comments

Gurjeet Singh Kohli Beautifully done..... love it :)

July 11th, 2013

Vicki Pelham - Brighten up Your Day

Brighten up Your Day

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Luke Moore Vicki- The colors stand out wonderfully! I like the composition with multiple flowers in a diagonal orientation.

September 27th, 2012

Valentina Plishchina -  Margarita


View All 9 Comments

Valentina Plishchina thank you very much Rachel!!

August 31st, 2012

Zeana Romanovna - Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

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James BO Insogna fantastic work! love it !l/V

June 12th, 2014

Danielle  Parent - Queen Ann Lace 6

Queen Ann Lace 6

Madalena Lobao-Tello CONGRATULATIONS!! Featured on Female Artists - Creative Women!!! Great artwork, love how you have done this!!!

August 25th, 2012

Marie Green - Susurrus at Sunset

Susurrus at Sunset

View All 11 Comments

Marie Green Thank you Heather :D

August 30th, 2012

Forartsake Studio - The Tide

The Tide

Carly Athan I love the detail and texture you used in this piece! Beautiful and intricate :)

August 25th, 2012

Yosi Cupano - Chimpmunk


View All 9 Comments

Nalini Pitigala Soooo cute Squirrel...lovely capture!do fav/

September 22nd, 2012

Yosi Cupano - Sleeping On The Water

Sleeping On The Water

View All 4 Comments

Ausra Paulauskaite He sure feel very comfortable in this pond (puddle?). Nice capture!

October 13th, 2012

Displaying 1 - 100 of 3867 Images With New Comments