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New Comments for Monday, September 3rd, 2012


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Cigdem Cigdem - Walk With Me

Walk With Me

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Cigdem Cigdem Michel thank you much for your nice comment...

May 31st, 2013

Sandra Conceicao - Abstract 10

Abstract 10

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Sandra Conceicao Thank you so much Nancy for your wonderful comments

May 23rd, 2013

PMG Images - Chicago Trolley

Chicago Trolley

PMG Images Carlos, thanks much for the feature....Pat

September 3rd, 2012

Chris  Riley - Springtime Lac St Louis QC

Springtime Lac St Louis QC

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Barbara St Jean Love this painting and the place, beautiful work!!

September 3rd, 2012

Randy Pollard - Truck and  Door

Truck and Door

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Randy Pollard Thanks Janine for the nice comment and the vote!

March 27th, 2013

Bruno Santoro - Glacier In Heaven

Glacier In Heaven

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Bruno Santoro Thank very much for your comment Michele.

January 2nd, 2013

Allen n Lehman - Morning On The Lake

Morning On The Lake

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Allen N Lehman Thank U Lisa..........always...................allen

January 22nd, 2013

Randy Pollard - Mackinac View

Mackinac View

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Randy Pollard Thank you, Debra and Dave!

October 31st, 2013

Natasha Denger - Wine and Berries

Wine and Berries

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Gurjeet Singh Kohli Beautiful artwork..... love it :)

September 24th, 2013

Natasha Denger - Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat

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Natasha Denger Thank you Phyllis for featuring this drawing in your group!

September 3rd, 2012

Pamela Patch - Silhouette Sunset

Silhouette Sunset

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Pamela Patch Thank you for saying so Will.

January 1st, 2013

Nelieta Mishchenko - La Bolsa

La Bolsa

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Nelieta Mishchenko Thank you Kaye! I found this place by accident when I took a hike the one morning, This was the only house so close to the river. What a spot! I would also not mind to live there ;)

September 4th, 2012

Kristine Plum - Heavily Laden

Heavily Laden

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Julie Brugh Riffey Great watercolor! Limited palette, but makes a very nice painting with just these colors. Voted.

November 25th, 2013

Robert Mirabelle - Silhouette


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Robert Mirabelle thanks a lot Barbara!

September 4th, 2012

Marsha Heiken - Three Vases of Dried Flowers

Three Vases of Dried Flowers

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Anne Lacy This is gorgeous Marsha! Such wonderful colors, and beauty! Love the warm tones of these dried flowers and the background! hugs :)) v/f

January 10th, 2013

SophiaArt Gallery - Alone


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SophiaArt Gallery Thank you, Gurjeet!

June 14th, 2013

Bill Cannon - Winters Past

Winters Past

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Bill Cannon Thank You Sue and Tim!

September 3rd, 2012

Allen n Lehman - Austrian Villiage

Austrian Villiage

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William Madog I love that it is large Allen.....wionderful painting.!!.........................wm

March 15th, 2014

Bill Cannon - Broad Street Subway - Philadelphia

Broad Street Subway - Philadelphia

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Bill Cannon Thank You Juls, Madeline, Colleen, Andy Christina, Shelia, Emona, Bob, Ande, Vicky, Lazaro, Diane, Helen and Suzanne!!

September 8th, 2013

Robert Mirabelle - Mask


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Robert Mirabelle lovely remarks Allen - I regard them highly - thanks so much!

September 3rd, 2012

Bill Cannon - Shall We Dance

Shall We Dance

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Bill Cannon Thank You Salim!!

September 3rd, 2012

Pamela Patch - Pear Tree

Pear Tree

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Pamela Patch Thank you Joan for the comment, support and feature in your Farm Landscape Group.

September 8th, 2012

Steve Javorsky - Dragonfly


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Steve Javorsky Thank you Kim and Peggie !

September 4th, 2012

Bill Cannon - Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

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Bill Cannon Thank You Kathleen!!

September 3rd, 2012

Gail Butters Cohen - Bluegold 3

Bluegold 3

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Gail Butters Cohen Thank you so much Vivian.

September 5th, 2012

Gothicolors Images - Thoughts Of Poe

Thoughts Of Poe

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Jeremy Nicholas What an intriguing image - splendid work! f/l

March 28th, 2014

SophiaArt Gallery - Shy


View All 147 Comments

Alexandra Jordankova Lovely painting! voted

July 22nd, 2013

Alga Washington - Ruby


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Alga Washington Thank you Alessandro!

February 18th, 2013

Gothicolors Images - Graveyard Snow

Graveyard Snow

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Tautvydas Davainis this is so interesting! Wonderful work! ==Tautvydas :)

November 12th, 2012

SophiaArt Gallery - Bedtime


View All 138 Comments

Randi Grace Nilsberg Lovely! Great work! L

February 26th, 2014

Lori Deiter - The Narrows

The Narrows

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Dave Bosse I''ll buy a print as soon as I sell some! That's my plan... all profits from sale of my prints will be invested back into art from FFA to build my collection!

August 6th, 2013

Jeff Breiman - Light Blue Pickup

Light Blue Pickup

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Gerlinde Keating - Keating Associates Inc What a beautiful rural scene! Great composition, Jeff!

April 19th, 2013

SophiaArt Gallery - Tidal Lace

Tidal Lace

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Dan Whittemore Excellent Sophia...

October 21st, 2013

Ann Powell - Dragons Architectural Detail

Dragons Architectural Detail

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Ann Powell Thanks for the lovely comment Jeffrey!

September 4th, 2012

Andrew Penman - Love


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Mihyoun Lee Wonderful and lovely work ..thank you for your beautiful poem, Andrew! f/v

September 26th, 2012

SophiaArt Gallery - Flutterby


View All 22 Comments

Zinvolle Art Beautiful! Love the colors of this piece and especially the yellow you picked for the butterfly, it looks gorgeous! vf!

August 3rd, 2013

Chris Riley - Summertime


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Sandra Conceicao Wonderful artwork!!!! V/F

September 3rd, 2012

Andrew Govan Dantzler - Toll House

Toll House

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Andrew Govan Dantzler Thank you for your compliment and V/F Annie; much appreciated ... Elaine

April 11th, 2013

Chris  Riley - Eugenics


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Sandra Conceicao Beautiful work!!! V/F

September 3rd, 2012

Nadya Ost - The Valley

The Valley

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Nadya Ost Thank you all very much for your comments!

September 12th, 2012

Judi Bagwell - Fuchsia Flower

Fuchsia Flower

Diane Wood Very nice...great texture.

September 3rd, 2012

Kenny Francis - Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys

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Kenny Francis Thank you so much!

June 15th, 2013

Carolyn Krek - Spirit Horses

Spirit Horses

Diane Wood This is fabulous Carolyn...beautiful technique.

September 3rd, 2012

Kim Sy Ok - Shell Star

Shell Star

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Kim Sy Ok Thank you so much Jeremy for your amazing support,comments and v/f! Glad you enjoy it :)

November 8th, 2012

Darren Fisher - Peaceful Day

Peaceful Day's

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Randy Rosenberger Outstanding capture and divine presentation on this special piece, Darren! What a fine piece of artwork for me to proudly display on our Featured Artwork section of our Homepage, within our family of friends and fine artists, in our Wisconsin...

November 12th, 2013

Jerry  Grissom - Stud Tobacco Ghost Sign

Stud Tobacco Ghost Sign

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Jerry Grissom Thanks Cesar, Suppose you can tell by now I enjoy these weathered signs of the past. All the layers of ads over the years.

September 20th, 2012

Bonnie Goedecke - Sunlit trees

Sunlit trees

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Bonnie Goedecke Thank you very much Iris!

January 4th, 2014

Kim Sy Ok - Clarity


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Kim Sy Ok Thank you so much Sandi and thank you for the v/f!

March 4th, 2013

Bonnie Bruno - Last Day of Summer

Last Day of Summer

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Bonnie Bruno Thanks for your input, Bill & Lisa. I appreciate you both!

September 3rd, 2012

Chris Shadwick - Bridge on the River...

Bridge on the River...

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Chris Shadwick Thanks Cindy, I caught a lot of fish off this bridge as a kid!

September 4th, 2012

Ana Maria Edulescu - Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

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Ana Maria Edulescu Thank you so much, Nikki.

December 19th, 2013

Greg Patzer - Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls

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Tim Allen Beautiful!! f/v

January 18th, 2013

Terrie Taylor - Country Charm

Country Charm

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Terrie Taylor I am sorry for such a late reply Lynette, I have been offline for some time. Thank you very much for your lovely comment and invite. If you could please send me some information on the Rainier Hills Camera Club it would truly be appreciated.

September 3rd, 2012

Sandra Bronstein - Palouse Sunset

Palouse Sunset

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Sandra Bronstein Thanks First Star Art for the feature in Beige Brown Sepia group.

January 21st, 2013

Don Wolf - Hummer


Kim Sy Ok Fantastic capture!!! v/f -Kim

September 3rd, 2012

Charles Marie Lhuillier - The Turkish Cafe

The Turkish Cafe

Khaled Elwaraky Beautiful painting

September 3rd, 2012

Cricket Hackmann - Nine Patch Quilt Barn

Nine Patch Quilt Barn

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Cricket Hackmann Thank you, Barbara! I appreciate the vote! :-)

September 11th, 2012

Danielle R T Haney - Pirate


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Danielle R T Haney Thanks a Bunch Nandika! :-D

January 29th, 2014

Barbara St Jean - Baby Blue

Baby Blue

View All 24 Comments

Barbara St Jean Thank you very much Ann, what a surprise and so lovely of you!

May 4th, 2013

Kenton Ridenour - Purple Passion

Purple Passion

Teresa Wegrzyn Gorgeous!!! f/v

September 3rd, 2012

Kenton Ridenour - Appalachian Dream

Appalachian Dream

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Kenton Ridenour thank you Kim, Teresa and Kume for your recent means so much to me! :>)

September 9th, 2012

Anne Lacy - Summer Torn

Summer Torn

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Anne Lacy thank you Kume!

April 9th, 2014

Jack R Brock - Great Egret

Great Egret

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Jack R Brock Thank you Kim. I appreciate the comment.

September 4th, 2012

Endre Balogh - Cosmic Angel

Cosmic Angel

Kim Sy Ok Phenomenal!!! v/f -Kim

September 3rd, 2012

Teresa Wegrzyn - Tranquility


View All 121 Comments

Connie Valasco Love the textures and use of colors!

1 Day Ago

B Jaxon - Judith J

Judith J

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B Jaxon Thank you for the comment. I hope to exhibit soon if I can stay motivated.... Lol

September 3rd, 2012

Tanya Tanski - I Must Be Dreaming....

I Must Be Dreaming....

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Diane Schuster Beautiful macro, love the high key effect! vote

August 7th, 2013

Ron  McGinnis - Morning On The Farm

Morning On The Farm

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Ron McGinnis Thank you Nikolyn..!!

February 2nd, 2014

Andrzej Szczerski - S L A S H


View All 15 Comments

Ed Weidman awesome portrait of slash andrzej:) l/f

February 28th, 2014

David Bearden - Honus Wagner - Pittsburgh Pirates

Honus Wagner - Pittsburgh Pirates

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David Bearden Allen, lucky guy...I was a Yankee fan and he broke my heart when that Ralph Terry fastball sailed over the left field fence at Forbes...

September 3rd, 2012

Phong Trinh - Happy Time

Happy Time

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Anna Duyunova Happy and joyful colors! I love the scene,it is very alive,and I love the mood capture,it is great!

October 4th, 2012

Phong Trinh - Man And Bird

Man And Bird

View All 4 Comments

Phong Trinh Thank you so much, Judy for your comment! Some went off into fields, searched and sketched, drew, painted and recorded before the cam tech convenience so conservation effort can be made ASAP. I see nothing but the great love between human and...

September 3rd, 2012

TB Sojka - Autumn Dreams

Autumn Dreams

View All 8 Comments

TB Sojka I appreciate all the wonderful comments. Thank you! Tami

September 3rd, 2012

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Middle Falls At Snowbird Creek

Middle Falls At Snowbird Creek

View All 49 Comments

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan Jamie, thank you for your note, Vote, and Fave! Celebrate life, Debra and Dave

April 18th, 2013

Cheryl Davis - Ageless Beauty

Ageless Beauty

View All 13 Comments

Cheryl Davis Thank you, Elf!

September 29th, 2012

Madalena Lobao-Tello - Flora closer

Flora closer

View All 100 Comments

Anna Ewa Miarczynska Fantastic eyes, colous.. texture...!!!!

17 Hours Ago

Andrea Banjac - Threads of truth

Threads of truth

View All 23 Comments

Andrea Banjac Thank you very much for such a lovely comment!

February 8th, 2013

Cheryl Davis - Artistic Abstract

Artistic Abstract

View All 6 Comments

Dianne Parks Beautiful piece! Love the red-orange & blue-green combo -great complements that work so nicely here.

April 22nd, 2013

Teresa Wegrzyn - Expecting


View All 79 Comments

Anupam Gupta Coolly beautiful

April 5th, 2014

Phong Trinh - Tiger Lily 1

Tiger Lily 1

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Phong Trinh Thank you so much, James for your comment!

September 3rd, 2012

Kimberly Perry - Pink Scallop Shell

Pink Scallop Shell

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Kimberly Perry Wow, thanks so much Cassandra :)

May 20th, 2013

    - Second


Mamta Swa I love this :)

September 3rd, 2012

Anne-Elizabeth Whiteway - White and Purple Delight

White and Purple Delight

View All 21 Comments

Fania Simon I think ths is great Anne Elizabeth - a beautiful flower expression!!!

November 4th, 2012

James Cox - Yard Sale

Yard Sale

Phong Trinh Interesting pattern and texture with watercolor! Thanks for your comments on my work. Best wishes!

September 3rd, 2012

Tracy Edgar - Bellarine #11

Bellarine #11

View All 3 Comments

Sorin Apostolescu Excellent work !

September 4th, 2012

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Silky Rush

Silky Rush

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Debra and Dave Vanderlaan Paul, thank you very much for the Feature of Silky Rush in our group Sunrise and Sunset Seascapes! Celebrate life, Debra and Dave

September 4th, 2012

Giti Ala - Untitle


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Giti Ala thank you so much

April 13th, 2013

Displaying 401 - 500 of 4102 Images With New Comments