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First Star Art  - Ginger Lemon Tea by jrr

Ginger Lemon Tea by jrr

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Natalie Holland Beautiful work and colors! Thanks for the Ginger Lemon Tea recipe!

December 17th, 2013

Guy Ricketts - A Hint of Fall

A Hint of Fall

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Guy Ricketts Thank you very much for your kind comments and vf, Kaye.

September 16th, 2012

Sophie Vigneault - keep Walking

keep Walking

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Sophie Vigneault Thanks for the feature in Pathways or Scenic Roads, Joan!

February 10th, 2013

Sophie Vigneault - Nature Wonders

Nature Wonders

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Sophie Vigneault Thank you for the feature in ABC Group, David!

January 10th, 2014

Allen n Lehman - Toxic Spill

Toxic Spill

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Ron Haehle The title says it all!

January 18th, 2014

 The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Tea Elegance

Tea Elegance

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The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene Thank you so much Krista for the feature of this image in your group :))

September 30th, 2012

Laura  Grisham - Sunkissed Sunflower

Sunkissed Sunflower

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Heather Matthews This is just beautiful! I love the colours and also the textures. Vote/fav! :)

June 13th, 2013

Sophie Vigneault - Vintage Star Sign

Vintage Star Sign

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Don Wright This is cool Sophie. Those were the days, huh? Not quite downtown Las Vegas! voted

September 22nd, 2012

Sophie Vigneault - Sunset on the islands

Sunset on the islands

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Sophie Vigneault Thanks for the feature in JOY, Cory!

September 19th, 2012

Christina Rollo - Red Cardinal

Red Cardinal

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Christina Rollo Thank you Helene!

February 19th, 2015

Cheryl Davis - Autumn Reflection

Autumn Reflection

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Brian MacLean Stunning, Congrats on your sale!

May 6th, 2015

Bruce Bley - Twilight


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Bruce Bley Thank you for the kind words and comment, Michael. I appreciate it.

September 20th, 2012

Bruce Bley - Yellow Gerber Daisy

Yellow Gerber Daisy

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Bruce Bley Thank you for the feature in the group "Joy", Cory. I appreciate your support of my work.

September 17th, 2012

Allen n Lehman - Holloween Sky

Holloween Sky

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Allen N Lehman Thanks Randy.!! are interesting.!!.........and masterful in your work./!!............................................allen

September 16th, 2012

Andrea Barbieri - Torino


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Andrea Barbieri Thank you Ted, take a look around and...enjoy !! :)

September 19th, 2012

Jutta Maria Pusl - Dream Team

Dream Team

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Jutta Maria Pusl Madalena, thank you!

December 26th, 2012

Guy Ricketts - Robin in Flight

Robin in Flight

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Guy Ricketts Thank you for featuring this image in Greetings and Posters group, Gynt.

March 2nd, 2013

E Sanz - Light Blue Ocean Sand

Light Blue Ocean Sand

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E Sanz Thank you!

September 16th, 2012

Priya Ghose - Low Tide Reflections

Low Tide Reflections

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Rosanne Jordan I love the ocean and the wondrous colors of the sky and shore on any day and at any time. This is so serene and beautiful! vtd fav

February 10th, 2013

Mario Carini - Light on the Water

Light on the Water

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Iris Gelbart Fantastic work.....

September 29th, 2014

Sharon Burger - The Old Rugged Cross

The Old Rugged Cross

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Sharon Burger Exactly Viggo... thank you!!!

December 27th, 2013

Joan Bertucci - Old Red Barn

Old Red Barn

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Joan Bertucci Thank you so much Betty for your time and support...if it's not a word, it is now! :-)

February 25th, 2013

Mario Carini - Abstract Waters

Abstract Waters

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Sarah Niebank This is great Mario.. love the effects and mystery :)

June 8th, 2014

Sue Melvin - Bright Pink Zinnia

Bright Pink Zinnia

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Sue Melvin Doug- thanks so much for featuring this photo in your Zinnias group! :-)

August 4th, 2013

Marie  Gale - Funambule


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Marie Gale Merci infiniment Franky...vous ĂȘtes trop gentil!!

May 5th, 2013

Shirley Sirois - Angel From High

Angel From High

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Shirley Sirois Thank you for your beautiful comment, Debbie!

January 29th, 2013

Ron Bissett - The Pass

The Pass

Patrice Baldwin Ron, sweetheart, you have too much white in this one for the contest. If you don't want to change it, send in another one. Sorry... Patrice

September 15th, 2012

Arlene Carmel - Pale Lavender

Pale Lavender

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Arlene Carmel Thank you again, Marilyn.

February 5th, 2013

Arlene Carmel - Glorious Morning

Glorious Morning

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Arlene Carmel Thank you for the feature on the home page of the WFS group Randy. I appreciate your comments and support.

November 12th, 2013

Arlene Carmel - Pop Of Color

Pop Of Color

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Arlene Carmel Thank you so much for your comment and v/f, Jane.

September 19th, 2012

Katie Wing Vigil - Windchimes


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Katie Wing Vigil I'm glad you like this one. Thank you.

October 3rd, 2012

Dennis Wunsch - Rockship


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Laura Brightwood Super fun image. I have a rocket horse too. Always fun to find others with an affinity for the Rocket horse. Im quite fond of your style. It is for sale at May want to be sure you authorized it...if you care.

June 9th, 2015

Sue Melvin - Stained Glass

Stained Glass

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Sue Melvin Sol- thanks so much for featuring this digital creation in your Patterns group! :-)

July 7th, 2013

Jeff  Swan - Double Arches

Double Arches

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Lyric Lucas Congratulations your creative and unique art work is featured in the "Out Of The Ordinary" group!

August 31st, 2014

Darla Wood - After the Storm

After the Storm

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Darla Wood Many thanks for the kind compliment and l/f, Kim! Always nice to have you drop by the gallery :-)

March 3rd, 2015

Kume Bryant - Teacher

Teacher's Son

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Kume Bryant Thank you Dennis!

August 11th, 2014

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