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Tgchan - Colourful Poland

Colourful Poland

Mystic Sparrow love your description lol :)

2 Hours Ago

Jim Fitzpatrick - Pro Wrestling Superstar Roman Reigns II

Pro Wrestling Superstar Roman Reigns II

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Jim Fitzpatrick Thank you very much Tbone for featuring my work in Body Parts In Art!

2 Hours Ago

Mike Nellums - Crescent Moon Bay

Crescent Moon Bay

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Mike Nellums This is one of my all-time favorites as well, Chrisann. Thanks so much for featuring "Crescent Moon Bay" in the group Weekly FUN For ALL Mediums.

2 Hours Ago

Timothy Hacker - Sunrise Over Cascades

Sunrise Over Cascades

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Timothy Hacker Thanks for the feature, Travel Pics!

2 Hours Ago

Andrei SKY - Corridor


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Sarah Rachel Very interesting work.....feels quite sinister to me which I love! Very cool

2 Hours Ago

Caroline Gilmore - Margy


Clif Jackson NICE! I really like your style, Caroline.

2 Hours Ago

Mike Nellums - Point Judith Lighthouse

Point Judith Lighthouse

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Mike Nellums So nice of you, Chrisann, to feature my photograph "Point Judith Lighthouse" in the group Weekly FUN For ALL Mediums.

2 Hours Ago

Mallory  Blake - Abstract


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Laura D Young Wonderful abstract. Great colors!

2 Hours Ago

Mike Nellums - The Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow

Mike Nellums Thanks so much, Chrisann, for featuring my photograph "The Wheelbarrow" in the group Weekly FUN For ALL Mediums.

2 Hours Ago

Laura D Young - Paradise Island Haiti

Paradise Island Haiti

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Laura D Young Thank you Elmar, Pamela and Debbie! Much appreciated.

2 Hours Ago

Ann Horn - Take My Hand

Take My Hand

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Ann Horn Thank you for your kind comment, Wayne. Much appreciated.

16 Minutes Ago

Kevin F Cook -  Pink Camellia

Pink Camellia

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Penny Potter Beautiful capture of a beautiful flower. I have fallen in love with the camellia since moving to the South.

2 Hours Ago

Lynda Lehmann - Verdant Cliffs

Verdant Cliffs

Wayne Moran I love this part of the world.. wow.

2 Hours Ago

Lainie Wrightson - Bee Happy

Bee Happy

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Cori Caputo Wonderful capture. Delicious Colors ! L/F Such a welcome sight for us snowbound New Englanders!

2 Hours Ago

Pamela Blizzard - Vintage Beach

Vintage Beach

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Laura D Young Beautiful, restful, lovely mood. Great composition!

2 Hours Ago

Helena Tiainen - Living With Endless Potential Tile - A  T J O D 5-6 Compilation

Living With Endless Potential Tile - A T J O D 5-6 Compilation

Helena Tiainen Thank you, Double Image, Beauty and Out Of The Ordinary for featuring this art!

2 Hours Ago

Donna Kennedy - Perturbed


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Wayne Moran So incredible Donna... wow.

2 Hours Ago

Fei A - Greyish Revelation

Greyish Revelation

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Wayne Moran Back to this amazingly gorgeous piece of art.. It just calls me back.

2 Hours Ago

Mani Price - Mama Ocean

Mama Ocean

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Solveig Katrin Beautiful, congratulations!

1 Hour Ago

Kevin F Cook - This is my Good Side

This is my Good Side

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Penny Potter Brings back memories of the dairy farm my dear friend from high school lived on. Thank you for your beautiful cow pictures.

2 Hours Ago

Jennie Breeze - Buddhist in Burma

Buddhist in Burma

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Jennie Breeze Thanks Alec! Appreciate being featured in your LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS art group.

2 Hours Ago

Honorine De Saint-Basquiat - LD.006.y


Bartjan Beltman nice you create your own style of art, i enjoy watching your work welcome on fine art !

2 Hours Ago

Kathleen Scanlan - White Wisconsin Barn

White Wisconsin Barn

Carla Parris Really like the whole look and feel of this image. And how perfect that there are even small white flowers enhancing the weathered whites of the barn. v & f and tw

2 Hours Ago

Constance Lowery - The Dark Tombs

The Dark Tombs

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Sarah Rachel Love this.....I find it very beautiful and strangely calming!

2 Hours Ago

Jennifer White - Seward Mountains

Seward Mountains

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Wayne Moran So wonderfully gorgeous.

2 Hours Ago

Emily Maynard - Karizma


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Jason Sentuf Lovely image and love your description... there is no differences anymore. Such an unlimited love can be learned here.. Voted as my another favorite one.

2 Hours Ago

Chris Daugherty - The River Below

The River Below

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Wayne Moran Amazingly gorgeous. wow.

2 Hours Ago

Tami Quigley - Dreams Come To Light

Dreams Come To Light

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Wayne Moran Such a lovely scene Tami.. wow.

2 Hours Ago

Joy McAdams - A Grand Lady

A Grand Lady

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Denise Clark What a beautiful capture Joy. Such beautiful depth.detail.colour and light l/f

2 Hours Ago

Kathleen Scanlan - 1950 Chrysler Windsor

1950 Chrysler Windsor

Carla Parris Love the color and patina on the truck. v

2 Hours Ago

Sunil Kapadia - SKN 4176 The Rolling Hills

SKN 4176 The Rolling Hills

Wayne Moran mmmmmmmmmmmmm pure magic. wow.

2 Hours Ago

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