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New Comments for Thursday, August 28th


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Christina Schott - London Street

London Street

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Christina Schott AnnaJo When I was in London I expected it to rain a little and then the sun comes out and I didn't mind it at all.

10 Minutes Ago

Amy Porter - Happy Hummer

Happy Hummer

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John Rockwood Great shot Amy, nice crisp details!

28 Minutes Ago

 Andrea Lazar - The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

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Barbara D Richards Love this composition, beautiful Andrea

29 Minutes Ago

Ann Horn - Belle Isle Fountain Splash

Belle Isle Fountain Splash

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Ann Horn Pamela, thank you for featuring Belle Isle Fountain Splash in the Abc Group W is For Water.

29 Minutes Ago

Ann Horn - Cold Feet

Cold Feet

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Ann Horn Pamela, many thanks for featuring Cold Feet in the Abc Group W is For Water.

30 Minutes Ago

Pat Purdy - Koi Patch

Koi Patch

Debbie Chamberlin Beautiful work Pat!

31 Minutes Ago

Scott Hill - Bright Red Dahlia

Bright Red Dahlia

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Lyric Lucas Congratulations your creative art is featured in the MINIMALISM group!

58 Seconds Ago

Sean Foster - Earth Walker

Earth Walker

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Tom Kelly L/F Outstanding image, and idea Sean!!

32 Minutes Ago

Emmy Marie Vickers - Winter Beauty in Maryland

Winter Beauty in Maryland

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Dave Farrow A stunning capture Emmy.....winter scenes are especially beautiful and you nailed a dandy....very well all the way....L/V

33 Minutes Ago

Kalie Hoodhood - Converse


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Joe Bledsoe beautiful drawing of an american classic f/v

33 Minutes Ago

Allen N Lehman - Make Me Happy

Make Me Happy

William Madog The right colors to make me happy................rock on.!!........................wm

33 Minutes Ago

Cindy McDaniel - Ivory Beauty

Ivory Beauty

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Cathy Lindsey This really is a beauty! The blue background sets it off! Lovely! l/f

34 Minutes Ago

Tom Kelly - Cathedrals

Cathedrals' Reflection

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Tom Kelly Thanks for the feature in Art of Arizona Kenan!!

24 Minutes Ago

TeshiaArt - Dominance


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Teshia Art Thank you very much, James! ....Thank you also to the recent "Dominance" collector in Missoula, MT!

35 Minutes Ago

Stan Askew - Surf Series - Oahu

Surf Series - Oahu

Andrei SKY nicely done!

35 Minutes Ago

Robert Tracy - Cold Day

Cold Day

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Robert Tracy And you know this is how it goes. The viewer will see according to his own reaction. And it's at least possible that I did have sadness stored in my subconscious. And yet, consciously I thought only of the strength of the girl - to keep her eyes...

36 Minutes Ago

Judy Via-Wolff - Ptg   Adirondack Lake

Ptg Adirondack Lake

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Malia Zaidi Wonderful detail and use of color! -L/F

36 Minutes Ago

Yul Olaivar - Fractals 03 Series

Fractals 03 Series

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Yul Olaivar Thank you so much Linda. Glad you like it.

36 Minutes Ago

Kalie Hoodhood - Raspberry


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Joe Bledsoe congratulations on your sale

37 Minutes Ago

Carol Wisniewski - Montagne de Lure in Provence France

Montagne de Lure in Provence France

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Malia Zaidi Another lovely painting! You really capture the gentle beauty of this region:-)-L/F

37 Minutes Ago

Toni Abdnour - Watercolor Reflections

Watercolor Reflections

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Toni Abdnour Thanks so much, Barbara! Much appreciated!

4 Minutes Ago

P J Lewis - Jackie


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Claudia Mottram Superb! L+F :)

38 Minutes Ago

Brooks Garten Hauschild - Shadows and Light

Shadows and Light

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Brooks Garten Hauschild Thanks SO much for the wonderful comments, John! People will see what they will see...and, hopefully, they will see what you are seeing!!! That would be 'fantastic'! Appreciate your visit & support! Have a great weekend.

7 Minutes Ago

P J Lewis - Jessie


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Claudia Mottram So beautiful work, PJ!!! Thank you for visiting my gallery! L+F :)

39 Minutes Ago

Emmy Marie Vickers - Sky Phenomenon at Hains Point

Sky Phenomenon at Hains Point

Dave Farrow This absolutely is phenomenal Emmy....I dearly love the light and dark contrast you caught in this gold medal work of art....skys can be some of natures finest art....well done dear lady....I added you to my follow list..L/V

39 Minutes Ago

Carol Wisniewski - Tuscany Villa

Tuscany Villa

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Malia Zaidi So elegant! I want to be there:-)-L/F

39 Minutes Ago

Erik Brede - The Asylum Project - Corridor of Terror

The Asylum Project - Corridor of Terror

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Cindy Nunn So evocative of the pain and suffering that went on inside the walls of these places. Fantastic capture, Erik.

40 Minutes Ago

Randi Grace Nilsberg - Pink Orchid

Pink Orchid

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Steven Lebron Langston Wow, what a capture. Really covers the mind with a lavender and pink blanket. Thanks for the time taken to create this one.

41 Minutes Ago

Kristijan Dulic - Scream


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Regina Geoghan Neat image - simple yet complex at the same time. Nice work.

41 Minutes Ago

Nadine and Bob Johnston - Sunrise in Verde Valley Arizona

Sunrise in Verde Valley Arizona

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Robyn King Revisiting this lovely work!! sharing:))

42 Minutes Ago

HJBH Photography - Fall in the forest

Fall in the forest

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Marvin Spates This is such an amazing photo HJBH!!! L

42 Minutes Ago

Brooks Garten Hauschild - Chimpanzees


View All 2 Comments

Brooks Garten Hauschild You & me, both, John! Lol. Yes, our hairy little cousins! Thanks so much for your visit & kind, encouraging words, especially the 'amazing'. Appreciate it!

30 Minutes Ago

Carol Wisniewski - An Ode To The Sea

An Ode To The Sea

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Malia Zaidi Fantastic capture of the moment. There is a real sense of energy in this painting!-L/F

43 Minutes Ago

Robert Tracy - At The Playground

At The Playground

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Robert Tracy This is my grandson.

43 Minutes Ago

Jim Fitzpatrick - Looking Inside the Old Train Roundhouse at Bayshore near San Francisco II

Looking Inside the Old Train Roundhouse...

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Dee Browning Great capture of an engaging scene. So much to look at!

44 Minutes Ago

Nadine and Bob Johnston - The Golden Hour Anza Borrego Desert

The Golden Hour Anza Borrego Desert

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Robyn King Fantastic work Nadine and Bob, I love the golden hues so beautifully captured:)) sharing

45 Minutes Ago

Janice Rae Pariza - Mustang Love

Mustang Love

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Cascade Colors What a pretty image. Very sweet.

45 Minutes Ago

Priscilla Burgers - Sunning


View All 13 Comments

Cascade Colors Ha, cute. Nice capture!

46 Minutes Ago

Patricia Januszkiewicz - Ocracoke Pier at Sunset

Ocracoke Pier at Sunset

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Marvin Spates Wow this is such a lovely view Patricia!!! L

47 Minutes Ago

Douglas Fromm - Alien Omelet

Alien Omelet

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Claudia Mottram So crazy creative, Douglas! Thank you for visiting my gallery! L+F :)

47 Minutes Ago

 Bob Johnston - Native American Dancers at Heber

Native American Dancers at Heber

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AnnaJo Vahle Wonderful image full of energy and light, Bob! I love the soft yet vibrant colors. f/l

25 Minutes Ago

Melinda Dare Benfield - Penny the Patchwork Pachyderm

Penny the Patchwork Pachyderm

View All 2 Comments

Dee Browning Your art is very engaging. I can spend time looking then return again for another look. Well done

48 Minutes Ago

Mary Beth Landis - Daffodil


View All 18 Comments

Marvin Spates Wow this is a very lovely photo Mary!!! L

48 Minutes Ago

Jenessa Rahn - Chicks in a Row

Chicks in a Row

Roberta Wise Love this photo of "the girls" snuggling in for the night! You captured their nature beautifully!

49 Minutes Ago

Laura Watts - Sands of Time

Sands of Time

View All 26 Comments

Marvin Spates Laura this such a cool shot!!! L

50 Minutes Ago

Christina Shaskus - Koi Pond At Night

Koi Pond At Night

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Marvin Spates Christina this is such a nice and relaxing photo!!! Very well done!!! L

51 Minutes Ago

Chandana Arts - Colors


View All 9 Comments

Dee Browning Reminds me of paint pots. Love the colors and textures.

51 Minutes Ago

Cascade Colors - Alpine Sunflower Mountain Landscape

Alpine Sunflower Mountain Landscape

View All 17 Comments

Janice Rae Pariza Beautifully captured! excellent image now proudly featured and promoted with All COLORADO! Kudos!

52 Minutes Ago

Laurie Tsemak - Lotus Logo in Spring 9

Lotus Logo in Spring 9

Marvin Spates Very lovely photo Laurie!!! L

52 Minutes Ago

Andrew James - A stand of trees

A stand of trees

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Dee Browning Love the captured light!

52 Minutes Ago

Stephanie Frey - Yellow Peonies

Yellow Peonies

Tracy F Lovely work!

53 Minutes Ago

Beverly Guilliams - Sunset Puzzle Art

Sunset Puzzle Art

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Marvin Spates Wow this is so amazing Beverly!!! L

54 Minutes Ago

Hanne Lore Koehler - Mystic Forest Majesty

Mystic Forest Majesty

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Dee Browning Now I can just walk right into this painting. Beautiful

54 Minutes Ago

Krissy Katsimbras - Delicate Magic

Delicate Magic

Tracy F Lovely image!

54 Minutes Ago

Jim Garrison - Peek-a-Boo Bull

Peek-a-Boo Bull

Janice Rae Pariza Awesome capture! Proudly featured in All COLORADO! Kudos!

54 Minutes Ago

Patricia Greer - Old Seabrook House

Old Seabrook House

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Patricia Greer This building is completely gone now. The image was taken on film, quite awhile ago.

55 Minutes Ago

Phyllis Beiser - A Nautilus Study

A Nautilus Study

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Steven Lebron Langston So hard to think of words to describe your work Phyllis. Words never do it the justice. I can say maybe...... perfection..... yet, comes up a bit short. As always, love it!!! SL

55 Minutes Ago

Debbie Portwood - Tufted Titmouse - Digital Paint II

Tufted Titmouse - Digital Paint II

View All 5 Comments

Zornitsa Tsvetkova So beautiful ! Wonderful capture ! Excellent work,Debbie ! L/F

55 Minutes Ago

Maria Hunt - Challenge the Rock

Challenge the Rock

Christy Cox WoW! What a fun and fabulous transformation!!! Love the different perspective of the golfer depending on what side one is looking!

58 Minutes Ago

Kris Hiemstra - Drift Away

Drift Away

View All 3 Comments

Kris Hiemstra Thank you for the feature in "Abc W is for Water".

58 Minutes Ago

Jenessa Rahn - Vivid Sunset

Vivid Sunset

View All 9 Comments

Roberta Wise Absolutely beautiful colors! So warm and rich!

59 Minutes Ago

Mark Andrew Thomas - Luminescence


Vicki Spindler WOW gorgeous!! :)

59 Minutes Ago

Judy Via-Wolff - Ptg   Italian Countryside

Ptg Italian Countryside

View All 101 Comments

Malia Zaidi So peaceful and beautiful! -L/F

59 Minutes Ago

John Malone - Natural Wonder

Natural Wonder

Robert J Sadler Simply... beautiful.

59 Minutes Ago

Maria Hunt - Welcome to the Cove

Welcome to the Cove

Christy Cox Congrats to you Maria!! Beautiful and inviting welcome sign!!:)

59 Minutes Ago

Lisa Fortin Jackson - Bird On A Wire

Bird On A Wire

View All 2 Comments

Lisa Fortin Jackson Neal...Thanks a million for the feature in Macro Photography Group! Your support is much appreciated!

1 Hour Ago

Cliff Wassmann - Lyrical Wave

Lyrical Wave

Vicki Spindler Fabulous capture!! :)

1 Hour Ago

Veikko Suikkanen - The cat and the moon

The cat and the moon

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Dee Browning Fall colors, the moon, black cat, I can see this being a great seasonal painting to hang. Love the cat's expression,

1 Hour Ago

Maggie Ullmann - White sand beach

White sand beach

Vicki Spindler WOW this is so beautiful!! Fabulous detail and colour, love the shadows of the trees!! :)

1 Hour Ago

Displaying 101 - 200 of 5424 Images With New Comments