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New Comments for Friday, April 18th


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Jeff Breiman - Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

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Liane Wright Beautiful capture!

31 Minutes Ago

Carol Cavalaris - Sisterhood Of The Lions

Sisterhood Of The Lions

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Carol Cavalaris Thanks for your lovely comment, Greg.

9 Minutes Ago

Tom Fedro - Fidostudio - Thought Process

Thought Process

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Dorothy Menera Great piece! Congratulations on your sale.

31 Minutes Ago

Kathy Stiber - Yin-Yang


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Lenore Senior Beautiful! A lot of decorations of this type are outside of houses in Pueblo. I love this! v/f

32 Minutes Ago

Bradford Martin - Pelican Portrait

Pelican Portrait

Cindy McDaniel What a stunning shot...wonderful composition, lighting, and colors! Excellent capture, Bradford!

32 Minutes Ago

Karol  Livote - Always Proud

Always Proud

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Paul Freidlund awesome, great description lf

32 Minutes Ago

Zinvolle Art - Couple Dance

Couple Dance

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John Telfer Zinvolle, Great wildlife photo and capture love the fantastic details you have captured in the wings and the motion of these cormorants

32 Minutes Ago

Joe Bledsoe - Eve


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Liane Wright Great job!

32 Minutes Ago

Nina Prommer - The Gentleman Scholar Truck

The Gentleman Scholar Truck

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Zinvolle Art Nice capture and framing! Love the toning and composition! L

33 Minutes Ago

Margaret Saheed - Winter London Plane Tree Abstract 4

Winter London Plane Tree Abstract 4

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Margaret Saheed Thank you Stephanie. Many trees here produce beautiful 'bark colors'!

33 Minutes Ago

Nina Prommer - Father

Father's Office

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John Telfer Nina, Great find and fantastic angle that you have taken this wonderful sign at, excellent sky capture in the background

31 Minutes Ago

Thomas R Fletcher - Sheep in Snow

Sheep in Snow

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Andrea Lazar A wonderful image - but poor things! Good thing they have their sheep-skin coats on! v/f

33 Minutes Ago

Nina Prommer - Genius Room

Genius Room

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Zinvolle Art Very fun work! Love it :)~ L

34 Minutes Ago

Terry Shuck - Texas Longhorn

Texas Longhorn

Deyanira Harris Fantastic shot Terry!! lfv

34 Minutes Ago

Jim Cumming - Snowy Eyes

Snowy Eyes

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Cindy McDaniel What an incredibly intense stare! You captured his eyes beautifully!

34 Minutes Ago

Stanza Widen - Fly Through a Troubled Sky

Fly Through a Troubled Sky

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Lenore Senior Absolutely gorgeous! I love this work! Instant v/f

34 Minutes Ago

Joe Bledsoe - Stillness


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Liane Wright I like the simplicity of this one!

34 Minutes Ago

Jon Wild - Ruffneck


Paul Freidlund I love this, I love your style lf

35 Minutes Ago

Denyse Duhaime - Antique Door Decorated For Spring

Antique Door Decorated For Spring

Svetlana Nilova Great sight, very inclusive and apparent! Wonderful texture and colors! Love it!

35 Minutes Ago

Lesa Fine - Aztec and the Gas Pump

Aztec and the Gas Pump

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Liane Wright Love the old nostalgic pieces, nice shot.

35 Minutes Ago

Craig Lapsley - Who You Looking At

Who You Looking At

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Cindy McDaniel Only one word is necessary...WOW!

35 Minutes Ago

Deyanira Harris - The last supper

The last supper

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Deyanira Harris Thank you so much Sharon!!

36 Minutes Ago

Jo Appleby - Adrift


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Wayne Hardee Jo, really nice work on this, great composition. Voted in contest! Like!

36 Minutes Ago

Jon Wild - Roemer Glass with Lemon Book and Candle

Roemer Glass with Lemon Book and Candle

Paul Freidlund awesome still life, I love the smoke lf

36 Minutes Ago

Nick  Boren - Nikon Nick

Nikon Nick's Tulip Composition

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Paul Freidlund awesome image, I love the name, great choice of camera lf

37 Minutes Ago

James Finnerty - Almost Asleep

Almost Asleep

Andrea Lazar So sweet! A lovely portrait. v.

39 Minutes Ago

Norm Hoekstra - Icy Big Red

Icy Big Red

Jenny Ellen Photography Nice capture!

39 Minutes Ago

Mimulux patricia no   - Burnt Caramel

Burnt Caramel

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Deyanira Harris Wow Mimulux this is so fantastic!! I love the colors and this amazing abstract!! lfv

40 Minutes Ago

Otis L Stanley - Hope For Haiti

Hope For Haiti

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Corey Habbas Beautiful sense of feeling in this. I love the affect of the black and white contrasted with the colors on the flag. Very important piece, moving and powerful. L/F

41 Minutes Ago

Lyn Voytershark - Red Geranium with Yellow and Purple Flowers - Square

Red Geranium with Yellow and Purple...

Svetlana Nilova Beautiful! Great contrast and colors!

41 Minutes Ago

Rosalie Scanlon - Pink Jelly Fish

Pink Jelly Fish

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Constance Lowery looks like it's going awful fast, good capture

41 Minutes Ago

Brian Tarr - Gulf Sunset

Gulf Sunset

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Lois Bryan Such beauty ... wonderfully imaginative ... gloriously colorful!!! l/f

43 Minutes Ago

Optical Playground By MP Ray - Flower Distortion

Flower Distortion

Carol R Montoya Love the use of space Michael! VFPinTw

43 Minutes Ago

Belinda Greb - Slick Otter Mug Shot

Slick Otter Mug Shot

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Sharon Elliott Well cute. SE v/f

43 Minutes Ago

Ella Kaye - Woodpecker - Natural Red Head

Woodpecker - Natural Red Head

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Joan Bertucci I love red heads Ella! :-) Amazing close up and excellent details especially in that eye! L

43 Minutes Ago

Belinda Greb - Stepping Out

Stepping Out

Sharon Elliott Very well the artistic effects. SE v/f

44 Minutes Ago

Will Borden - Kamloops Lake

Kamloops Lake

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Lois Bryan Such magnificent light and shadow, clarity and detail, Will!!! Very beautiful!! l/f

44 Minutes Ago

Hugh Smith - Ocham

Ocham's Razor

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Hugh Smith Thank you Chuck. Like many of your studies...simple and elegant!

44 Minutes Ago

Optical Playground By MP Ray - Purple Haze

Purple Haze

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Carol R Montoya I do not know how I miss this stunning work Micheal! VFPinTw

45 Minutes Ago

Dorothy Pinder - Just One Look

Just One Look

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Joseph Skompski Very elegant - well composed photograph!

47 Minutes Ago

Latha Gokuldas Panicker - Ecstasy-Ragamala


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Lenore Senior Another vote. This is so gorgeous!

47 Minutes Ago

Jeff Swanson - Dusk on the Prairie

Dusk on the Prairie

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Sharon Elliott This is fantastic.....the light is so perfect.....doesn't get any better. SE v/f/g+

47 Minutes Ago

Meg Shearer - From a Castle

From a Castle

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Lenore Senior Another vote. Beautifully done!

48 Minutes Ago

Byron Fli Walker - Mosaic


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Barbara D Richards This is a stand out piece, like it a lot!

48 Minutes Ago

Judy Hall-Folde - Weathered Wagon Wheel

Weathered Wagon Wheel

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Lenore Senior Beautifully done! Love it! v/f

49 Minutes Ago

David Kehrli - Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Kathy Braud So nice you could get a clear shot of this Blood moon, David. Interesting view and great color! L/f

49 Minutes Ago

Bobby Dar - Moon Light Bride

Moon Light Bride

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Lenore Senior Beautiful portrait of beautiful woman! Excellent! v/f

51 Minutes Ago

Mitch Shindelbower - Light My Fire

Light My Fire

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Deyanira Harris Amazing Image Mitch and fantastic title!! lfv

51 Minutes Ago

Brad Brizek - Heat of the Day

Heat of the Day

Susan Schmitz I really like this one. Such a beautiful golden sunset with an abstract look to the branches.

52 Minutes Ago

Jane Ford - Lantern


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Andrea Anderegg Wonderful capture!

52 Minutes Ago

Katerina Apostolakou - Mission completed succesfuly

Mission completed succesfuly

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Lenore Senior Another vote for this fave of mine!

52 Minutes Ago

Emma  Baker - Black eyed susans

Black eyed susans

Greg Reed Love the detail Emma!! L

52 Minutes Ago

Dick Wood - Waiting for Summer in Columbus

Waiting for Summer in Columbus

Lois Bryan Dick this is a fabulous capture ... perfect symmetry of repeating shapes ... great, great b/w vision!!! I love it!!! l/f and tweeted!!!

52 Minutes Ago

  FLJohnson Photography -  Gazebo


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FLJohnson Photography Exactly my thought too ... thank you.

52 Minutes Ago

Mitch Shindelbower - Yellow Dot

Yellow Dot

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Deyanira Harris Wow I love this purple Flower Mitch!! lfv

53 Minutes Ago

Brad Brizek - Silver Lining

Silver Lining

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Susan Schmitz Wonderful capture!

53 Minutes Ago

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - An Elephant-1

An Elephant-1

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Lenore Senior Another awesome work of art! Too many great images to comment on! v/f

53 Minutes Ago

Carla s  Designs - Walking Path

Walking Path

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Lois Bryan what a lovely scene ... there's such a sense of innocence and optimism here ... love the lead off to the left into the mysterious rock formation ... a castle or cave?? Let's go find out!!! l/f

53 Minutes Ago

Emma  Baker - Spreading its feathers

Spreading its feathers

Greg Reed Very striking!! L

53 Minutes Ago

C Steele - Mountain Morning

Mountain Morning

G Orfad This painting is so beautiful it makes me want to run outside, skip over the hills, and sing to nature. I love it.

53 Minutes Ago

Jennie Marie Schell - Gerber Daisy Flowers in Blue

Gerber Daisy Flowers in Blue

Claudia Mottram I love gerberas and yours are beautiful, Jennie! L+F :)

53 Minutes Ago

Brad Brizek - Ice Falls

Ice Falls

Susan Schmitz Beautiful long exposure! It's soft but striking.

54 Minutes Ago

Mitch Shindelbower - Green Poinsettia

Green Poinsettia

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Deyanira Harris So incredible color Mitch!! lfv

54 Minutes Ago

Emma  Baker - Flowers surrounding

Flowers surrounding

Greg Reed Beautiful!! L

54 Minutes Ago

Mimulux patricia no   - Lily Pond

Lily Pond

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Lenore Senior Rich, fantastic, beautiful, and emotional work! v/f

54 Minutes Ago

Susan  Schmitz - Beam of light in Upper Antelope Canyon in Black and White

Beam of light in Upper Antelope Canyon...

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Susan Schmitz Thank you for all of the wonderful comments on my artwork today Brad!

54 Minutes Ago

Joy Watson - Orange Grevillea

Orange Grevillea

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Lois Bryan this one's a show stopper ... great capture, Joy!!! l/f

54 Minutes Ago

Mitch Shindelbower - Sun Fire

Sun Fire

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Deyanira Harris Amazing Sun Fire, Mitch!! great image!! lfv

55 Minutes Ago

Displaying 101 - 200 of 5352 Images With New Comments