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Nina Stavlund - Spread Your Wings...

Spread Your Wings...

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Guido Strambio Excellent capture, great image! l/f

28 Minutes Ago

Marilyn Smith - Old Tucson

Old Tucson

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Richard Bryce and Family Congrats on the sale, Marilyn!

28 Minutes Ago

Patricia Keller - Roaming Stallions

Roaming Stallions

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Patricia Keller Thank you, Jim Williams for featuring, "Roaming Stallions" in "Tell Tall Tales".

28 Minutes Ago

Jeff Breiman - Sunset With Birds OBX

Sunset With Birds OBX

James Lanigan Thompson MFA ~ ≈ ≡ ♥ ≡ ≈ ~

29 Minutes Ago

Barbara Snyder - Ice Plant Along The Monterey Shore

Ice Plant Along The Monterey Shore

Iris Gelbart Beautiful work.....l/f

29 Minutes Ago

Michele Steffey - Myers Train Trestle By Night

Myers Train Trestle By Night

Steve Gravano Excellent! I love the composition.

29 Minutes Ago

Black Brook Photography - Schooner Margaret Todd

Schooner Margaret Todd

Guido Strambio Awesome capture, perfect framing, lovely natural colors! l/f

30 Minutes Ago

DeWayne Beard - Zen Moment

Zen Moment

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DeWayne Beard Thank so much Sarah

31 Minutes Ago

Jeff  Swan - Echoing Mountains

Echoing Mountains

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Iris Gelbart Beautiful work......l/f

31 Minutes Ago

Guido Strambio - Speed mirage

Speed mirage

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Guido Strambio Thanks so much for your nice comment!

31 Minutes Ago

Philippe Boite - Jardin du Maieur

Jardin du Maieur

Joan Carroll nicely done, love the lines and the lighting!

32 Minutes Ago

Olga Photography - Peach Rose Close Up

Peach Rose Close Up

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Marina Kojukhova Very beautiful, Olga!!! L/F

32 Minutes Ago

Karen Silvestri - Which Way Do I Grow

Which Way Do I Grow

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Joan Carroll very cool abstract look!

32 Minutes Ago

Mario Lorenz - Shining Wood

Shining Wood

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Marilyn McNish Usually the woods at night is a scary, eerie place. However in your painting here, I am drawn to the light and you have me compelled to follow the path, without fear. WOW!! Well done!

33 Minutes Ago

Barbara Griffin - Islands and Waves Panorama

Islands and Waves Panorama

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Barbara Griffin Thank you so much Will! It certainly was a beautiful day along the coastline.

33 Minutes Ago

Claire Walsh - Poached Eggs

Poached Eggs

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Ayse Belgin Bal I loved this photo, especiaaly the background iseems like abstract catched me.BB

34 Minutes Ago

Toni Abdnour - The Big Mouth

The Big Mouth

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Joanne Oram Love this picture, perfect capture of the moment! :)

34 Minutes Ago

Sherry Shipley - Midnight Fire

Midnight Fire

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Anne Sands Very creative Sherry. I love the bold colors

35 Minutes Ago

Rene Crystal - Sadie...such A Pretty Feline Lady

Sadie...such A Pretty Feline Lady

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Rene Crystal Mechala, thanks so much for the feature in Domesticated Cats -25!

35 Minutes Ago

Meryl Goudey - Spirit Lifting

Spirit Lifting

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Lisa Wooten This is beautiful. I love the gentleness of the bird. Beautiful painting. L/F PIF in ABC

35 Minutes Ago

Sarah Loft - Chicory


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Bob Marquis Awesome shot I love the blue :)

36 Minutes Ago

Marvin Spates - Hawk over Head

Hawk over Head

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Guido Strambio Fantastic minimalist capture! Love this shot very much! l/f

37 Minutes Ago

Gabriele Pomykaj - The Bots

The Bots

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Ayse Belgin Bal Impressive, loved it.BB

38 Minutes Ago

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