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Elsa De - Tranquillity 2

Tranquillity 2

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Elsa De Thanks everyone for the support and comments.

52 Minutes Ago

Auntieblues - Greetings from Stockholm

Greetings from Stockholm

Maria Hunt Beautiful, Vixen. Love the perspective on this. FL

53 Minutes Ago

Jez C Self - Just Resting My Head

Just Resting My Head

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Jez C Self Thanks William, This guy was just lying there at about 8:30am. He seemed quite content to be where he was. Jez

53 Minutes Ago

Jonathan Nguyen - Heart of The City

Heart of The City

Stephen Stookey Nice capture! l/f

53 Minutes Ago

Teressa Nichole - Warm Moments

Warm Moments

Chris Flees lovely image Teressa....l/f/t/fb

53 Minutes Ago

Dave Bosse - Blue Sunset

Blue Sunset

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Prajakta P Gorgeous capture! L,F,Pinterest

54 Minutes Ago

Lenore Senior - Gratitude


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CJ Anderson Such a wonderful, surreal, ethereal, and moving image, Lenore! Your title is PERFECT! Bravo! Fav'd!

9 Minutes Ago

Shannon Harrington - Yellow Butterfly

Yellow Butterfly

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33 Minutes Ago

Constance Lowery - Yellow Mushrooms

Yellow Mushrooms

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Chris Flees cool image Constance...l/f/t/fb

55 Minutes Ago

Elsa De - Urban living

Urban living

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31 Minutes Ago

Jez C Self - Yeah You Come Close To Me

Yeah You Come Close To Me

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Jez C Self Thank you Ed, I saw these mannequins when I first came to Egypt and thought they had been left out for the rubbish. I didn't know then that here in Egypt, you are trusted not to steal things. They are just left out at night and dressed in the...

55 Minutes Ago

Rose Wang - Umass Medical Center

Umass Medical Center

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Chris Flees cool image Rose...l/f/t/fb

56 Minutes Ago

John Bailey - Garden on the Dunes

Garden on the Dunes

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John Bailey Thank you Miroslava!

56 Minutes Ago

Nancy Kane Chapman - Fracking 2

Fracking 2

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Nancy Kane Chapman It was just this past year that I added colored pencil and white gouache to my geometrical concoctions. Your good comments are so encouraging to me, Janet. Thanks so much!!

56 Minutes Ago

Kay Novy - November Sunset

November Sunset

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Wayne King Beautiful shot, Kay!

36 Minutes Ago

Hanny Heim - Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain

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Hanny Heim Thank you Richard !

56 Minutes Ago

Donna Kennedy - Convict Lake at Sunrise

Convict Lake at Sunrise

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Chris Flees perfect image Donna ....l/f/t/fb

57 Minutes Ago

Jamie Pham - The Dragons Teeth

The Dragons Teeth

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Wayne King Beautiful, dramatic image!

57 Minutes Ago

Lenore Senior - Abstract - Architecture

Abstract - Architecture

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Bill OConnor Lenore --the color arrangements are perfect; wonderful!

58 Minutes Ago

Julie Chambers - Bunbeg Wreck

Bunbeg Wreck

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Julie Chambers Thank you so much Alessandro...

58 Minutes Ago

John Bailey - Seasons End

Seasons End

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John Bailey Thank you Jake!

58 Minutes Ago

Zulfiya Stromberg - Peacock at sunrise

Peacock at sunrise

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Prajakta P Amazing work! Speechless! L,F,Tweet

59 Minutes Ago

Jerry Bokowski - Smyles the Poodle

Smyles the Poodle

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Jerry Bokowski Marilyn, Yes he is a very sweet dog and very affectionate and gentle. Thank you for sensing that and commenting on it! Regards, JERRY

59 Minutes Ago

Haleh Mahbod - Chillax


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Wayne King I love the squiggly lines of the rails and the color of the water!

59 Minutes Ago

Teresa Ascone - Forest and River

Forest and River

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29 Minutes Ago

Darrell MacIver - Giant Mushroom

Giant Mushroom

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Chris Flees great image Steve...l/f/t/fb

1 Hour Ago

John Bailey - Golden Dome

Golden Dome

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John Bailey Thank you Donna! :)

1 Hour Ago

Veronica Minozzi - Ice balls

Ice balls

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Craig Wood Delightful! Love the reflections. L/F

1 Hour Ago

Marco Ippaso - Cinquecento


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Nina Silver This is a lovely, happy painting. I like your work.

1 Hour Ago

Ella Char - Skyward


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Prajakta P Great capture!

1 Hour Ago

John Bailey - The Making of Devils Tower

The Making of Devils Tower

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John Bailey Yes it could. :) Thanks Stanza!

1 Hour Ago

Joan Carroll - Tappan Covered Bridge

Tappan Covered Bridge

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Craig Wood Love what the rain adds Joan. L

1 Hour Ago

Jack Zulli - Tropical Angel 2

Tropical Angel 2

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Michelle Meenawong Jack, this is a fabulous work, v/f

1 Hour Ago

Auntieblues - Indian Summer

Indian Summer

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Maria Hunt Wonderful. Perfection F/L

1 Hour Ago

Heloisa Castro - Hc0025


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Chris Flees cool image and processing Heloisa...t/fb

1 Hour Ago

Linda Prewer - Goose Talk

Goose Talk

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Hanny Heim Splendid shot and great timing !

1 Hour Ago

Auntieblues - Waterclouds


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Maria Hunt Incredibly Beautiful, Vixen. So love the reflection and the composition. F/L

1 Hour Ago

Marco Ippaso - Sacramento Blvd SF

Sacramento Blvd SF

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Nina Silver Congratulations for sharing 3rd place with this image in the recent `street signs` contest. This is an interesting painting.

1 Hour Ago

Lydia Holly - The Grand Lighthouses

The Grand Lighthouses

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Lydia Holly Thank you Jack for the kind comment!

1 Hour Ago

Steven Reed - Riding Low

Riding Low

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Judy Whitton Very nice, love the low angle view!

17 Minutes Ago

Steve Purnell - Blue And Silver 2

Blue And Silver 2

Chris Flees cool fractal Steve...l/f/t/fb

1 Hour Ago

Jerry Bokowski - San Francisco Peaks

San Francisco Peaks

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Jerry Bokowski Marilyn, Thank you for finding beauty in this! I wish you could see the original as it has so much more impact than the photo here. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them very much! JERRY

1 Hour Ago

Lydia Holly - Hope Peace Joy

Hope Peace Joy

Lydia Holly Thank you Christian Theme Artwork Group for the feature!

1 Hour Ago

Patricia Allingham Carlson - The Flute Player

The Flute Player

Michael African Visions Cool art. Nice colours and beautiful style and content . very feathery.

1 Hour Ago

Stuart Litoff - Telescope Peak

Telescope Peak

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Jerry Bokowski Stuart, What a contrast in temperature here! From one of the hottest deserts in the world to the snow capped mountains! Your image also shows us the rugged beauty to be found there! F/L JERRY

51 Minutes Ago

Miriam Danar - New York at Night - Subway 2

New York at Night - Subway 2

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CJ Anderson Oh, kiddo, I have them all picked out. And just when I think I have enough...BAM! You post another and another and another!

5 Minutes Ago

Elsa De - Elegant Lady

Elegant Lady

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27 Minutes Ago

Lydia Holly - Roanoke Marshes Light

Roanoke Marshes Light

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Lydia Holly Thank you John T. for choosing this piece as a favorite!

1 Hour Ago

Miriam Danar - 99 Cents - Worth Every Penny

99 Cents - Worth Every Penny

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Miriam Danar Oops - sorry, Steven. I'm editing the tags and I forgot to uncheck the boxes for groups ... my mistake!

1 Hour Ago

Leif Bakka - Women and flowers

Women and flowers

John Bailey Congratulations on being featured in the Fine Art America Group "Images That Excite You!"

1 Hour Ago

Aarti Bartake - Color Deluge

Color Deluge

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John Bailey Congratulations on being featured in the Fine Art America Group "Images That Excite You!"

1 Hour Ago

Spencer McKain - Covered Bridge No 1

Covered Bridge No 1

Nina Silver I like your concept in these images. Lovely work!

1 Hour Ago

Lydia Holly - Inside Paradise

Inside Paradise

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Lydia Holly Thank you so much Michelle for your kind comment and for choosing to "like" this piece.

1 Hour Ago

Irina Effa - Christmas and Happy New year Card

Christmas and Happy New year Card

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Wayne King That's really a beautiful card, Irina!

1 Hour Ago

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