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Torfinn Johannessen - Morning Sun

Morning Sun

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Wes Jimerson What a great image Torfinn.

44 Minutes Ago

Jacki Soikis - Stranded


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Terence Davis A great seascape image.

44 Minutes Ago

Carol Groenen - Mission Door with Scripture

Mission Door with Scripture

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Larry Bishop looking at some of the first images you posted to 'Scripture Art' 'Word for the World'....This one is still nice.....'liked' again, and featured in 'Word for the World'....

45 Minutes Ago

Doug Kreuger - Mickey

Mickey's Fun Wheel

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Doug Kreuger Thanks Fiona… I felt daring enough just to ride the Fun Wheel. By comparison the roller coaster looked somewhat suicidal. ((-:

46 Minutes Ago

Patricia Strand - Carriage House Door

Carriage House Door

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Patricia Strand Ivete, thank you so much for featuring this work in the group "Balcony Window And Doors Photography"!!!

47 Minutes Ago

Jim Hamilton - The Rose

The Rose

Anne Kelly Beautiful .....

48 Minutes Ago

Linda Lees - Love you to the moon and back

Love you to the moon and back

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Alice Giordano Hi Linda I'm interested in your "Love you to the Moon and back" piece as a wedding present. Will this hold it's "quality" at 16x16. Also, do you know if a framed piece includes glass. I don't want plastic. Thanks. Alice

48 Minutes Ago

Kay Novy - Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

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Kay Novy Thank you, Pamela.

49 Minutes Ago

Didier Albo - Violons


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Didier Albo merci beaucoup !

49 Minutes Ago

Jolante Hesse - Two Lemons

Two Lemons

Clara H Marton Great work! ^.^

50 Minutes Ago

Kay Novy - The Fly Fisherman

The Fly Fisherman

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Kay Novy Thank you, Gillian.

50 Minutes Ago

Michelle Wiarda - The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time

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Dianna Lewis Love it! Beautiful piece. L/F

41 Minutes Ago

Connie Handscomb - Opportunity


Veronica Minozzi Wonderful colors, great work! Lf

51 Minutes Ago

Randy Scherkenbach - Frisco 1630

Frisco 1630

Dianna Lewis Fabulous capture ! L/F

52 Minutes Ago

Finn Byrum - Old Nun

Old Nun

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Finn Byrum Hi` Clara :) - thanks a lot ....

27 Minutes Ago

Olahs Photography - Pathway to the River

Pathway to the River

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Olahs Photography Darren, thank you for featuring "Pathway to the River" in the Photography and Textures make Fine Art Group!!!

52 Minutes Ago

Connie Handscomb - Art Of The Feminine

Art Of The Feminine

Veronica Minozzi Fantastic image!

52 Minutes Ago

Marjorie Tietjen - Vermont Mill

Vermont Mill

Louis Macovsky Pleasantly nostalgic. f/l

53 Minutes Ago

Karen Cook - Sharons Choice

Sharons Choice

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Karen Cook You go right ahead and wear it out, my friend! The trail is my escape, my little piece of heaven...enjoy!

34 Minutes Ago

Derek Kaplan - Brave New Dream

Brave New Dream

Reem Adeeb Be still my soars like a bird.

54 Minutes Ago

Diana Huff - El Limpiabotas

El Limpiabotas

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Diana Huff Thank you Michael!

25 Minutes Ago

Veronica Minozzi - Air blow

Air blow

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Veronica Minozzi Many thanks Andreas for all your beautiful words!

54 Minutes Ago

Marjorie Tietjen - Living On Stilts

Living On Stilts

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Louis Macovsky Interesting image nicely done. f/l

54 Minutes Ago

Sourav Bose - Sharkfin Bay

Sharkfin Bay

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Sourav Bose Thank you so much Shermina!

33 Minutes Ago

Paulo Guimaraes - Gulls


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Robyn King Wonderful capture!!

55 Minutes Ago

Donna Kennedy - Ode To Autumn

Ode To Autumn

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Doug Kreuger Spectacular Composition and Description Donna! Awesome Autumn colors and reflections! A real treat to the visual senses! L&F

55 Minutes Ago

Stephanie Moore - Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

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Stephanie Moore It is sort of abstract - it is done in the style of my favourite artist, Norville Morriseau - you should look him up, his work is amazing. I am so glad you like this, Sherri and thanks for the l/f

56 Minutes Ago

Zori Minkova - Can you hear me now?

Can you hear me now?

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Wayne Hardee Nice capture Zori! I'm always ready to watch these guys at the beach! Like!

56 Minutes Ago

Karen Cook - Winter sun

Winter sun

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Karen Cook Thank you dear friend!

34 Minutes Ago

Will Bullas - Puppy lover...

Puppy lover...

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Veronica Minozzi Congratulations Will!

57 Minutes Ago

Teresa Wegrzyn - Winter Day

Winter Day

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Wayne Hardee Well done, Teresa! Like!

58 Minutes Ago

Stephanie Moore - Last Supper

Last Supper

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Stephanie Moore It was a challenge to get all those figures into that space - thanks so much for the v/l/f, Heinz

58 Minutes Ago

Jerry LoFaro - Unexpected Growth

Unexpected Growth

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Melissa Osborne this is awesome. Great color looks real

58 Minutes Ago

Laurie Search - Beach Stroll

Beach Stroll

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Nathalie Duhaime Very nice capture and composition!

9 Minutes Ago

Derek Kaplan - Opt.28.14 Storm

Opt.28.14 Storm

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Reem Adeeb I live in the south of France where storms are like a veritable clash of the heavens: terrifying,beautiful, awe inspiring ..I see all of these in this spectacular painting.

58 Minutes Ago

Karen Cook - Too tired to talk...

Too tired to talk...

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Karen Cook Thanks Sherri. Our kitties are indoor cats only for safety reasons. But I had a near encounter this morning with a coyote on my trail!

33 Minutes Ago

John Terrell - Music


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Shermina M Liked it... Beautiful

59 Minutes Ago

Baljit Chadha - Heavenly Flowers

Heavenly Flowers

Dakos de Sax Lovely and expressive artwork!

59 Minutes Ago

Stephanie Moore - Abstract 5057

Abstract 5057

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Stephanie Moore Many thanks for the L/F, Heinz - so glad you like it

59 Minutes Ago

Teresa Wegrzyn - Fishing


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Wayne Hardee Looks like a perfect spot to wet a line, Teresa! Like!

59 Minutes Ago

John Terrell - Natures

Natures' Dance

Shermina M Liked it.. Hence voted.. :)

1 Hour Ago

Stephanie Moore - Selling Pots

Selling Pots

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Stephanie Moore Many thanks for the f/v, Joe - I am so glad you like it

1 Hour Ago

Marie Bulger - Snow and Water

Snow and Water

Dakos de Sax Beautiful and expressive work!

1 Hour Ago

Gena Weiser - Such a Pretty Peony - Inspirational Quote

Such a Pretty Peony - Inspirational...

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Sherri Of Palm Springs Very beautiful Gena, love the beautiful color and Peonies are my favorite flower.. nice work Sherri fl

1 Hour Ago

Stephanie Moore - Cave Horses

Cave Horses

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Stephanie Moore I am so glad you like it, David - thanks so much for the feature

1 Hour Ago

Emmy Marie Vickers - Proverbs 17-1

Proverbs 17-1

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Emmy Vickers A belated to Marinescu Dan for the feature in your "Premium FAA Artists" group. I'm honored as always and so grateful. Thanks!

50 Minutes Ago

Warren Thompson - Impressions of Fall

Impressions of Fall

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Shermina M Voted... Its simple and lovely

1 Hour Ago

Eddie Eastwood - Magic Moon

Magic Moon

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Eddie Eastwood Thanks so much Johnny!

38 Minutes Ago

Alesya Von Meer - Still Life with Pear

Still Life with Pear

Michel Verhoef really nice...repetition of forms, below, the middle and on top.

1 Hour Ago

Victoria Lisi - High Tea

High Tea

Dianna Lewis Wonderful work. Fabulous color and excellent rendereing. L/f

1 Hour Ago

Wayne Hardee - Squirrels


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Wayne Hardee Thanks, Teresa! And for the l/f!

1 Hour Ago

Gustave Moreau - Abstract Study

Abstract Study

Dakos de Sax Splendid and complex abstract! Congratulations!

1 Hour Ago

Doug Kreuger - Mallards Lake

Mallards Lake

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Doug Kreuger Many thanks Marilyn! You are very kind!

40 Minutes Ago

Debra Forand - Sailing Into The Sunset

Sailing Into The Sunset

Steve Purnell Great sunset capture. Love the way that the sun glimmers along the wake of your boat.

1 Hour Ago

Wayne Hardee - Dolphins


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Wayne Hardee Much appreciated Teresa! Thanks for another l/f!

1 Hour Ago

Eva Hartman - Brooding


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Michel Verhoef They are outsiders...she is very alert !

1 Hour Ago

Shanina Conway - All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small

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Dianna Lewis Stunning fantasy work. Its gorgeous!

37 Minutes Ago

Veikko Suikkanen - Fallen leaves

Fallen leaves

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Shermina M Artistic image.. Beautiful

1 Hour Ago

Jordan Blackstone - Standing Strong - Autumn Art

Standing Strong - Autumn Art

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Diane Schuster Fantastic image and beautiful framing! l/f

1 Hour Ago

Mark James - Doves in the park

Doves in the park

Dakos de Sax Splendid artwork! Congratulations!

1 Hour Ago

Pamela Phelps - Peaceful Tree

Peaceful Tree

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Diane Schuster I love this image, Pamela! This little tree looks as if he is protected by the surrounding forest! Fantastic light and silhouette! l/f

1 Hour Ago

Eva Hartman - Umbrellas


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Michel Verhoef How simple beauty can be !

1 Hour Ago

Bedros Awak - Winter Blue Night

Winter Blue Night

Dianna Lewis Oh wow!!! This is gorgeous! L/f

1 Hour Ago

Susan Warren - Bough of Color

Bough of Color

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Susan Warren It surely was a beautiful walk. :)

1 Hour Ago

Kate Gallagher - Fall Mums

Fall Mums

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Terence Davis Kate, a really beautiful and colourful floral display.

1 Hour Ago

Maya Telford - Deborah


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Dianna Lewis Beautifully rendered. Stunning piece ! L/F

33 Minutes Ago

Mitch Shindelbower - No Hunting

No Hunting

Dianna Lewis Gorgeous capture Mitch. L/f

1 Hour Ago

Michelle Vaniter-Verschelden - Wood


Melissa Johnson This is beautiful!

1 Hour Ago

Mitch Shindelbower - Songs Of Autumn

Songs Of Autumn

Dianna Lewis Amazing work Mitch. L/F

1 Hour Ago

Sethu Madhavan - Waiting


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Anne-Elizabeth Whiteway Sethu, this is so beautiful and well done. You are very, very talented!!! LF

1 Hour Ago

Minding My  Visions - Bowed and Lonely Barn

Bowed and Lonely Barn

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Marilyn Diaz Love old weathered buildings. This one is great.

1 Hour Ago

Robyn King - Happy Feet Dance

Happy Feet Dance

Dianna Lewis Lol... soooo adorable. L/F

1 Hour Ago

Marilyn Diaz - Neglected


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Marilyn Diaz Thanks Doug. So nice hearing from you. I love old and rusty, just something about it.

1 Hour Ago

Patricia Awapara - Flowers from the Garden I

Flowers from the Garden I

Dakos de Sax Splendid artwork! Amazing texture!

1 Hour Ago

Lois Bryan - Pastel Pink Zinnia

Pastel Pink Zinnia

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Diane Schuster Beautiful, love the high key background! l/f

1 Hour Ago

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - October Tractor

October Tractor

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Dwight Pinkley Yes, but I am still enjoying thinking about the scene and how different it looks close up and far away. Thanks for sharing this.

1 Hour Ago

Sethu Madhavan - Arabian horse

Arabian horse

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Anne-Elizabeth Whiteway Sethu, this is wonderful work. YOU are so very talented in many ways. LF

1 Hour Ago

Dianna Lewis - Ssssmantha


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Dianna Lewis Thanks so much for the feature Mariola :-)

1 Hour Ago

Sonali Gangane - Sun and Moon flowers

Sun and Moon flowers

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Beverly Guilliams Gorgeous image, Sonali...............v.

1 Hour Ago

Alan L Graham - Autumn Memories

Autumn Memories

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Marilyn Diaz Just beautiful. A fantastic Fall landscape.

1 Hour Ago

Dwight Pinkley - Baden-Baden Facade

Baden-Baden Facade

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Dwight Pinkley Thanks Nick, I appreciate your feedback! Keep the pumpkins coming.

1 Hour Ago

Joe Jake Pratt - Many Miles

Many Miles

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Joe Jake Pratt Thank you Amy for the feature. :>)

1 Hour Ago

Dusty Demerson - Home Comfort Hotel St. Elmo Colorado

Home Comfort Hotel St. Elmo Colorado

Fiona Kennard Wonderful capture! Love this!

1 Hour Ago

Anne Gifford - Night Owl

Night Owl

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Carolyn LeGrand What a magnificent owl painting. Great use of light and contrast. Wonderful expression in that face coupled with a wonderful atmosphere. L/F

1 Hour Ago

Susan Molnar - Green Heron IV

Green Heron IV

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Paulette B Wright Great image! Congrats on your award!!

1 Hour Ago

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