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Helmut  Preiss - Matador


Rebecca Preiss Interested parties, should reply to

46 Minutes Ago

Zina Stromberg - Spider web

Spider web

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Zina Stromberg Thank you, Geoff! :-)

43 Minutes Ago

Beverly Canterbury - Pastel Blooms

Pastel Blooms

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Beverly Canterbury Doug, many thanks for featuring my photo in the group "Macro Marvels"

46 Minutes Ago

Amy Shaw - Shine


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Regina Jeffers That just sounds so amazing and fun.

40 Minutes Ago

Chuck Caramella - Water  ...

Water ...

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Jerry Bokowski Love the bold, vivid colors and textures in this, Chuck. Very nice indeed! FAV / Like

32 Minutes Ago

Kym Backland - Half and Half

Half and Half

Lingfai Leung Wonderful capture of Two Half A Bandit or Two Half Croonies make One Croonie..

48 Minutes Ago

Beverly Canterbury - Faith Hope Love

Faith Hope Love

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Beverly Canterbury Thank you Doug for featuring my photo in the group " Inspired Quotations"

49 Minutes Ago

Ann Horn - Rainy Day Shopping

Rainy Day Shopping

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Ann Horn Many thanks for your complimentary comment, Margie. So encouraging...

46 Minutes Ago

Phyllis Taylor - Seward Harbor

Seward Harbor

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Belinda Greb Beautiful - love the tones!

2 Minutes Ago

Margie Avellino - A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach

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Ann Horn What a delightful beach scene, Margie. Everyone doing their own thing, enjoying the day, I am sure. f/l

49 Minutes Ago

Donna Kennedy - Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks

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Donna Kennedy Thank you Laurie :)

13 Minutes Ago

Beverly Canterbury - Rhododendron Collage

Rhododendron Collage

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Beverly Canterbury Thank you Dora for featuring my photo in the group "Visions of Spring"

51 Minutes Ago

Meg Rousher - American Flamingo Photograph

American Flamingo Photograph

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Laurie Search Amazing light and color, Meg!!! Soooo beautiful!!! :)))vf

52 Minutes Ago

Sarah Loft - Auto Headlight 173

Auto Headlight 173

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Marvin Spates Wow this is a awesome photo Sarah!!! L/F

54 Minutes Ago

Linda Whiteside - Summer Blossoms

Summer Blossoms

Larry Espinoza Linda, just a stunning image, nicely done. l/f

55 Minutes Ago

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Owl Alba Spain

Owl Alba Spain

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Bruce Pritchett Wow ...Colette amazing image .... Love the zoom background very creative capture......Bruce !

55 Minutes Ago

Nava  Thompson - Sun Kissed Cones

Sun Kissed Cones

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Doug Kreuger Nava, What a terrific shot of these kissing cones! I don't know how I missed seeing this one before? Incredible sunlit pink petals and orange tops!---I Love everything about this one! L&F

55 Minutes Ago

Martin Newman - Ballooning over St Michaels Mount

Ballooning over St Michaels Mount

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Laurie Search Gorgeous, magical image, Martin!!! :)))vf

55 Minutes Ago

Jennifer Lommers - 27 Birds

27 Birds

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Dolores Develde congrats on your sale and lovely work

55 Minutes Ago

Laura Ragland - The Summer Show

The Summer Show

Larry Espinoza Beautiful light Laura just stunning. l/f

56 Minutes Ago

Mandy Wiltse - Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge

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Gregory Pirillo Great Picture. ☺☺☺

56 Minutes Ago

Darleen Stry - Daisy Reflections

Daisy Reflections

CJ Anderson UNBELIEVABLE macro capture, Darleen! WOW! Just amazing and oh, so, lovey! Fav'd, liked, tweeted, and pinned!

56 Minutes Ago

Martin Newman - Black and White Seascape

Black and White Seascape

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Laurie Search This is so beautiful, Martin!!! Love the b/w and the reflections!!! :)))

57 Minutes Ago

Larry Espinoza - Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

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Larry Espinoza Charlie, thanks so much for your support and feature on the Office Art Decor gallery.... I really appreciate your encouragement.

57 Minutes Ago

Ann Horn - Architectural Standout

Architectural Standout

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Ann Horn Pamela, thank for featuring Architectural Standout in the Abc Group - G is for Gigantic.

57 Minutes Ago

Hao Aiken - My Hummingbird

My Hummingbird

CJ Anderson Beautiful work, Hao! Fav'd, liked, and tweeted!

58 Minutes Ago

Lillian  Bell - Pears in glass bowl

Pears in glass bowl

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Lillian Bell I'm so glad you like this one also, thank you Chas ....I appreciate it!

23 Minutes Ago

Ann Horn - Handsome Farmyard Dude

Handsome Farmyard Dude

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Ann Horn Many thanks for your kind comment, Margie. Very much appreciated.

56 Minutes Ago

Larry Espinoza - Oh My...

Oh My...

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Larry Espinoza Chuck, thanks so much for the feature on the Hairy Primates gallery, I really do appreciate it.

1 Hour Ago

Janet Pancho Gupta - Camellia At Sunset

Camellia At Sunset

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Laurie Search Oooh, such gorgeous light, Janet!!! :)))vf

1 Hour Ago

Lillian  Bell - Zebra


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Lillian Bell Thank you Chas for all your kind and supportive comments! I had a look at your, such a variety of unique images!

25 Minutes Ago

Michel Verhoef - Twins


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Margie Avellino I followed the posts to your gallery and I'm mesmerized by the wonderful images. Lovely and inspirational work.

1 Hour Ago

Juli Scalzi - Paris


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Juli Scalzi Thank you so much, Kathy!

1 Hour Ago

Nava  Thompson - Playful Fawn Toddler

Playful Fawn Toddler

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Nava Thompson Thank you Doug for the nice comments--and the l/f!

18 Minutes Ago

David and Lynn Keller - Dance of the Hollyhock Fairies

Dance of the Hollyhock Fairies

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DJ MacIsaac Quite spectacular! Beautiful work David and Lynn... and yes I do get a sense of dancing fairies... 😊fl

1 Hour Ago

Lillian  Bell - Teapot and cherries

Teapot and cherries

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Lillian Bell Chas, your thoughtful comments are much appreciated ...thank you!

29 Minutes Ago

Linda Covino - Delicate macro

Delicate macro

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Constance Lowery very nice composition. looks good on black

1 Hour Ago

Tighe O

The Gods of War

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Tighe O'DonoghueRoss Yes, Susan, natural selection...I am sorry to say, is cruel and heartless. All of those negatives that you mention are part of the equation. If there ever was perfect peace, it undoubtedly ended when we were driven from the Garden...out into the...

1 Hour Ago

Angela A Stanton - Scented Jewel Asiatic Lily

Scented Jewel Asiatic Lily

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Jan Law Angela, This is absolutely magnificent! You certainly captured the beauty and the scent! L/F

1 Hour Ago

Matt Konar - Courage


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Laurie Search Such a sweet, wonderful message, Matt, and such a fantastic painting!! It's adorable, and I love it!! :)))vf

1 Hour Ago

Rebecca Tecla - KingFisher


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CJ Anderson Sheer masterpiece, Rebecca! Bravo and a standing ovation from the Austin Gal! Fav'd, liked, tweeted, and pinned!

1 Hour Ago

Naomi Burgess - Fireworks Over Open Water 1

Fireworks Over Open Water 1

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Allan Van Gasbeck This is a finely crafted image Naomi, well done. v/f/t/p/g+

1 Hour Ago

Dianne Phelps - Sierra Nevada Waterfall

Sierra Nevada Waterfall

Dawn Currie Congratulations on your feature in our group, I Love Nature Photography - celebrating the best of our natural world!

1 Hour Ago

Georgia Brushhandle - Profile of a Girl close up

Profile of a Girl close up

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Marvin Spates Very amazing work of art Georgia!!! L/F

1 Hour Ago

Tony Beck - On The Spot

On The Spot

Dawn Currie Congratulations on your feature in our group, I Love Nature Photography - celebrating the best of our natural world!

1 Hour Ago

David and Lynn Keller - Inner Light of the Moose

Inner Light of the Moose

DJ MacIsaac I'm horrible at this LOL! Not even going to guess... but I definitely see a lot of beauty and do like this... magnificent abstract David and Lynn 😊fl

1 Hour Ago

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