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Joey Agbayani - Cafe des 2 Moulins

Cafe des 2 Moulins

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Joey Agbayani Thank you very much Chrisitna Schott for featuring this painting in PAINTING CAFE, Jan 2015!

2 Hours Ago

Michael Durst - The Secret

The Secret

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Michael Durst Thanks, Shylaja, for your wonderful comment!

2 Hours Ago

Constance Lowery - Manipulated Cat Photo

Manipulated Cat Photo

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Karen Cook Revisit to Pay it forward in ABC group

2 Hours Ago

  larisa Fedotova - Jogging.


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Skip Willits Wonderful color and an interesting idea...well done.

4 Minutes Ago

Gabriella Weninger - David - Wild Roses Romantic

Wild Roses Romantic

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Gabriella Weninger - David THANK YOU so much GP Images for all your lovely comments!!!

2 Hours Ago

Teressa Nichole - Electric Blue

Electric Blue

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Teressa Nichole Thank you so much Georgia! :-)

2 Hours Ago

Linda Brody - Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

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Mary Wykes Linda this is magnificent! You've made my mind up for me . . . I'm ordering mantis egg cases again this spring for the garden.

2 Hours Ago

Gabriella Weninger - David - Lilies wrapped in orange

Lilies wrapped in orange

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Gabriella Weninger - David THANK YOU so much Georgia ... and thank you for your visit !

1 Hour Ago

Sandra Clark - Elegant Daisy

Elegant Daisy

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Karen Cook What a beautiful photo. Love the lush petals of the daisy and you have turned it into a elegant work of art! Paying it forward in Wisconsin Flowers.

2 Hours Ago

Karen Wiles - Glow Of Romance

Glow Of Romance

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Karen Wiles Thank you John for choosing GLOW OF ROMANCE as your favorite!

2 Hours Ago

Brenda Bostic - Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird Moth

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Elaine Mikkelstrup What a beautiful moth! lovely shot l/f

2 Hours Ago

Randy Rosenberger - Seahorse Lily

Seahorse Lily

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Karen Cook They seem to be floating ...just like they would in the sea!

2 Hours Ago

Sue Bonnar - Texas Morning Glory Breakfast

Texas Morning Glory Breakfast

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Elaine Mikkelstrup Outstanding image, love all the detail of these beautiful and delicate birds l/f

2 Hours Ago

Sandra Spalding - The Soothing Sounds

The Soothing Sounds

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Mary Wykes the black and white format is perfect for this simple piece

2 Hours Ago

Valerie Tull - Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo de San Marcos

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Mary Wykes the solitary foreground tree really adds drama to this piece

2 Hours Ago

Nina Fosdick - Old Green Barn

Old Green Barn

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Elaine Mikkelstrup Beautifully framed shot l/f

2 Hours Ago

John Telfer - Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise

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Mary Wykes wonderful color . . . unusual, and tranquil

2 Hours Ago

H B Vesseur - Sweet William

Sweet William

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Elaine Mikkelstrup Beautiful vibrant colour! l/f

2 Hours Ago

E Faithe Lester - Never Out of Style

Never Out of Style

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Mary Wykes Now that's just fascinating . . . how you have taken a shirt rack display and turned it into a piece of art . . .

2 Hours Ago

Marianne Campolongo - Frozen I

Frozen I

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Mary Wykes I really like this capture of ice crystals, and gentle shifts of color with the added interest of reflections

2 Hours Ago

Alex Art - Ghosts of Trees

Ghosts of Trees

Elaine Mikkelstrup Great angle and use of colour, well done l/f

2 Hours Ago

Lilia D - Soft pink floral abstract

Soft pink floral abstract

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Mary Wykes really lovely, Lilia - so delicate

3 Hours Ago

Becca Buecher - Chapel on the Rock

Chapel on the Rock

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Mary Wykes Really super shot! Amazing structure

3 Hours Ago

Guido Montanes Castillo - Secrets of the field

Secrets of the field

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Mary Wykes I am beginning to think I am a minimalist - I LOVE simple shots like this

3 Hours Ago

Georgia Mizuleva - It

It's Not Venice - the White Wedding...

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Mary Wykes Not your usual Venice shot . . . very nice! Lots of action

3 Hours Ago

Jan Tyler - Time to do the Mowing

Time to do the Mowing

Martin Wall lovely colours l/f

3 Hours Ago

Georgia Mizuleva - Colorful Summer Sunset - Lake Ontario Impressions

Colorful Summer Sunset - Lake Ontario...

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Mary Wykes what magnificent clouds - a real presence in this gently colorful scene

3 Hours Ago

Jo-Anne Gazo-McKim - Fading to Orange

Fading to Orange

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Mary Wykes exquisite floral photography - you seem to have captured every nuance of color, of light and shadow

3 Hours Ago

Pamela Smale Williams - Fairy Tale Meadow With Lupines

Fairy Tale Meadow With Lupines

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Eti Reid Love the curves Pamela! voted on the contest and here.

3 Hours Ago

Cathy Mahnke - Lincoln Log Benches

Lincoln Log Benches

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Mary Wykes after walking on that slippery trail, I'd have been ready to take a rest on that bench!

3 Hours Ago

Michele Steffey - Crashing Waves

Crashing Waves

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Eti Reid Spectacular long exposure and colors! voted for the contest:) f/v

3 Hours Ago

Nancy Marie Ricketts - Textile Sampler

Textile Sampler

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Mary Wykes very effective disply of color and design

3 Hours Ago

Thomas Young - Soaring Into The Sunrise

Soaring Into The Sunrise

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Mary Wykes wonderful catch - love the way the wing tip is flipped up

3 Hours Ago

Stephen Stookey - King

King's Quad

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Mary Wykes very dramatic and elegant -

3 Hours Ago

Chalet Roome-Rigdon - Lone Flower 1

Lone Flower 1

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Craig Wood Wonderful color and composition! Love it!

3 Hours Ago

Maria Hunt - Serenity


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Maria Hunt Thank you, Henryk. Your work is so very impressive... I thank you for the compliment on mine

1 Hour Ago

John Dauer - Zipping By

Zipping By

Holger Spiering Stunning reflections - a well captured moment, John!

3 Hours Ago

Jack Jk Morland - White stork

White stork

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Jack Jk Morland Ty Francie...this bird is very rare on our latitudes :)

3 Hours Ago

Vicki Lynn Sodora - Sarasota Sky

Sarasota Sky

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Vicki Lynn Sodora Thank you Lisa! It was a creative collaboration between nature n the lens. Couldn't have planned it!

3 Hours Ago

Robert Fawcett - Ice Burgh

Ice Burgh

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Robert Fawcett Thanks Donna !! wasn't much room to work but I found this corner to get the view I wanted :)

3 Hours Ago

Heloisa Castro - Hc0029


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Kathy Stiber Absolutely beautiful work!!!

1 Hour Ago

E Faithe Lester - Prime Blooms

Prime Blooms

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Mary Wykes so delicate . . . lovely catch of an infrequent bloomer

3 Hours Ago

John Telfer - Sealion


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Joan Carroll very cute capture!

45 Seconds Ago

Vicki Lynn Sodora - Autumnal Atmoshpere

Autumnal Atmoshpere

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Vicki Lynn Sodora Thank to my new fellow creative!

3 Hours Ago

Heidi Sieber - Goddess with the book of life

Goddess with the book of life

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Heidi Sieber Thanks so much Karen and the others for you comments!

1 Hour Ago

Ursa Davis - Music IV

Music IV

Jeff Gater Wonderful shot!

3 Hours Ago

Lee Bowman - Blue Ridge Lake 137

Blue Ridge Lake 137

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Lee Bowman Thank you sincerely for your kind words!!

3 Hours Ago

Lew Davis - Beside the Lake

Beside the Lake

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Mary Wykes delightful - great depth

3 Hours Ago

Georgeta Blanaru - Love Song Of Our Hearts

Love Song Of Our Hearts

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Karen Cook Beautiful work. Like musical notes on a circular piano keyboard. Very artistic.

3 Hours Ago

Heather King - The sound of serenity

The sound of serenity

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Veena Nair Wonderful photography,dear Heather.Like the title too.l/f.

3 Hours Ago

Judy Jones - Oak Alley Plantation

Oak Alley Plantation

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Karen Cook Love the canopy of those old trees! Leads my eyes straight to the plantation.

3 Hours Ago

Karen Wiles - The Captain

The Captain's Wheel

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Karen Wiles Thank you Chuck for featuring THE CAPTAINS WHEEL in Ships Boats and Dinghies!

3 Hours Ago

Fennel Blythe - Fire Horse

Fire Horse

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Weston Westmoreland Very nice. Modern cave art.

2 Hours Ago

Ana Maria Edulescu - Barcelona Sunrise Light - View From Park Guell Of Gaudi - Square Format

Barcelona Sunrise Light - View From...

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Meg Shearer Fantastic and beautiful scene and work Ana Maria! I love this! L/F!

5 Minutes Ago

Karen Wiles - Moments In Time

Moments In Time

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Karen Wiles Thank you Jim for featuring MOMENTS IN TIME in Nature Photos!

3 Hours Ago

Heather King - Over her shoulder

Over her shoulder

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Veena Nair Such a great close-up shot of this pretty bird.Excellent,Heather.l/f.

3 Hours Ago

Sharon Duguay - Orchids in Raindrop Reflections

Orchids in Raindrop Reflections

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Karen Cook Beautiful work. Live the gleam of light.

3 Hours Ago

Karen Wiles - Bud N Mary

Bud N Mary's

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Karen Wiles Thank you Chrisann for featuring Bud N Mary's in The Weekly Fun For All Mediums!

3 Hours Ago

Heather King - The Watcher of All

The Watcher of All

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Veena Nair Lucky you :-) Fantastic capture,Heather.

3 Hours Ago

Maria Heyens - Bound Bride

Bound Bride

Gosia K Really cool picture!

3 Hours Ago

Mojgan Jafari - Immaculate


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Ella Kaye Dickey gorgeous artistic composition and style

1 Second Ago

Priska Wettstein - Nostalgia


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Allmond Creative I love this artwork - very elegant and elusive!

3 Hours Ago

Anne Barberi - Pink And White

Pink And White

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Anne Barberi Thank you for the visit, Karen.....always good to see you stop by!

1 Hour Ago

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