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Marvin Spates - Barn and Palmetto

Barn and Palmetto

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Deborah Benoit Beautiful image and light!! L/T

21 Minutes Ago

Jacque The Muse - Sunshine


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Jayne Carney Love the softness here - nice work!

2 Hours Ago

Lainie Wrightson - Hope


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Lainie Wrightson Thank you, Donald :~)

2 Hours Ago

Lainie Wrightson - Vegetables for Sale

Vegetables for Sale

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Lainie Wrightson James, thanks so much for the feature in "Beauty" :~)

2 Hours Ago

Kirkodd Photography Of New England - Blue Sky

Blue Sky

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Lainie Wrightson Lovely work .... and great boat name :~) F&L

2 Hours Ago

Jeff Gater - Just Rosy

Just Rosy

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Jeff Gater Appreciate the great comments Maria...thank you!

2 Hours Ago

Karen Cook - The Kittens of Spring

The Kittens of Spring

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Joan Carroll how beautiful, wonderful macro!

16 Minutes Ago

H B Vesseur - In Hiding

In Hiding

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H B Vesseur Hi Jim! Thank you for liking this image! A happy Sunday :)

2 Hours Ago

Anthony Robinson - Solar Journey

Solar Journey

VIVA Anderson Extraordinary, the look of this solar energy captured, and your bio thoughts about mindfulness....compliments, f.v......VIVA

2 Hours Ago

Meg Shearer - Sunflower


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Jim Fitzpatrick Beautiful work and depth revisited!

2 Hours Ago

Deborah Ward - Yellow kissed daylily

Yellow kissed daylily

Kevin F Cook An Exquisite Visual Delight Deborah. Outstanding in every way. l/f.

2 Hours Ago

Elmar Langle - Classic Magnolia

Classic Magnolia

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Deborah Benoit Beautiful floral!! L/T

18 Minutes Ago

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance

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Judith Killgore Your paintings are so unique with such joyful dance moves and terrific texture! Your gallery makes me happy with all the variety and flavor! F/L

2 Hours Ago

Deborah Ward - Ducks swimming on a pond

Ducks swimming on a pond

Kevin F Cook Excellent capture Deborah. I love the clarity and detail all individually represented. Amazing use of light. l/f.

2 Hours Ago

Anthony Fishburne - Set Sail

Set Sail

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Jayne Carney Nice work - love the texture!

2 Hours Ago

Deborah Ward - Gone fishing

Gone fishing

Kevin F Cook Amazing capture Deborah. Excellent composition, detail and clarity. Superb reflection and use of light. l/f.

2 Hours Ago

Ann Hamlin - Pure White

Pure White

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Ann Hamlin Thank you very much, Kevin.

2 Hours Ago

Ann Bridges - Dreamy


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Jayne Carney Very pretty - love the softness and colors!

2 Hours Ago

Kirstie H - eARTh


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Kirstie H Thanks a lot!!

2 Hours Ago

Barbara Chichester - Seagull Meditation

Seagull Meditation

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Jayne Carney Cool and unique treatment - nice work!

2 Hours Ago

Aurelio Zucco - The Passion of Christ VIII

The Passion of Christ VIII

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Judith Killgore This is so wonderful! You are indeed on the right path and your work is giving the glory with your amazing Art! I am so pleased to find your gallery! F/L

2 Hours Ago

Mark Blauhoefer - April Sunrise

April Sunrise

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VIVA Anderson Rickety ladder ! We were warned off them, after the last fall, lol.....careful,careful....

43 Minutes Ago

April McCarthy-Braca - Lilac


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Jayne Carney Beautiful work - love the colors!

2 Hours Ago

Denny Bond - Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

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Manju Chaudhuri Your work is so amazing!!

2 Hours Ago

Michel Verhoef - Marjolein as Annie Wilkes

Marjolein as Annie Wilkes

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Ana Munoz Such a psychological portrait!... I have no words...L&F!

2 Hours Ago

Veikko Suikkanen - Love in autumn

Love in autumn

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H B Vesseur It is just so beautiful: the contrast of autumn with decaying leaves and young love in the midst of it...Perfectly expressed! l/f

2 Hours Ago

Michelle Meenawong - Rock Formation

Rock Formation

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Lorelei Bleil Gorgeous; love the colors... vf

2 Hours Ago

MB Art factory - Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light

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Jo-Anne Gazo-McKim Has a real cool surreal quality.

7 Minutes Ago

Michel Verhoef - The touch

The touch

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Ana Munoz Another stunning capture of the exact moment in the story between two people. Her expression is full of intense emotion, contradictory Michel, and you have the art of composing the scene with the strictly necessary elements! Bravo!...

2 Hours Ago

Kelly Awad - Pabst Mural in the Loop

Pabst Mural in the Loop

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Kelly Awad Thank you Victor! There is a mile full of stuff like this! I Love the LOOP!

2 Hours Ago

Aurelio Zucco - Sublime Distortion IV

Sublime Distortion IV

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Jim Fitzpatrick Beautiful work and processing! fv

2 Hours Ago

Allen Beatty - Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

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Kelly Awad I love this Allen! Please add this to Murals!

2 Hours Ago

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