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Amy Sorrell

Summersville, WV - United States








Amy Sorrell

Summersville, WV - United States

Amy Sorrell - Fine Artist

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About Amy Sorrell

My art is as much as part of me as the canvas it is displayed on. I become inspired by the world around me and the culture I live in. My eye sees the ordinary as extraordinary and I create my impression of it upon the canvas. Whether painting of my Spanish roots or ancient walls, whether of whimsical horses or majestic mountains, I desire to bring it to life in your eye as well.

Bold colors and different textures are the signature of my work. I enjoy strong pigments mixed and swirled as though it is dancing from my brush. The texture adds a measure of interest that is fleeting on a flat surface. As I represent a bull such as one would find upon a cave wall I want the viewer to imagine the texture of the stone, the cold dampness of the wall; I want the viewer to imagine the feel of the feathers of the owl perched on his branch. Each painting will evoke a thought, a memory, a smell of another time or place, one of pleasure and happiness.

My gift was passed to me from my great-grandmother. She spent hours painting still life and landscape paintings. I never met her but her art has been a part of my life on the walls of my family. I enjoyed art immensely growing up and I dedicated my time to self instruction for pleasure and hones my skills in a variety of mediums and styles. Now I feel I have discovered my style in the bright colors and a primitive, clean style.I enjoy the simplicity of the lines that direct the mind's eye to imagine movement, life, and adventure that each brush stroke lays upon the canvas. I desire my art to bring joy into the mind of each person who sees my art, and that their spirit would be lifted up to a higher plane.

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