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Ave Hurley

Johnsonburg, PA - United States

Ave Hurley - Fine Artist

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About Ave Hurley


Thankyou for viewing my art here at Fine Art America :)

I am an artist and network website owner. I have been working at developing my own art sites now as well .
Please feel free to check out my other websites for more of my art : http://www.artrave.com/Ave
See more of my art gallery at: http://www.ArtRaveSuperCenter.com

I was born in Brooklyn, part of New York City, NY. I began drawing at age 3, doing my first mural~ my own rendition of cartoons & was watching that I sketched lifesize on my bedroom walls~
During the summers, as I was growing up, my family would vacation in Maine, traveling along the New England coastline, where I developed a love for lighthouses and painting seascapes. I also loved going to the countryside in Pennsylvania and gaining inspiration to do rural scenery and then displayed and sold them in NYC.
I received my Grandfathers drawing board when he died back in 1968. He was an artist all his life and supported his family during the Great Depression by doing sign work , mostly price reductions for stores and window displays. I followed in my Grandfathers footsteps, doing signs, murals and paintings all my life as well.
Around Autumn 1968 I was invited to show and sell my artwork at the 'Annual Sailors Snug Harbor Annual Art Festival Show & Sale'. I entered about 30 paintings & sold out in just a few hours. With 100's of other artists there showing & selling, I thought 30 would be enough to keep me going the whole weekend there, as the show lasted 2 days. I had paid for both day's entry fees, so I felt disappointed to miss out on the second day, but I had nothing left to sell, so my parents saw no reason to bring me back the next day. I wanted to stay up all night and paint more pictures, but using oils at the time, they never would have dried in time.I also missing the closing ceremonies which I wished I could have attended.
From that point on [at age 15] I then began taking commissions from teachers, doctors, lawyers, stock brokers and store owners... I began selling my art, sketches, watercolor paintings & oil paintings.By 16 I began doing sign painting as well as mural work, which I have continued to do until present..
My first large outdoor project was to repaint several 'above the store signs' in my town[requiring using a ladder & sometimes scaffolds] as I developed my own style of painting and was able to do so without stenciling. I could freehand lifesize letters & images onto any surface.
I called it 'Coney Island Styled sign painting' [ since I used to watch sign painters freehand the sides of buildings & on the boardwalks, arcades & shops of Coney Island, where I was growing up at in Brooklyn NY].
When acrylics came out & they had the ability to mix with latex house paints, I gradually ended using oils, opting instead to use the water based paints as they didnt smell as bad and they dried faster.The only drawback too was that they dried too fast,lol, so if I wasnt done with a section of a painting, chances were that I would have to redo an entire section over again later on. I soon learned to paint faster, lol..
Once I did a 12 ft mural for a pediatrician's office that had 38 children of all ages depicting the stages of childhood development from birth til adulthood, situated in a country scene, painted onto 5 large interlocking canvases which were later framed out together to create a mural in Dr.Jitendra Sukhadia's office, who had hired me and also bought me my first top quality huge, acrylic paint set with an very large assortment of paints & brushes that lasted me for years~ [Before that I used to buy small sets but mostly individual tubes as needed].

During moving in 1984, I fell through a window in May and severed my right forearm. The surgery to re-attach it failed so I went out of business overnite and gave up on art [for a while.] I moved away from NYC and settled in upstate NY on a farm, focusing on raising my children. The scenery around me was so beautiful that I had to start painting & drawing again, due to my injury, my style of painting changed.
With God's mercy I began to get some more limited use of my hand back and over the years & would use masking tape to attach pens or brushes to my hand and slowly learned to draw again with pen & ink. While I was no where near able to work as fast as I once did, nor could I do portrait work anymore, I was able to begin to do scenery and as I became accustomed to working using my arm at a different angle, I was able to begin painting again as well.I cant paint a straight line as I once did. I now have to use tools and lean on things to keep from trembling.I may have to repaint or redraw something several times before I get it right, whereas before my accident I could paint fast and accurately, now I am much slower, over the years I found I can paint land and seascapes easier,so thats what I focus on doing in art.
In 1990 I went to an orthpedic specialist for my back but who evaluated my hand and offered to improve it by microsurgery.Dr.Robert Supinski promised he would not make my hand any worse than it already was, but felt confident he could improve its function so in 1990, he operated and almost immediately there was improvement. He gave me more than 50% use of my hand back~! I began to be able to hold a pen or brush without using tape and I was able to compensate more after the surgery.

I am now semi-retired and live back in Pennsylvania, after briefly living out west and am living for the time being in Minnesota and am continuing my art as I can.

Around Autumn 2005, I was asked to do some scenery for a large church play and the project was 2 stories tall and about 75 ft long and took about 5 weeks to complete . Then I did another smaller project a few months later and a couple of years later I did a mural up in the rear peak of a church in Pennsylvania. I had begun getting some nerve regeneration in my hand after 24 years of it having no feeling on one side and tingling feeling on the other side. I can only thank God for this improvement and so I began to paint more and started selling my art online.
It is a pleasure to be developing my new ArtRaveSuperCenter.com site and I hope to share and learn from the other artists here as well as hope to meet some people who would be interested in my work...Visit me there if you will :)
Thankyou for reading this. God bless you and have a great day! Ave

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