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Beth Lenderman

Broken Arrow, OK - United States








Beth Lenderman

Broken Arrow, OK - United States

Beth Lenderman - Fine Artist

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About Beth Lenderman

I was born into a family of artists. My dad loved drawing and painting. My oldest sister went to college on an art scholarship. My middle sister expresses her artistic talent through decorating her home beautifully. And my mom can doodle a mean stick bunny rabbit.

My dad encouraged my artistic talent at an early age and when I was in 5th grade, I took oil painting lessons at the local Rec Center in Sherwood, Arkansas. I painted a few paintings and then for whatever reason, I put down my paintbrush. I then revisited my artistic interests again taking art class in high school encompassing all sorts of medium from pencil drawings to pen and ink to pastels to watercolor to ceramics. In college, I briefly entertained the notion of becoming an art teacher but decided against it when I thought about how difficult it would be to get a job in that field after I graduated. However, I fed my artistic hunger by working at the Art Library at the University of Kentucky where I received my Bachelor of Arts in English.

I didnít pursue art again for several years. I had childrenÖ.my two greatest creations. And when they were young, I picked up my paintbrush again and this time painted a panoramic, four-walled mural in the Sunday school classroom of First United Methodist Church in Prescott, Arkansas, where my husband was a pastor. I worked long hours but never tired. You would think I had some inclination that maybe THIS is what I was meant to do, but I took a major detour.

After both my children were old enough to attend school, I pursued my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I knew it would be a stable job and I would be able to help people. But this was still not my passion, which I will address over time in my blog.

Iím not sure how I finally got back into art but recent events in my life have fallen into too neat of an arrangement for it to be pure coincidence. I have prayed. I have read. I have asked questions and received answers. All leading me to what I should have done a long time ago.

I guess my best explanation isÖ.itís a God thing.

I am drawn to colorÖ.vibrant colorÖ..bordering on Fauvism. I like looking at things from different angles, different perspectives, discovering the unnoticed and finding something worth noticing and drawing attention to that. Iíve not yet figured out exactly what my niche will be, but through prayer seeking Godís direction, Iím sure He will reveal it to me. He has been wooing me back to this throughout my entire life.

I invite you to join me on this journey.

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