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Bob Smith

Williamstown, NJ - United States








Bob Smith

Williamstown, NJ - United States

Bob Smith - Fine Artist

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About Bob Smith

Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy my creations. I love to paint and do anything artistic. I am by no means a professional. I just do what I like and if others enjoy it, ...well then, ...that is wonderful too.

I hope my art provokes something in you. A feeling, a memory...or something.

I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR COMMENTS !!!! Every piece of my work is from my heart. So take a moment and add your comment so I can get your thought or emotion. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for your support,
Bob Smith

I love having God in my heart! I am blessed to be married for 28 years to my teenage sweetheart Cheryl and have a wonderful son Bud. He makes me proud. I love to watch him grow into the man he is becoming. I have had 14 back operations, so i'm happy to be walking. I love to paint and draw. I love to put on canvas what's in my head from my own unique perspective. I am colorblind so that makes it interesting. When I blend paints, I donít know what the true color is on the canvas. I love to spend time with friends and 'enjoy the moment'. I love to hear my son play the piano and hear my wife sing songs that she makes up. I love taking pictures. I love my extended family, my other son Rick. I miss my POP who passed away in 2001. I miss our conversations. I love my dog Pepper and our 4 cats, and fish. I love to support others and the town which I live. I love baseball and mentoring our youth. I am a trained chef who was fortunate to study in France and work on a five star cruise ship, from Cunard Cruise Line, back in the 1980's. I miss cooking on a grand scale and doing ice carvings. I spent many years in the Boy Scouts and am a former Eagle Scout. I just LOVE LIFE. I pray everyday and hope you do the same. I love wine, cheese, chewy candy and ice cream. I enjoy teaching children with disabilities in my local elementary schools and helping as an aide when I can. I am who I am. I hope that is enough to gets me into Heaven and leaves a positive footprint behind for others to follow.
Bob Smith

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Black Eye Susan by Bob Smith


Bud Color Guard 2012 Commotion by Bob Smith


Are YOU ready by Bob Smith


Weave God into your Heart by Bob Smith


Petals of Beauty by Bob Smith


Joy by Bob Smith



Moo by Bob Smith



Great Wines at Cross Keys by Bob Smith


People of all kinds by Bob Smith


Auburn Road by Bob Smith


Upwards to Heaven by Bob Smith


Summer by Bob Smith


Chicken by Bob Smith


Canyon Sunset by Bob Smith


Oranges by Bob Smith


Sunset by Bob Smith


New York Corner View by Bob Smith


Cabbies in NYC by Bob Smith


That's my Pop by Bob Smith


Father and Son wearing Whimsical Newsey Caps by Bob Smith


The Birth of Births by Bob Smith


Sands Of Time by Bob Smith


Untitled 702 by Bob Smith


Fireworks Burst by Bob Smith


Lifes maze by Bob Smith


Deep in the SEA by Bob Smith


Breath of Sunflower by Bob Smith


Neon Rain by Bob Smith


Color by Bob Smith


Dad...Paint me a window by Bob Smith


Nighttime silence by Bob Smith


Cows in pen by Bob Smith


Driving By Geets Diner by Bob Smith


A Little About Me by Bob Smith


Untitled 107 by Bob Smith


Sharing Bellview Port with our Friends by Bob Smith


A Leaf in the Wind by Bob Smith


Mom Maddox by Bob Smith


Dad Maddox Smiling Jim by Bob Smith


Bud and Pepper by Bob Smith


Boots on Table by Bob Smith


Sky of INTENSE by Bob Smith


Suprise Bob Happy 40th by Bob Smith


All Gussied Up by Bob Smith


Terra Cotta by Bob Smith


If You Only Knew by Bob Smith


Painter In The Mirror by Bob Smith


Massanutten Timeshare vacation with our friends by Bob Smith

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   |   Images = 268




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