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Catherine Lott - Fine Artist

Catherine Lott

Water Valley, MS - United States








Catherine Lott

Water Valley, MS - United States

Catherine Lott - Fine Artist

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February 5th, 2014







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About Catherine Lott

© Catherine Lott AKA The Broadcast Monkey of ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WORLD WIDE 2015!!

141 CR 282 Water Valley, MS 38965
Phone (662) 413-4111 Land Line
7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Central Standard Time

What does nospankingthemonkey have to offer the Art and Photography Industry? This artist paints the artist while maintaining the look and color of the original. I am capable of upsizing the image to a large scale painting and or offering a variation of styles for one image. The number of variations that I can supply for one particular image is limitless. If you have one painting or image I can create a style of at least 250 variations of the image, with your permission of course.
I am in the process of networking and adding potential buyers and target markets on a daily basis. The numbers will grow exponentially.
All of the the advertising and networking up to this point have been done for free. I can only imagine at this moment what it will look like fully on board with a paid targeted audience.
When you are on board with nospankingthemonkey you are EXPOSED! Exposed to the social networks. Exposed circumstantially, your best interest is my best interest and maintaining your information is a priority. You may see copyright information on my sites and pages and in fact I may request it. In fact you may be asked to include all of your information.
You may receive a phone call or email about a customer or a request to enhance the sale of your work.
You may be asked to add yourself to certain groups, contests, pages and or social sites and I may make suggestions based on my research, studies, and experience.
I may Google, Bing, and Yahoo your site and your social pages just to see if I can find you and do not be surprised if you find that I leave little Bits and Pieces of you behind on my own social sites and networks, I am always adding new social sites. I Love Facebook, That's where you will find my good friends and family and all of our posts and pages.
Please remember this is my personal page and it may change at any time. I am constantly researching, studying and looking for new ways to advertise for free because I also intend to teach this method and encourage the younger generation to prepare a financial independence as a necessity. Do not be surprised if I call or email you and ask if you may be able to attend as a guest or a guest speaker at such an event.
THANK YOU for your time and attention and THANK YOU for considering for your sales and or retail needs.
owner, Catherine Lott AKA The Broadcast Monkey

©Catherine Lott AKA The Broadcast Monkey of, No Spanking The Monkey Articles, You may not copy recreate or duplicate, however you can share all you want. CL♥ All Rights Reserved World Wide 2015

P.S. If you are Linked in through, I'm sure you already have included all of your information. If your not linked in, why not get Linked in, It's FREE :O}

Did I foget to tell you that this site is a great way to earn money? There is a FREE 90 day trial and it is very easy to use ...Just upload your photos, name them, describe them, tell a bit about them, set your prices and sell your prints, framed art, metal prints, canvas prints, posters, acrylic prints, canvas prints, phone cases, duvets, totes, pillows, greeting cards and fabric shower curtains! :O}

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There's no telling what content you may find in a blog these days. I can make no promises as to the content. When the feeling hits her she may do just about anything. So... Hold onto your thoughts (she says with a southern draw), your hearts, and sometimes your head. But do not hold onto your hands...Because those fingertips have a way of doing many great things these days. (This she thinks as she's typing this very important message to you). I make mistakes, If you have something in mind, for photo, an idea or just think something may be missing or you would like something personalized, upsized or created, shoot me an email and we'll both have to see what comes of it. Can't make any promises, but I'll do my best and we'll see what ART permits (she laughs). Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope you enjoy the contents of this page :O} P.S. This is the easiest site I have tried to set up so far, Thank You..If you are interested, you can get a free trial :O} P.S. It is terrific for showcasing your webpage designs, business logos, business trademark products, and creating your arts pieces for the same.

P.S. You are still my sunshine! Yep, STILL!

All Content is © Catherine Lott AKA The Broadcast Monkey of ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WORLD WIDE 2015

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Arch Angel by Catherine Lott


Rose Red Orange Fragmented in Thick Paint by Catherine Lott


Neon Rose by Catherine Lott


Lions In Love by Catherine Lott


Rose by Catherine Lott


These Roses by Catherine Lott


Pink Dove of Love by Catherine Lott


Digital Valentine by Catherine Lott


Monkey Works by Catherine Lott


Glass Beach In Cali by Catherine Lott


Water Runs Through It by Catherine Lott


Weighed In Stone by Catherine Lott


Stunning Reflections by Catherine Lott


Watermarked-A Dreamy Version Collection by Catherine Lott


More Realistic Version by Catherine Lott


Bridge Over Beautiful Water by Catherine Lott


Water Runs To It by Catherine Lott


Tunnel Vision by Catherine Lott


Strummed by Catherine Lott


Summer Daze by Catherine Lott


Raised By The Light by Catherine Lott


Bang Bang Choo Choo Train-A Dreamy Version Collection by Catherine Lott


Break Free by Catherine Lott


Neon Rose by Catherine Lott


Tinged Pink Rose by Catherine Lott


Eye Collage by Catherine Lott


What Time Is It Fragmented In Thick Paint by Catherine Lott


Cat Fragmented In Thick Paint by Catherine Lott


Pink Rose And Red Fragmented In Thick Paint by Catherine Lott


Cocoon Breaking Free Fragmented In Thick Paint by Catherine Lott


Whirls In Thick Paint by Catherine Lott


Apple Fragmented in Thick Paint by Catherine Lott


Floral Fragmented Painting In Thick Paint by Catherine Lott


Santa Fe by Catherine Lott


Hearted On Your Wall Again Medalion Painting by Catherine Lott


Stroll by Catherine Lott


Icy Dandelion by Catherine Lott


NASDAQ Who by Catherine Lott


NASDAQ Lookin At You by Catherine Lott


Drawn by Catherine Lott


Thoughtful Monkey Drawing by Catherine Lott


Floral Drawing By Catherine Lott In Thick Paint by Catherine Lott


Liquid Vase by Catherine Lott


Beautiful WHAT by Catherine Lott


Floral Pink Creative Fragmented In Thick Paint by Catherine Lott


Rose Reflected Fragmented In Thick Paint by Catherine Lott


HeART Work by Catherine Lott


OWL Always Love You Painting by Catherine Lott

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