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David Roe

Santa Fe, NM - United States








David Roe

Santa Fe, NM - United States

David Roe - Fine Artist

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About David Roe

David Roe ripened on the vine ready for picking on a very hot spring afternoon in Columbus, Ohio in the year of 1957. Before he was able to even enjoy his first full breath of fresh Columbus air, after leaving the warm comforts of the five star womb of his mother, he was greeted by a swift and unprovoked whack on his hiny from one Dr. Shot leaving him emotionally scared for life. Emotionally disfigured from the experience, he spent the better part of his youth and his early adulthood years pissed off at the world at large hauling all of the associated arrogant baggage around with him. This paved the way for him to become the social idiot he was destined to be.

At the prime of his ‘idiot-hood’, he graduated with honors from the Art Institute Of Pittsburgh and lived as an Illustrator until he lost his mind and wondered off aimlessly into the world looking for a new life, only to find that this was the only life that he had ever possessed (though just barely). Thankfully, at the onset of his middle aged years, he came to recognize his plight. Now residing smack in the middle of those years, thoroughly pickled in the Karma of his own past, he sits in the corner of his studio and drools while drawing pictures on the walls. It’s here that he can reflect on the circle of life in general and the decline of youth, hoping that a grain of wisdom can be forged from the unskilful exploits of his past. (sound familiar?)

The image used in Buddhist teachings of the lotus flower that comes to bloom comes to mind. The lotus flower grows in the muckiest stagnate conditions, yet, once matured, rises up through those murky, mucky, slimiest of conditions to bloom into one of natures miracles, and in one of the most unlikely and unexpected places. The end result is one of purity and beauty that can transcend ones preconceived notions and expectations.

About his work, David chooses to explore the digital medium as it offers an appropriate metaphor about the creative process. His artwork then becomes a form of performance art. Inspiration used in any creative process is intangible. The digital medium too is intangible until that electronic code is processed and printed into that tangible form of a giclee print. The fact that his work is an electronic medium is of interest because of the parallels he finds with electronic networks of the brain. It seems almost homogeneous.

Also, creating in a svg (Scalable Vector Graphic) format is desirable because it offers a versatility available for scaling the images up. All creations done in a svg format can be scaled up to huge proportions without any loss to the quality of the image, unlike a bitmap image. The constraint then becomes one of the printing facility.

The end result is what matters though. It is the artists intention to create images that the viewer will find has a certain calming effect, if not one of reflection. “There’s enough conflict, stress and tension in life without consciously contributing to it. Hopefully, through a conscious effort, I can create a calming environment through my pieces”.

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