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John Hines

San Mateo, CA - United States








John Hines

San Mateo, CA - United States

John Hines - Fine Artist

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About John Hines

John Hines has always had an interest in art. As a youth (12-18), my medium of choice was photography. When I was in college at Emory University, I studied mathematics, computer science and philosophy. I also took summer classes in photography, sculpture, pottery, and film editing. I moved to New Jersey to work at AT&T Bell Laboratories and received my Masters in Computer Science at Columbia University in New York City, NY; so I spent my professional life working on computer software, but I continued photography while living in the New England Area. When I moved to California, I worked at Netscape Communications; so, life was too busy for me to work on my art. Bouncing from start-up to start-up, I found I needed a creative outlet from work. What is Mr. Carrot? I worked on some concept art called Mr. Carrot (see As part of making the animation, the video, and editing it all, I started to get much more into Adobe Photoshop, Premier, Soundbooth for editing my weird little videos. Recently with Adobe Creative Cloud, I've evolved to use the CS6 product line (I highly recommend it). There is only so much work you can do with an existential carrot, so I also made some of my own concept art videos - see ). To help generate images for my videos, I wrote software to generate the sequence of images. So, yes; Mr. Carrot was the start of it all - but I've evolved, and so has he. Alien Invasion Yo ? I started working on some digital graffiti - see - which I call 'Alien Invasion, Yo'. Still experimenting with this. Computer Generated Art : I'm also trying to mix various mathematical concepts (see like the pythagorean theorem, fibonacci numbers, recursion, Pi, i and e, etc. to create art that is 'math visualized'. Some art I do on my iPad or Adobe CS6 - I like to mix the two My iPad art - see - for a number of pinterest boards done by hand using iPad2 and a variety of software packages you can use to draw with. Nothing is more satisfying than creating art with your fingers. Many of my freehand doodles are on FAA.

Expect to see a mix of photography, iPad art, and digitally created images down the road. Some times I stop for a while, since nothing comes out. Some times a lot comes out, and some of it is crap. Fortunately you don't see all of it. Hope you enjoy some of my pieces.

Sincerely, John Hines.

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Punk by John Hines


Red by John Hines



Blue by John Hines


Three Armed Cactus Man by John Hines


Starburst full of fruit flavor by John Hines


Lime Kiln Lighthouse by John Hines


Flowering Tree by John Hines


Under The Microscope by John Hines


Africa by John Hines


Joshua Tree by John Hines


Recursive Pythagorean with Fibonacci dimensions by John Hines


Lily Pad by John Hines


Recursive Circles by John Hines


The Bronx by John Hines


Global by John Hines


RGB 3D Extrusion by John Hines


Birds over the Ocean by John Hines


Detail Oriented Clown by John Hines


Melding by John Hines


Central Park by John Hines


Lava Field by John Hines


Happy Girl Flower by John Hines


White by John Hines


Aruba by John Hines


Tree in San mateo by John Hines


Sea Squid by John Hines


Post-It Note Party by John Hines


Graffiti Wall by John Hines


Pythagorean Fibonacci and Recursion by John Hines


25 Year Anniversary Version 2 by John Hines


The Prophet by John Hines


Connections by John Hines


Tokyo by John Hines


Mission San Xavier del Bac by John Hines


Recursive Color by John Hines


Virtual Snakes by John Hines


Ocean Waves by John Hines


Vein by John Hines


Alien Invasion Yo - Everything Is Not Okay by John Hines


Little Brown Dog by John Hines


Desert at Dusk by John Hines


Red Rock Nevada by John Hines


Voodooville by John Hines


Urban Snow Globe by John Hines


Where are you going? by John Hines


Amsterdam by John Hines


Chair in Forest by John Hines


Looking for Direction by John Hines

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