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Karolann Hoeltzle

Reynoldsville, PA - United States








Karolann Hoeltzle

Reynoldsville, PA - United States

Karolann Hoeltzle - Fine Artist

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About Karolann Hoeltzle

My name is Karolann L.Hoeltzle and I have been interested in art since Winky Dink was a morning show on T.V. That should let you know I am in my 60's! However, I only became seriously involved in drawing about 5 years ago as a result of being discovered by my biological family. I had been adopted at 6 months of age and am thankful that my biological mother opposed my father who wanted me to be aborted. I have also learned that my mother and many other biological family members are artistic or creative and that motivated me to pick up my pencils again. I am now an avid colored pencil artist but have also enjoyed using pen and ink and graphite.

Beginning in 1957 (elementary school), and through my high school years I had a terrific art teacher. Twelve years with Mr. Miller, who always had his eye on my work and redirected when necessary, but mostly encouraged me as an individual. He allowed me to investigate and play as an art student, I was given the tools and guided through technique, but never really attempted to produced art professionally until 2007. I became disabled and am unable to work in the field I earned an M.A. for, but a person is never too old or disabled to begin doing something new. These past few years have been very rewarding. I have learned to draw by trial and error, and a hidden talent has surfaced. I thank the Lord for the gift of Art in my life.

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