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Kevin Harris

Charlotte, NC - United States








Kevin Harris

Charlotte, NC - United States

Kevin Harris - Fine Artist

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About Kevin Harris

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Kevin Harris is an artist specializing in Pastel, Acrylic and Oil Portraits. Kevin always wanted to draw and would copy what he saw in the comic books he so loved as a child. Batman and Superman were his first subjects.
After serving in the US Army, Kevin continued draw as often as he could because he considered it therapy for a challenging childhood. He also enrolled in various art classes and art groups because he was passionate and eager to learn.
Kevin began his portrait painting business, after a coworker saw a pencil drawing on his desk and asked him to do a family portrait for her. As he improved as an artist, he kept seeking more challenges and more artistic growth by experimenting with other mediums like pastels and oil and acrylic paints.
His curiosity in all things art continues to grow even today as he constantly says that he is still learning as an artist.
Kevin’s first solo art show titled “Eyes toward our hero’s” in Baltimore, MD, was met with great support from the community. His pastel portraits of celebrities and community leaders gained him rave reviews and a solid following in the Washington, DC and Baltimore region.
He currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife and 3 children.
As an artist who specializes in African American art, every piece I do has a strong focus on color. One color though that you will not see on my palate is black. Webster's defines black as follows: reflecting or transmitting little or no light - characterized by the absence of light. Everything I do has light. Every word I speak has light. Every action is leading towards...LIGHT. Light reflects off all colors in the spectrum except...BLACK. I choose my colors very carefully and build my paintings to highlight certain aspects of the subject. Even though the word black is used to describe a race of people, the color black is never actually in their pigmentation, hair, eyes, and features. I use the darkest greens and blues to dictate darkness and in extremely rare cases use whites to highlight. This, I believe, leaves me a full spectrum of color to work from to achieve my artistic goal.

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