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Lea Davis

Brisbane, Queensland - Australia








Lea Davis

Brisbane, Queensland - Australia

Lea Davis - Fine Artist

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About Lea Davis

Art to me is a very pleasurable experience and often unpredictable for when i paint I never know what the outcome will be.I find that the human mind is so weird and wonderful and my mind takes me away to a special place when i paint ,where anything and everything is possible In my paintings I like to paint the emotions that I feel while creating into the piece in anyway I can, because if art is an escape for me it should be for the viewer as well.

In my art I try to show a glimpse of my own reality that is often distorted into an abstract or surreal style to show my feelings and create an emotional response in the viewer .
My art is always full of rich passionate colors combined with high textures to show a semi realistic style in the otherwise wacky abstract piece, by combining these two elements it creates emotions that stirs both the viewers heart and mind.

I often use many mediums in my artworks ie. watercolors,inks,acrylics, collages ,high textures ,metallic paints,and oils.
I am in my experimental stage to see how far i can take my art .

My favorite medium to use on canvas is oil paint I love the smell of it, the texture of the oil and it gives me many options to add light and shadows in my art which gives a richness to the painting . I paint my emotions into my art so with every art work a small piece of me is in that work emotionally. . By the use of strong vibrant colors everything in life looks better in color through my eyes....So take that journey with me into my colorful world.

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